Tuesday 31 July 2007

Veloce Publishing

New Veloce Publishing: "Lancia Delta HF Integrale

Lancia Delta HF Integrale First time available in English! By Werner Blattel & Gerhard Wagner

250 x 250mm, over 400 pictures, 208 pages

ISBN: 9781845841324

£ 40.00 + Postage

The world of rallying was changed forever on January 1st 1982 with the introduction of the new Group B rules. These virtually gave manufacturers carte blanche to design the fastest car they could for world rally special stages, so long as they built at least 200 identical examples"

Veloce Publishing

Veloce Publishing: "Dodge Dynamite!

New! Dodge Dynamite! By Peter Grist

176 pages, 298 colour and mono photographs.

ISBN: 9781845841126

£ 16.99 + Postage

Only book issued celebrating the 50th anniversary of their first performance car.
Only book to feature ALL of their performance cars, not just the same old few.
Gives brief history of where the Dodge name came from.
Features almost all of the concept cars.
Features the new Caliber, Charger and Magnum.
Shows rarely seen pictures and period adverts.
Written in plain English and easy to follow.
Extended captions with the images.
Foreword by Trevor Creed, VP of design at Chrysler.
Comparison/specification chart for some milestone cars."

Veloce Publishing

Veloce Publishing Now in! Great Small Fiats

Description of production histories
- The relevance to the car buying public
- Practical ownership information
- Restoration Advice
- Top quality photography

The First Post: Toyota's green sports car

haven't read the specs but it looks gorgeous! I think...

The First Post: Toyota's green sports car

Help save the planet

As well as some very BIG changes, we ALL need to make LOTS of small changes in our lives if we're going to get out of this pickle Ollie....

100 Ways to Save the Environment

Could be worse!

I'm sure you've probably seen this before, it's beautiful isn't it?

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