Wednesday 12 November 2014


Advance copies of the eagerly anticipated new book The Porsche 924 Carrera – evolution to excellence by Roy Smith arrived at Veloce House this week.

A limited edition of 1500 copies, this is the first in-depth study of this rare homologation supercar. The story of a forgotten star from the Stuttgart portfolio: a car that is truly worthy of carrying the proud Porsche badge. Here are a few photos of the finished book ...

Watch the trailer video with award winning motoring writer Roy Smith & Le Mans legend & Porsche 924 Carrera GTS owner Derek Bell.

Available December 2014!
The Porsche 924 Carrera - evolution to excellence

By Roy Smith
Forewords by Norbert Singer, Jürgen Barth & Derek Bell.

The 924 Carrera was a homologation model built to qualify the 924 model to race in Group 4. One of the great supercars of the 1980s, the 924 Carrera was considered by many to have better handling characteristics than Porsche’s flagship 911. The book features interviews with many of those involved with the car at the time together with race stories, statistics, and a unique exposé of component failures during racing. More info.


New in eBook format! Check out Veloce Digital for our full list of eBooks and apps.

Virgil Exner – Visioneer: The official biography of Virgil M. Exner, designer extraordinaire by Peter Grist
Citroën DS – Design Icon by Malcolm Bobbitt
How To Build & Power Tune Weber & Dellorto DCOE, DCO/SP & DHLA Carburettors by Des Hammill
The Triumph Trophy Bible – Including unit-construction Trophy-based TIGER models by Harry Woolridge
Diecast Toy Cars of the 1950s & 1960s – The Collector's Guide by Andrew Ralston

Wednesday 5 November 2014


Advance copies of Grand Prix Ferrari – The Years of Enzo Ferrari’s Power, 1948-1980 by Anthony Pritchard arrived at Veloce House this week. We thought we'd share a few photos of the finished book here on the blog!

Coming soon! A limited edition of 1500 copies. Grand Prix Ferrari is a brilliantly comprehensive, accurate account of the most important team in the history of motor racing. The highly readable and informative text is supported by over 200 interesting, and often striking, photographs. More info.

Tuesday 4 November 2014


Andy Westlake is the author of three Veloce books. His latest, Off-Road Giants (volume 3), is published in December.

Since beginning his riding career in 1969 on a humble 125cc Vespa, Andy has owned over 70 machines and covered hundreds of thousands of miles over four continents. He began his working life as a photo lithographer in the print industry, but, after taking voluntary redundancy in 2000, took a bold leap into the unknown to pursue his literary talents, and is now regarded as one of the UK’s leading classic motorcycle journalists. Like his previous two volumes, Off-Road Giants Volume 3 is a compilation of profiles on former scrambles and trials stars, many of whom Andy saw in action as a small boy in the 1960s. It was a truly golden era for off-road sport, and fondly remembered by the lad, who still recalls some of those carefree summer days of his childhood …

“Twelve years my senior, my brother, Rod, took me to watch my first scramble at Bulbarrow Hill in Dorset in March 1961. At the time, little could I have realised that over 50 years later I would be reliving those magical days with some of the stars who were flying past on their bellowing four-strokes and screaming two-strokes, not more than a few yards from where we were standing.

“Living where we did on the borders of the Wessex and Southern centres meant that virtually every Sunday we went off in Rod's old ex-GPO Morris Eight van to see some of the UK’s top riders, like the Rickman and Sharp brothers, Jerry Scott, Ivor England, and Badger Goss in action. As a spectator sport in the UK, scrambling in the ’60s was probably only second to football, and thousands used to line the tracks cheering on their favourite riders, my own personal hero being Triss Sharp. Triss, who raced both a superbly-finished, Triumph-engined special and a lightweight Greeves, always rode as number 71, and I recall going back home after the first event and making a replica race plate to put on my pushbike, which rather aptly was also a Triumph.

“My dad never owned a car or a motorcycle, so, prior to Rod taking me to watch the scrambles, my vision of the big outside world had been limited to the occasional family trip to the seaside on one of the local Crown Tours coaches. Suddenly, my horizons were broadened, and early on I made up my mind that, once I was grown up, I would travel to all of these far away places on two wheels. With the racing over we used to return home with the transistor radio playing Pick of the Pops, and I vividly recall the day I first heard the Rolling Stones playing Route 66. The line 'It runs from Chicago to LA, more than two thousand miles all the way,' really landed on me, and back home I went to my bedroom to check out the start and finish of this famous road: one which, in 1998, I would be travelling along on my Moto Guzzi vee twin.

“I had to wait until 1969 before I got my own two-wheeler – a 1959 125cc Douglas Vespa from one of my dad’s workmates – but, by the end of that first summer, I'd progressed to a 1961 250cc Honda Dream, and by April the following year had passed my test and had begun to expand my riding horizons. In the winter of ’72, Rod and I started riding in trials – he on a 250cc Cheetah, and me on an elderly Greeves Scottish – and, although I soon realised I was not going to be a future works star, we had a lot of fun. By the time I'd progressed through a Cheetah and a Minarelli-engined Cotton to a MAR Ossa in 1974, I was managing to pick up the odd award or two.

“I continued to ride in trials on a Beamish Suzuki and a TL Honda for several more seasons, but it was the travelling that really lit me up, and, in 1975, I made my first trip across the channel with three friends, to the motorcycle Grand Prix at Spa in Belgium. This was on a GT 750cc Suzuki, which kickstarted a love for touring. In the last 40 years I've been lucky enough to cover thousands of miles across much of Europe, North America, North Africa and New Zealand on my faithful Guzzis.

“Working in a well-paid job gave me the money to pursue my love of bikes and travel, but the new digital age saw a major downturn in the UK’s print trade, and in 2000 I was given the opportunity to take voluntary redundancy and start a new life. Marriage to Jill saw me move to Devon, and it was thanks to her encouragement that I decided to become a full-time motorcycle journalist and author. It was one of the best decisions of my life, and today I go around with a permanent smile on my face. It’s a dream job.”

Andy Westlake
October 2014

Check out Andy's interview with BBC Radio Devon in 2008 ...


The Wallace and Gromit Anti-Pesto Van is the latest exhibit to arrive in Beaulieu’s On Screen Cars display. A plasticine version of this Austin A35 van was created for the film Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit.

Nick Park, creator of the Wallace and Gromit animations, used to own an A35 and thought it was the ideal model to use in the film because “the van needed to be big enough to transport Wallace’s invention, the Bunvac 2000, while slick enough to go on high-speed chases.”

In the film, Tottington Hall’s Giant Vegetable Competition is fast approaching and Wallace and Gromit are running a vegetable security and humane pest control business, Anti-Pesto. In order to cope with the increasing amount of captured rabbits Wallace invents a brainwashing machine, but a mistake during the operation creates a ‘Were-Rabbit’, a giant rabbit which eats vegetables of any size. It’s down to Wallace and Gromit to capture the rampaging beast before the competition!

The Anti-Pesto Van, which has been loaned to Beaulieu following a call-out for new vehicles for the exhibition, joins a host of other star vehicles.

The ‘flying’ Ford Anglia on display was used during the making of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. In the film, the enchanted flying car is stolen a number of times by Ron Weasley, on one occasion to rescue his friend Harry Potter from the Dursleys’ house, and on another to return to Hogwarts after the gate to Platform 9¾ is sealed by house elf Dobby.

Sharing the spotlight with the Anglia is TV favourite, Mr Bean’s lime green mini. This particular car was used in the character's third series and made its first television appearance on 1st January 1991.

Another TV favourite on display is Del Boy’s beloved Trotter Van. Possibly the nation's most famous three-wheel vehicle, this Regal van featured in the BBC sitcom Only Fools and Horses. It was the sole transport for the Trotter family of Del, Rodney, Grandad and Uncle Albert, until Del Boy later went ‘upmarket’ and purchased a Capri Ghia.

On Screen Cars can be seen as part of a visit to the whole Beaulieu attraction, which also includes the National Motor Museum, World of Top Gear, Beaulieu Abbey, and Palace House and gardens. Visit for further information.


Motoring fans have voted the Lamborghini Urraco as the number one restoration completed by Wheeler Dealers Mike Brewer and Edd China, in a survey held by the Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show.

The 1972 Lamborghini Urraco P250S featured in series ten of Discovery’s hit motoring show, which has just celebrated its 100th restoration. Mike brought the car that had been in storage for six years in Poland, despite not being able to start the car due to a loose cam belt and or move it because of seized brakes, for £21,380, which makes it the most expensive car purchased by Wheeler Dealers.

It was sold for £35,000 after a full restoration and taking part in a 50th anniversary parade in Italy.

Mike said: “It's fantastic that the nation has chosen such a great Top Ten. All of our favourites are in the list but the truth is we have loved every one of the 100 cars over the past eleven years.

“The Urracco was a special show, as it's one of the most desirable cars ever and a real treat to get ‘a Bull in the China shop’. It culminated with a brilliant test drive through the Dolomites on Edd’s birthday. It was a real special treat. For fun, the Mustang was a blast, from buying in boiling California to the final test drive where Edd got to play in the dressing up box and pretended he was a cop for a cops and robbers chase scene...very Hollywood. We hope you enjoyed the last 100, there's a 100 more coming.”

Second place was taken by the 2003 Morgan +4 from series nine, brought for £13,000 and sold for £21,000, with third place going to the series ten 1972 Ford Escort Mk1, which Edd transformed from a bronze £4,500 project to a bright yellow stunner, selling for £11,800.

The Top Ten also featured the Peugeot 205 GTi from series two, the Bentley Mulsanne Turbo from series five, the Dodge Charger from series eight and the Ford Mustang Fastback from series nine.

Show organisers are hoping to gather the top five cars for a special display at the show so fans get to see the cars up close.

Wheeler Dealers Mike and Edd, currently filming a new series in the USA, will be at Birmingham’s NEC from 14th to 16th November to host the Wheeler Dealer Live Stage at the Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show. Mike will interview special guests including Quentin Willson and Sir Stirling Moss while Edd restores a classic car over the three days. There are also car parades, Q&A sessions and the mayhem of some classic game shows.

The Wheeler Dealers Live Stage is one of the most popular features of the Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show, the UK’s biggest indoor motoring event. For more information on the Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show as well as all the ticket prices and booking details, visit

The Wheeler Dealer Top Ten Restorations:

1 Series 10: Lamborghini Urraco P250S
2 Series 9: Morgan +4
3 Series 10: Ford Escort Mk1
4 Series 11: Ford Fiesta XR2
5 Series 9: Ford Mustang Fastback
6 Series 10: TVR Cerbera
7 Series 9: Fiat Dino Coupe 2400
8 Series 5: Bentley Mulsanne Turbo
8 Series 8: Dodge Charger
9 Series 2: Peugeot 205 GTi 1.9
9 Series 5: Fiat 500
9 Series 7: Triumph Stag
9 Series 8: DeLorean DMC-12
10 Series 7: Volvo P1800

Available from Veloce!

Mike Brewer’s The Wheeler Dealer Know How!
Written by Mike Brewer, cheeky chappie and TV's best-known car dealing expert. In a career spanning almost 30 years, Mike has seen and done everything when it comes to buying and selling cars, and having established a successful career as a television presenter, is eager to share his knowledge, passion and enthusiasm for cars.
Telling you all you need to know about buying, preparing and selling modern classic cars, this book guides you through the minefield that is the world of car dealing, and helps you avoid the pitfalls that await the unwary. Plus, with stories and anecdotes from Mike’s time in the trade, you'll gain a fascinating insight into the world of wheeler-dealing.
Packed full of information and tips, The Wheeler Dealer Know How will give you the confidence to buy the car of your dreams and avoid ending up with a lemon. You’ll find out how to prepare a car to expert standards – from cleaning, to repairs and improvements – and when the time comes to sell, Mike tells you how to get the best price and avoid being ripped-off.
More info.

The Book of the Lamborghini Urraco
By Arnstein Landsem
This book tells the amazing story of the Lamborghini Urraco. It describes the problems that beset this little supercar, and why it never got the chance it truly deserved. After its demise, the Urraco lived on in the form of the Silhouette and the Jalpa, and both these models are also covered in detail in the pages of this book. The unique Bravo and Athon concept cars are also described.
Featuring detailed advice for potential buyers, as well as over 300 photos and illustrations, this is a fascinating and practical account of a future supercar classic. More info.