Tuesday, 16 September 2014


Maserati continued its centenary celebrations in glamorous vintage style at one of the premier events on the British automotive calendar; the Goodwood Revival. As well as marking the Italian car maker’s 100th anniversary, Maserati also honoured 60 years of a Formula One legend; the Maserati 250F.

The iconic Maserati 250F, which celebrates its 60th anniversary this year, took centre stage in the paddock in a recreation of the 1954 pit lane from the famous Italian race circuit, Monza. 16 examples of the legendary race car were assembled for the event and a large number took part in high speed demonstrations on both Friday and Saturday. On Sunday, 10 of these racing cars took part in the Richmond Trophy – a 15 minute race for front-engined 2.5 litre Grand Prix cars.

On display in the ‘Monza’ pits as well as racing on track was the single-seater Maserati Tipo 420 M 58 ‘Eldorado’, raced by Sir Stirling Moss in the 1958 Monza 500, and on loan from the Panini Museum Collection in Italy.

Large crowds converged on the sunny Goodwood estate this year where Maserati was able to demonstrate not only its past but also its future within the art deco Earls Court Exhibition Centre, reminiscent of the London Motor Shows of the 1950s and 1960s. A 1961 3500 GT Vignale Spyder and a 1969 Ghibli Tipo AM115 took centre stage alongside two examples from Maserati’s current range – the GranCabrio MC and new Ghibli executive saloon. As part of an immersive experience, visitors watched screenings of original Maserati motorsport footage in a miniature vintage cinema alongside the car display.

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Stories from leading drivers who raced the 250F, including Sir Stirling Moss, Juan Fangio, and Mike Hawthorn, along with Anthony Pritchard’s lively text, helps bring the racing story of this iconic model back to life. More info.

Friday, 12 September 2014


The Goodwood Revival takes place this weekend, and once again there will be a mouth-watering selection of iconic cars from the 1940s, 50s and 60s. Here is just a Top 10 taster of the many rare and legendary cars on display and in action on the track:

1. Jaguar D-type – A staggering 20 D-types will be racing in the Lavant Cup, with a record 33 examples parading on the Goodwood circuit to celebrate 60 years of this iconic Jaguar race-winning car.

2. Maserati 250 F – The rare sight of 11 racing 250 Fs in the Richmond Trophy is set to stir the soul of any enthusiast, with a total of 16 examples parading to mark the first 100 years since the revered Maserati marque was founded.

3. The trend-setting Ford Mustang celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, and to capture the event, 18 examples will battle in a special Shelby Cup race, racing wheel-to-wheel with contemporary American muscle.

4. The Manx Norton is THE iconic British racing motorcycle. An example contested the Isle of Man TT from 1907 right through to the 1970s. A total of six will take part in the Barry Sheene Memorial Trophy, named after Britain’s late two-time 500cc world champion. Included among them is an example of the legendary ‘featherbed’ chassis, to be raced by US legend Kevin Schwantz.

5. Four racing examples of the lusty Ferrari 250 GT SWB/C will be competing in the ‘must see’ two-driver Royal Automobile Club TT Celebration race, along with other desirable and exceedingly valuable cars from Aston Martin, Jaguar, Lotus and others.

6. An ultra-rare 1953 Cunningham C4R will bring some American glamour and excitement to this year’s Freddie March Memorial Trophy race.

7. Sir Jackie Stewart’s 1969 F1 Championship-winning Matra-Cosworth MS80 will form part of a tribute to this versatile and talent Caledonian World Champion, along side Ford Escorts, BRMs and Grand Prix Tyrrells.

8. ‘The Versatile V8’ will be the theme for this year’s Earls Court Concours display, including around 25 exceptional V8-powered passenger cars, including this pioneering rear-engined 1946 Tatra T87.

9. The wonderful 1959 Aston Martin DBR1 makes a welcome racing return to Goodwood for the exciting Sussex Trophy race.

10. Pre-War racing thrills are guaranteed on the Goodwood Trophy, with this thundering 1935 ERA A-Type R4A competing against other ERAs, Bugattis, Aston Martins and other great 1930s racers.

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Wednesday, 10 September 2014


What people are saying about recently-reprinted Veloce books ...

The Book of the Porsche 356 by Brian Long
Porsche 928 by Brian Long
Ferrari 312P & 312PB by Peter Collins & Ed McDonough

Friday, 5 September 2014


We think that there's always something very special about owning a car or motorycle, and people always seem to have especially fond memories of the very first vehicle they rode or drove.

Veloce publisher, Rod Grainger pictured here demonstrating his keen interest in all-things automotive from a very early age!

Here are some Veloce authors demonstrating a love for cars & motorcycles when they were younger ...

Lindsay Porter. His father restored this for Lindsay's 3rd birthday. He was more than slightly pleased it seems.

Ian Falloon in 1976 with a Honda 400 Four and Norton Commando 750 Combat to go with the flares and long hair.

Bruce Taylor's first car – who says that low profile tyres are a new idea?

A hippy-looking Malcolm Bobbitt in 1974 with a Citroën Dyane.
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Thursday, 4 September 2014


Mazda revealed the all-new Mazda MX-5 this morning to an exclusive audience in Barcelona and simultaneously around the world at two similar events in Japan and the U.S. The MKIV model, which features a distinctive adaptation of the KODO – Soul of Motion design, received a very warm reception from around 250 media in attendance. It will go on sale in Europe in 2015.

The all-new MX-5 comes with SKYACTIV technology, including specially tuned SKYACTIV-G petrol engines and the first rear-wheel drive version of the SKYACTIV-Chassis. Weighing 100kg less than the outgoing model and with the lowest-ever centre of gravity, the new edition of Mazda’s iconic roadster enhances the Jinba Ittai “rider-and-horse-as one” responsiveness and agility that has always made the MX-5 the essence of driving fun.

The weight reduction also puts the new Mazda MX-5 at a level comparable to the original model, which revived and revolutionised the market for affordable lightweight sports cars when launched back in 1989. More than 947,000have been produced over the past 25 years, and the MX-5 holds the Guinness World Record as the all-time bestselling two-seater sports car.

“Mazda’s current win streak is driven by our highly acclaimed new models, and the all-new MX-5 should only add fuel to the growth engine,” says Mazda Motor Europe President and CEO Jeff Guyton. “Built for the love of driving, this car underscores what Mazda is all about. It will certainly give our brand an added boost.”

Accordingly, “Long live the roadster” was the motto of the unveiling, which also marked the debut of Mazda Space, the company’s brand-new European event hub in Barcelona. The event was streamed live to the MX-5 25th anniversary website and can be viewed here.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014


The Royal Automobile Club has announced two brand new initiatives to raise the profile of motoring book publishing: the Royal Automobile Club Book of the Year Award and Motoring Literary Festival.

The Motoring Literary Festival will take place at the Royal Automobile Club’s historic Pall Mall clubhouse in central London – the birthplace of motoring enthusiasm in Britain – on the evening of Wednesday 29 October 2014.

The Motoring Book of the Year will be the climax of the evening, in front of Club members, invited guests, and a host of well-known automotive authors and publishing figures.

The event is one of several staged as part of the Club’s ‘London Motor Week’, which includes the free-to-attend Regent Street Motor Show and the Bonhams London to Brighton Veteran Car Run.

‘The Royal Automobile Club is passionate about motoring history and the written word,’ said Ben Cussons, Chairman of the Club’s Motoring Committee.

‘Our Library in Pall Mall contains one of the finest collections of motoring and motor racing books in the world. Our members value it enormously, and we intend to keep adding to it – even though the death of the printed book is frequently predicted.’

At the inaugural event, the Club will host a lively debate on the future for motoring book publishing and printed books in the digital era, with invited panellists including publishers and book retailing experts. Among the experts will be Tom Tivnan of The Bookseller, Mark Hughes of Evro Publishing, Philip Porter of Porter Press International and Rod Grainger of Veloce Publishing.

Another feature will be the chance for guests to ‘Meet a Car Book Legend’, and prolific author Graham Robson – who is believed to have written more car-related books in the English language than any other single author – will be talking about his work and taking questions from the audience.

The evening culminates in the announcement of the Royal Automobile Club’s 2014 Motoring Book of the Year. The judging process will include recommendations from Britain’s most experienced car book reviewers, including Mick Walsh of Classic & Sports Car, Gordon Cruickshank of Motor Sport, Keith Adams of Classic Car Weekly, Henry Willis of Auto Express, Henry Hope-Frost of Autosport and freelance writer and reviewer Richard Heseltine. The Club’s Motoring Committee, and its librarian, Trevor Dunmore, will be closely involved in the final decision. The award will be commemorated by a unique trophy presented to the winning author, along with the use of a specially created logo to promote the work.

‘We intend this unique award to be an important new accolade in motoring publishing,’ said Ben Cussons. ‘As the digital era reshapes traditional publishing, we continue to believe in the power of the written word and the importance – and appeal – of the published book. The Royal Automobile Club Motoring Book of the Year is a significant new ‘badge of honour’ for authors and publishers dedicated to excellence in the field, no matter what type of motoring subject matter is tackled.’

Source: Royal Automobile Club

Tuesday, 19 August 2014


Where else in the world can you see a full scale model of Stonehenge, the largest gathering of Jaguar D-types and Mods and Rockers duking it out on Brighton Pier without leaving the confines of a racing track? At the Goodwood Revival of course, which takes place from 12 – 14 September at the Goodwood Motor Circuit.

Keen to save motorists from the South East the journey to the West Country, the world famous Goodwood Revival Meeting continues its tradition of stunning displays and authentic set dressing with the most extreme example to date, in the shape of a full-scale Stonehenge installation at West Sussex’s home of motorsport.

Commissioned by Lord March to be larger than the original (for greater visibility as there will be more people at the Goodwood Revival in September [some 150,000] than were in the entire UK 5,000 years ago [population circa 100,000]), the installation will be in place exclusively for the Revival weekend in celebration of the pre-historic monument’s 99 years in safe hands, after it was bought at auction in 1915 by Cecil Chubb for £6,600 (some £500,000 in today’s money).

Some say it was bought to stop it being shipped to America, and it is suggested that the Goodwood version may be offered up for sale after the Revival to offer potential U.S. buyers another chance to take Stonehenge stateside!

A number of druids will attend to mark the occasion and will be invited to enact rituals and ceremonies at the site – though the rain dance is banned! Unlike the original, guests will be invited into the monument site, making it a must-visit UK ‘selfie’ destination this September.

Goodwood Revival takes place from 12-14 September at the Goodwood Motor Circuit, more information is available here.