Monday 21 December 2009


British Lorries of the 1950s & British Lorries of the 1960s reviewed in Best of British magazine.

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The January 2010 issue of Best of British will be on sale December 29th, 2009, in local newsagents, WH Smith and some branches of Tesco. It costs £3.60.
It can also be ordered from their website or by calling 01778 342814. Subscriptions are also available.


Thanks to The British Motorcycle Charitable Trust for the review.

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Friday 18 December 2009


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Thursday 17 December 2009


Triumph Stag – The Essential Buyer’s Guide
by Norm Mort and Tony Fox

Having this book in your pocket is just like having a real marque expert by your side. Triumph’s Stag combined the smoothness and performance of a V8 engine in stylish Italian coachwork designed by Giovanni Michelotti, which allowed for both closed and open grand touring. This Essential Buyer’s Guide examines the model’s evolution, features, fittings, performance and typical problem areas through detailed text and colour photographs of both restored and original examples.

This carefully researched 64-page paperback, pocket-sized volume is available now from bookshops or from Like Veloce’s other Essential Buyer’s Guides this book features chapters such as “Is it the right car for you?”, a very detailed checklist/scoring system for rating a potential Stag purchase, advice on deciding whether or not to restore a Stag, paint problems, issues that can arise through under use, and lists of clubs, specialists and parts suppliers.


Renault has decided to maintain its commitment to Formula One and welcomes the perspective of a strategic partnership with Genii Capital; a Luxemburg-based firm specialising in new technologies, brand management and motor sport.
Following the proposed sale of a large stake of Renault F1 Team to Genii, both partners will operate the team together. The letter of intent signed by the two companies should be concluded in early 2010.

In 2010, Renault F1 Team will retain its name, its identity and the core ingredients that led to the successes achieved in 2005 and 2006. The team will continue to be supplied with engines by its sister company in Viry-Châtillon, Paris, which is also pleased to have received a renewed commitment from Red Bull Racing for the 2010 season.

After 35 years in the sport, Renault today announces a new phase for its F1 programme, consistent with Formula One's drive for cost efficiencies. Formula One remains one of the biggest sporting spectacles in terms of annual television audiences and media exposure. Therefore, Renault believes that the impact of Formula One in terms of image, and brand awareness worldwide, particularly in new, emerging markets, will continue to play a key role in fulfilling the company's growth objectives in years ahead.

Bernard Rey, Renault F1 Team President, said: "I am delighted to welcome Genii Capital as our new strategic partner as I am sure that their enthusiasm and business expertise will create a new dynamic for the team, the staff, and our partners. Altogether, we look forward to competing again at the highest level in Formula One. Today's announcement also confirms Renault's commitment and trust in the sport's governing bodies to improve the green credentials of Formula One."

In making such a decision, Renault not only demonstrates its commitment to its fans across the world, its employees in the UK at Enstone and in France at Viry and the FIA, FOA and FOTA, but it also believes in the positive impact of promoting relevant technologies in synergy with its product plan. "With the ongoing evolutions of the Formula One regulations, Renault will be able to entertain its fans, while promoting a leaner and sounder Championship. We will show Renault's skill when it comes to developing high-performance, fuel-efficient cars" said Bernard Rey, Renault F1 Team President.

The important cost reduction measures, made possible by the collective work within FOTA, have already improved significantly the operating cost base. With the anticipated sale of a stake in its F1 operational base at Enstone to Genii Capital, Renault achieves today another step that will definitely bring F1 participation to an affordable level for the Group. In addition, the new partnership will contribute to procuring the team the resources to compete sustainably at the highest level, and creates a great opportunity to modernise its governance.
Source: Renault

Veloce's book Alpine & Renault – The Development of the Revolutionary Turbo F1 Car: 1968 to 1979 by Roy Smith represents when Renault entered F1.

Alpine and Renault describes the history of each company involved, the thinking behind the creation of the first turbo-charged Grand Prix car, and the men concerned – from the first ideas to the final ultimate success of a Grand Prix victory. The book covers the development of an experimental car by Alpine in the 1960s, and the story of the men who worked with Gordini, the engine-tuning genius who went on to create a power unit that changed the world’s thinking on engine design. The early tests, first car designed at Alpine, and the Renault-designed and built Grand Prix car made to the specific Formula 1 regulations are described, as well as the full story of the Renault Turbo Grand Prix cars, including interviews with the men of the time, a transcript of the first public test, and race reports on every event. Contains over 400 photos (mainly colour) and special illustrations. Click here for more info about the book.

Wednesday 16 December 2009

Monday 14 December 2009


Alfa Romeo’s stunning Alfa 8C Spider supercar has been officially named as the Most Beautiful Car of the Year by Top Gear magazine.

Judged by a Top Gear panel consisting of TV, magazine and online teams – spanning 24 international editions - the awards recognise the most innovative and exciting cars to be launched over the past 12 months.

Described as ‘perfection’ by Top Gear, the 8C Spider’s good looks are more than skin deep. A responsive 4.7litre V8 engine produces an awesome 450BHP which is channelled through a sophisticated 6-speed F1-style paddle shift gearbox to the rear wheels, producing enough power to launch its occupants from 0-62mph in just 4.5 seconds, and on to a top speed of 181mph.

UK Brand Communications Manager, Damien Dally, said: “There’s no doubt that the 8C Spider is a sensational supercar but to have the recognition of the Top Gear panel is a perfect way to end the year.”

Limited to a production run of just 500 examples, 35 Alfa 8C Spiders are destined for the UK, with most of them sold before you could say “bellissima”. Valued at around £174,000 the chance of owning an example remains ultra exclusive, however the latest models in Alfa Romeo’s line up have taken inspiration from the Alfa 8C Competizione and Spider – such as the sporty compact Alfa MiTo and 2010’s Alfa Giulietta.

Press release & image source


Prince Charles leads Weymouth College group around the new College Construction and Training Centre, next door to Veloce House in Poundbury.

The Prince makes his mark.
Pictures courtesy of Weymouth College.

PRINCE Charles tried his hand at stone carving on a visit to his dream development in Poundbury last Wednesday. He chiselled a piece of Portland stone on a trip to open the new Weymouth College Construction and Training Centre, right next door to Veloce House, Parkway Farm Business Park, Middle Farm Way, Poundbury, Dorchester, DT1 3AR - where we are moving at the end of the week.
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Friday 11 December 2009


Do you have any photos of old, abandoned cars, motorcycles, trucks, vans or buses? Well, we'd love to see them! Inspired by one of our forthcoming books, The Fate of The Sleeping Beauties by Ard op de Weegh, Kay Hottendorff and Arnoud op de Weegh, we've begun a fun, free-to-enter photo competition to help bring all those undercover beauties out into the light.

Get your entry to us now and we'll display it on our dedicated blog:

Please send your entry photos to, or by post to:
Sleeping Beauties, Veloce Publishing, Veloce House, Parkway Farm Business Park, Middle Farm Way, Poundbury, Dorchester, DT1 3AR ...

The winning entry will receive a free copy of The Fate of The Sleeping Beauties (worth £30) as soon as it is published in September 2010, and (assuming we get enough interesting and usable images) the best 12 entries will receive free copies of the Veloce Sleeping Beauties 2011 calendar, featuring their own entry as sleeping beauty of the month – and the overall winning entry will also feature on the calendar cover.

Please note, 'sleeping beauties' can take the form of anything automotive; cars, motorcycles, trucks, vans, buses ...

Good luck!


Image source: Goodwood Motor Sport

If you fancy a lazy Sunday in front of the telly, we recommend staying tuned to ITV4 this weekend, because both the Goodwood Festival of Speed and the Goodwood Revival will be shown again on ITV4 this coming weekend, Sunday 13 December. So why not grab yourself a cup of tea, glass of beer or champagne and settle down to watch two glorious hours of motor sport action at Goodwood!

The Festival of Speed will be shown on ITV4 at 2.30pm on Sunday 13 December.
The Goodwood Revival will be shown on ITV4 at 3.30pm on 13 December.

And looking further ahead, don't forget, the theme of the 2010 Goodwood Festival of Speed - provisionally to be held on 2-4 July 2010 - has been titled ‘Viva Veloce! - The Passion for Speed'. We can't wait!

Tuesday 8 December 2009


Thanks to Barrie Baldelli for this new review of Motor Racing - Reflections of a lost era by Anthony Carter. The review was recently featured in Cotswolds & Vale Magazine.

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Monday 7 December 2009


Have been uploading some sample pages from Veloce books on Check out the Veloce Issuu profile page to see more 8-page ebook previews.

Friday 4 December 2009


Thanks to Steve Wilson for a fantastic SIX-PAGE book review of Save the Triumph Bonneville! – The inside story of the Meriden Workers’ Co-op in the December edition of Real Classic Magazine.

The Meriden story takes up a substantial part of this special 'Bonnie at 50' edition of Real Classic, which is only available by subscription not for sale in the shops.

Thursday 3 December 2009


Nissan in Europe will sell just 40 examples of the ultimate iteration of its GT-R supercar, the SpecV. Orders are now being taken at Nissan High Performance Centres (NHPCs) across Europe and will close on 22 January 2010.

The limited run of 40 examples in Europe reflects that 2009 is the 40th anniversary of the launch of the first Nissan to wear the GT-R badge. Also reflecting its exclusivity, and in recognition of the car’s indelible link with the Nordschleife circuit in Germany, the SpecV is only being displayed in Europe at the new Nissan Sports showroom in the new Nürburgring complex which was opened in July.

Developed as the ultimate iteration of the GT-R, the SpecV model builds on the original GT-R’s product concept by changing and enhancing key components that help deliver the SpecV’s philosophy of being for skilled drivers who are ‘at one’ with their vehicle.

Incorporating all of the product enhancements recently announced for the standard MY10 GT-R, these changes are based around the SpecV’s ability (in the right conditions and environment) to brake later and harder, corner faster and accelerate sooner.

Although maximum horsepower output remains unchanged, engine performance is enhanced with a new high gear boost control device, which briefly increases boost of the twin turbochargers for greater torque in the intermediate-to-high speed ranges to provide greater in-gear acceleration. Braking and cornering performance is improved by the fitting of a carbon ceramic brake system jointly developed by Nissan and Brembo, revised springs and fixed-rate dampers. Other performance modifications include a titanium exhaust system.
Press release/Image source: Nissan

Coming soon from Veloce ...

ESSENTIAL reading for GT-R enthusiasts!

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Wednesday 2 December 2009


A festive feel about this month's On the Grid. Veloce's monthly newsletter will grant you exclusive access to fantastic discount codes, special offers and competitions. There's a Christmas cracker of an offer this month!
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Tuesday 1 December 2009


The Toleman Story – Last Romantics in Formula 1
By Christopher Hilton.
• The story of Toleman told for the first time
• The last little team to be big in Formula 1
• New insights to Ayrton Senna’s Grand Prix debut
• Exclusive interviews with leading team personnel
• Derek Warwick’s memories
• Secrets of engine-maker Brian Hart
• Fascinating, previously untold stories about the team’s rise
• Never published before pictures reveal what life with the team was really like
• Full team statistics

This was the team that took Ayrton Senna into Formula 1, to which he responded by creating a masterpiece of movement at Monaco. It is still talked about. (see themagicayrtonsenna's tribute video below).

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