Friday 27 February 2009


Hemmings Sports & Exotic magazine covered Great Small Fiats by Phil Ward this month in this nice little review. Click image to view at higher quality.

Thursday 26 February 2009


Web's largest motoring poll puts new Japanese sports car in top place.

British motoring enthusiasts have voted Japanese car maker Nissan's brutally powerful GT-R as winner of MSN Cars ‘Car of the Year 2009', with the four-wheel drive sportscar capturing almost a third (29%) of the record 80,000 votes cast on a poll on MSN Cars (

The critically-acclaimed Nissan GT-R cruised ahead of its challengers as it almost trebled the number of votes of its nearest competitor, the British-built Jaguar XF (12%). Other familiar entries in the MSN Car of the Year poll include the ever popular - but new generation - Ford Fiesta (6%) in 8th place.

Tom Evans, Content Manager of MSN Cars, commented:

"Congratulations to Nissan and its revolutionary GT-R for capturing the imagination of the British motoring public. Not only does the GT-R boast impressive specs and enough sheer motoring muscle to outrun its rivals, but the GT-R also boasts one of the most eye-catching, contemporary designs in the supercar fraternity - and all at a bargain price that is entirely in keeping with these straightened times."

He added:

"Britain's passion and drive for the world's most well-crafted supercars continues, even during times of economic hardship. This is clearly demonstrated as over 80,000 people voted for their top motors, more than doubling the number of votes of last year's poll."

2009 just seems to keep getting better for the Nissan GT-R. Look out for these two Nissan GT-R books from Veloce, coming soon!

Click covers for more information.


Here's a look at The Bentley Continental Supersports - the fastest and most powerful Bentley ever. It is the extreme Bentley, a muscular two-seater that delivers supercar performance and a highly focused driving experience.

The Supersports is also the first Bentley capable of running on both petrol (gasoline) and biofuel, pioneering the use of FlexFuel technology in the luxury sector. This represents stage one of the company’s commitment to make its complete model range compatible with renewable fuels by 2012.

Available worldwide from autumn 2009, the Continental Supersports will be FlexFuel compatible in the majority of markets from launch with North American cars offering the capability by summer 2010, following regulatory approval.

This forthcoming Veloce book covers the Continental Supersports' predecessors from 1951-2002.

Bentley Continental, Corniche & Azure 1951-2002 – Revised Edition by Martin Bennett.
The book of the Continental in the Rolls-Royce era.

Brand new Revised Edition with an exciting, updated format
The fastest and most powerful coachbuilt Bentleys described in vivid detail
Includes technical specification, performance data, and a listing of individual cars
Profusely illustrated
Martin Bennett is an internationally acknowledged Rolls-Royce and Bentley expert
Covers 1951 to 2002 models
Bentley Continental R type, S1 S2 and S3; Bentley
Corniche; Bentley Continental Convertible; Bentley Continental R, S and T; Bentley Azure

Click here for more info about this forthcoming book.

Wednesday 25 February 2009



How to Build a Successful Low-Cost Rally Car, a new book by motoring journalist Philip Young aims to provide simple, cost-effective and reliable tips to guarantee reaching the finishing line and more importantly, get results!

This book concentrates on preparing a car for the many forms of road-based rallies, including Historic Rallying, from weekend club events to the Classic Marathon, with useful preparation for long distance events like the Peking to Paris, road-rallies for modern cars, and the “Budget Adventure” events like the Mongol Rally and Plymouth to Dakar.

Published by Veloce at £16.99 containing 150 colour pictures; It concentrates on tips for reliability...items like waterproofing, ensuring the exhaust doesn’t fall off, the radiator doesn’t vibrate lose, engine mountings and the like are regular setbacks on all manner of events and this book gets back to basics, packed with workshop photographs. There is also an event guide, useful contacts, and chapters on personal preparation including staying healthy, coping with borders, and seeking sponsorship.

Philip Young is a former Fleet Street journalist who once helped to run the Daily Mail News Desk...he has written for The Observer, The Times, and The Guardian as well as the Daily Mail, edited two motoring magazines, and twice was awarded the Guild of Motoring Writer’s Motoring Journalist of the Year Award.

Generally credited with having kick-started the historic-rally movement with events like the Pirelli Classic Marathon, Monte Carlo Challenge and Peking to Paris, Philip Young has organised 65 major events and has seen how the same problems crop up time and time again that could have been prevented with some simple modifications in the garage before the start. He co-founded the Historic Rally Car Register in 1982, and more recently started up Endurance Rallying in Britain, events restricted to 1400cc cars with standard engines, such as the Lombard Rally.

Philip Young commented: "Hopefully the book goes some way to debunk the myth that rally preparation is about high cost and high technology - some of the modifications in the book are ordinary household items, from silicone bathroom sealer to wire coat hangers that cost zippo, but transform reliablility."

The 96-page book is available now from bookshops or from

If you are driving a road-based rally, this book will help you get a result … don’t even fill in the entry form without it!

Tuesday 24 February 2009


The New 3rd Edition of The MG Midget & Austin-Healey Sprite High Performance Manual by Daniel Stapleton gets a thumbs up from Classics Monthly this month:

★ The completely revised, updated and enlarged third edition of Daniel Stapleton's definitive tuning book on the Midget & Sprite
★ Daniel Stapleton has extensive first-hand experience of modifying Sprite and Midget cars, and has been involved in the development of some of the proprietary kits featured in the book
★ Contains information on the 1500 (Triumph) engine and the 1275 in-line engines not found in any other book
★ Comprehensive section on ignition systems and different distributors
★ Detailed analysis of the pros and cons of different modifications
★ Details modifications to the whole car for better performance
★ Clear, sharp photographs of even the smallest components

Monday 23 February 2009



Seven new Motor Racing books from Veloce! Click covers for more information.

Porsche Racing Cars – 1953 to 1975 (ISBN 978-1-904788-44-7)
By Brian Long
Follows Porsche’s year-by-year progress in top flight racing, and looks in detail at the pure competition cars that brought the German marque such immense success and acclaim on the worlds tracks. Begins with the giant-killing 550 Spyders of 1953, then takes the reader, in definitive detail, through all the susbsequent racing models up to 1975.
• Hardback • 25x25cm • £45.00 • 272 pages • c. 600 colour & b&w photos

Porsche Racing Cars – 1976 to 2005 (ISBN 978-1-904788-45-4)
By Brian Long
Follows Porsche’s year-by-year progress in top flight racing, and looks in detail at the pure competition cars that brought the German marque such immense success and worldwide acclaim on the tracks.
Highly illustrated, this is the definitive and entertaining record of Porsches on the world’s racetracks from 1976 onward.
• Hardback • 25x25cm • £45.00 • 272 pages • c. 500 mainly colour photos

La Carrera Panamericana – “The World’s Greatest Road Race!” (ISBN: 978-1-84584-170-6)
By John Tipler
Through photos of the stunning countryside and cities visited en route, action shots and parc fermé, interviews with drivers and key personnel, plus vivid narrative, readers are transported to Mexico for an eye-witness account of the fantastic Carrera Panamericana, “The World’s Greatest Road Race.” Includes a full history from 1950.
• Hardback • 25x20.7cm • £40.00 • 272 pages • 400+ mainly colour photos

Alpine & Renault – The Development of the Revolutionary Turbo F1 Car: 1968 to 1979 (ISBN: 978-1-84584-177-5)
By Roy P. Smith
The inside story of the first turbocharged Grand Prix car from concept to Grand Prix victory. Contains interviews with the men of the time, reports on every race, and over 400 photos and illustrations.
• Hardback • 25x25cm • £45.00 • 240 pages • 400+ colour & b&w pictures

Motor Racing at Oulton Park in the 1970s (ISBN: 978-1-84584-164-5)
By Peter McFadyen
Featuring over 150 colour and black & white photographs, many previously unpublished, the book recalls this period of consolidation at the beautiful Cheshire circuit.
• Paperback • 20.5x19cm • £12.99 • 96 pages • 106 colour & b&w photographs

Hot Rod & Stock Car Racing - in Britain in the 1980s (ISBN: 978-1-84584-167-6)
By Richard John Neil
This book charts the development of short oval motor racing in the UK, using 100 never-before-published photographs. Championship listings complement the evocative text.
• Paperback • 20.5x19cm • £12.99• 96 pages • 103 colour & 6 b&w photographs

Motor Racing at Nassau in the 1950s & 1960s (ISBN: 978-1-84584-198-0)
By Terry O’Neil
From the mid-1950s Nassau hosted a series of events at the end of the American racing season. Seen by many as the ‘Golden Age’ of motor racing, internationally acclaimed drivers mixed with amateur racers who came to enjoy the sun, parties and racing. An evocative, pictorial complement to O’Neil’s previous Veloce book, The Bahamas Speed Weeks.
• Paperback • 20.5x19cm • £12.99 • 96 pages • 164 colour & b&w photographs

All available now! UK & USA

Friday 20 February 2009


Good news! The popular Building a Dune Buggy – The Essential Manual by Paul Shakespeare is now back in stock and available to buy now for only £24.99! It contains everything you need to know to build any VW-based Dune Buggy yourself!

Check out this review from Classics Monthly:

A step-by-step guide to building a Buggy, containing details of equipment and techniques, as well as guidance on the choice of donor car and new components. Build any VW-based Dune Buggy avoiding common pitfalls and expensive mistakes, ending up with a superb, roadworthy multi-purpose vehicle.

Thursday 19 February 2009


Like most bikers, Daniel Peirce – acclaimed international photographer and author of the awesome Veloce book The Fine Art of the Motorcycle Engine – believes that a motorcycle engine is a work of art. Daniel has photographed engines from a wide variety of classic motorbikes, many of which are housed in the historic Barber Museum in the US. As well as being beautiful, Daniel's photos are a worthy reminder of the engineering excellence that goes into making a motorcycle.

Thanks to you can now wear your favourite classic bike engine, as photographed by Daniel, on a subtle, classy T-shirt.

New! The Fine Art of the Motorcycle Engine – The Story of the Up-N-Smoke Engine Project
By tradition, the motorcycle is a naked beast, differing from other vehicles by the fact that its mechanical structure is also part of its aesthetic appearance. In The Fine Art of the Motorcycle Engine, photographer Daniel Peirce examines the graphic nature of historic engines with stunning and dramatic photography. Since the beginning of the motorbike, engine designers knew they had to design power plants that performed well and looked good. Peirce presents 64 stunning pictures from his popular UP-N-SMOKE Engine Project. In addition to his engine photography, the book also includes the story of the project and the years it took to take it from an inspired idea to a tangible reality.

“pornography for gearheads” - Cycle World Magazine

Click here for more info about the book!

Wednesday 18 February 2009


Porsche Racing Cars – 1953 to 1975 by Brian Long is awarded Book of the Month in Australian Classic Car Magazine!

To read the review click the image below to view in hi-res.

Click here for more info about the book. Or click the link below to buy a copy of the book now using credit card or paypal!

Tuesday 17 February 2009


Following the huge success of Abarth’s re-launch last year, the Fiat Group’s performance division has now created the ultimate sporting expression of the 500.

By thoroughly re-engineering the highly acclaimed and universally popular city car from the ground up, Abarth has produced a machine purpose-built for the modern driving enthusiast. Not only does it look the part, thanks to bodywork that’s longer and lower than a regular 500, it’s also entertaining to own and drive while maintaining class-leading economy, low emissions and low running costs.

Already a winner of BBC Top Gear magazine’s prestigious Hot Hatch of the Year award, the Abarth 500 has been designed as the credible option for drivers seeking to express themselves through their choice of car.

As a faithful modern incarnation of the tuning firm’s ‘small but wicked’ mantra of the 1950s, this latest 500 also follows the traditional Abarth ethos of using racing experience to make rewarding, high performance road cars at an affordable price.

A great Veloce book for those fans of Fiat!
Great Small Fiats by Phil Ward.
Fiat have built millions of vehicles since 1899 but the company is perhaps best known for its ability to produce small, economical, characterful cars. 'Great Small Fiats' traces this concept from the birth of the 500A 'Topolino' in the 1930s up the current Panda and a hint of the proposed Nuova 500. Each of the selected models are described in detail from their conception through to current ownership in the hands of collectors and enthusiasts. The chapters include practical information on buying and running a small Fiat and restoration advice for the older cars. Also included are Fiats built under licence outside of Italy and the Fiat-derived 'etceterini' coachbuilt and competition cars.

"worth every penny" - Fiat Motor Club

Click here for more info about the book! Or click the link below to it buy now using credit card or paypal!


It's said the best things come in small packages, and that's definitely the case with the little book of smart!
To coincide with the release of the new edition in March of this fantastic little book, we've put together a screensaver featuring some of its great 'smart' shots!
Available from Veloce downloads page.

the little book of smart – New Edition! by Paul Jackson.
In stock March 2009!
In the little book of smart, now featuring a brand new extra chapter, author and smart fanatic Paul Jackson guides us through the history of the brand, its highs and lows, its successes and failures, up to the present day, with the very latest fortwo line-up promising major sales worldwide and, of course, helping to pave the way for a future for smart in the USA. It’s a fascinating tale, told succinctly and in an entertaining style, and complemented by full colour photography throughout. 144 pages packed with over 100 colour pictures and entertaining text make this a great little book.
Click here for more info about the book.

Monday 16 February 2009



Three brand new Motorcycle books from Veloce!

The Fine Art of the Motorcycle Engine – The Story of the Up-N-Smoke Engine Project (ISBN 978-1-84584-174-4)
By Daniel Peirce
Professional photographer Dan Peirce presents 64 stunning pictures from his popular ‘Up-n-Smoke’ engine project. The book also tells the story behind the project and how it took years to bring it from an inspired idea to a tangible reality. “Pornography for Gearheads” – Cycle World magazine
• Hardback • 25x25cm • £19.99 • 144 pages • 64 colour photos

Motorcycle Apprentice: Matchless – in name & reputation (ISBN 978-1-84584-179-9)
By Bill Cakebread
Gives a unique insight to the atmosphere and excitement of working in the AMC (Matchless/AJS) motorcycle factory. An inspiring story, supported by a host of period photographs and rare documents, providing a fascinating record of life within the British motorcycle industry from its heyday and on into decline and oblivion.
• Hardback • 25x20.7cm • £19.99 • 128 pages • c. 100 mainly b&w photos

Off-road Giants – Heroes of 1960s Motorcycle Sport (ISBN 978-1-84584-190-4)
By Andrew Westlake
A fascinating and nostalgic compilation of rider profiles written over a three year period, that originally appeared in Classic Motorcycle magazine, now accompanied by a new set of over 100 photographs. This book beautifully captures a much-loved time in motorsport.
• Hardback • 25x20.7cm • £19.99 • 128 pages • 115 period b&w photos

All available now! (UK & USA)
Each £19.99 UK / $39.95 USA

Wednesday 11 February 2009


The Lamborghini Miura Bible received high praise in the Daily Express last week. Here's what it had to say:


The brand new Veloce 2009 Catalogue is now available to download in PDF format.

Available from Veloce Publishing downloads page.

Printed copies of the catalogue will be available March 2009.

Tuesday 10 February 2009



Two brand new Rally books from Veloce!

Ford Escort RS Cosworth & World Rally Car (ISBN 978-1-84584-181-2)
Fiat 131 Abarth (ISBN 978-1-84584-182-9)

Available now (UK & USA)
Each just £14.99 UK / $29.95 USA

-Full, detailed career history
-Complete story of concept, design and development
-Unrivalled coverage of people and influences behind the cars
-Step-by-step account of technical evolution
-Description of cars: why, how and when evolved
-Details of principal people involved
-Packed with pictures
-Comparison with rivals
-Complete listing of important successes and ‘works’ models

Individual Rally Giants books focus on the cars and personalities that stand out from the crowd in the long and exciting history of rallying. The books tell the story of cars and people that have left a big impression in the record books, and the minds of rally enthusiasts the world over.

Great value for money, these books are packed with pictures, facts and feats from the annals of International rallying. Collect the whole series!

Friday 6 February 2009


Classic & Sports Car magazine have polled a 20-strong panel as the jury to decide the single most beautiful classic car.

And the winner ...
The Citroën DS!

James Elliott, editor of Classic & Sports Car, said: “The Citroën is a benchmark design, but we were still astonished that it came out on top when you look at the sexiness – and values – of some of its rivals. Apart from the Mini, it’s by far the most affordable car to get any nominations at all, which probably means it’s a great investment!

Giorgetto Giugiaro - the man behind the Maserati Bora, VW Golf, Fiat Panda and Lotus Esprit, said: “The only example of a car really conceived ‘outside the box’. It is just impossible to imitate.”

Check out these fantastic Citroën DS books published by Veloce:

Citroën DS – Design Icon
by Malcolm Bobbitt.

The most radical of Citroën’s idiosyncratic offerings, the DS was sensational when it was introduced in 1955. Twenty years and 1.45 million cars later it was still technically advanced to most other cars. Revolutionary in driving characteristics and comfort, it remains one of the most innovative cars of all time. Click here for more info about the book!

Citroën DS & ID – The Essential Buyer's Guide by Rudy Heilig.

Guides collectors, restorers and enthusiasts through the various production changes and problem areas that occur between the various models, to make sure that the restoration or prospective purchase is correct, original, and legitimate. This book is an essential reference tool that can be used when buying, selling, repairing or restoring the various D-models manufactured between 1966 and 1975. One hundred colour photos, useful appendices and expert advice mean that this book could save you thousands! Click here for more info about the book!

Personal favourite, The Lamborghini Miura also made the top 10 in the poll!
1. Citroën DS
2= Jaguar XK120
2= Ferrari 275GTB
4= Cord 810/812
4= Ferrari 250GT Lusso
4= Ferrari 250GT Short-wheelbase
4= Jaguar E-type
4= Lamborghini Miura
4= Lotus Elan
4= Lotus Elite (1957)

Thursday 5 February 2009

BEST OF 2008

Two Veloce books were considered best book of 2008 in Classic and Sports Car magazine's end of year polls!

Wednesday 4 February 2009


The ASA have ruled in favour of smart, the iconic automotive brand, by supporting the brand’s London to Edinburgh television advertisement.

The ad shows a time-lapse sequence of the two-seater car driving from London to Edinburgh. The voiceover states that, “on one tiny 33 litre tank, a smart car can do 433 miles”.

The ASA has investigated and rejected claims that the ad is misleading.

In their adjudication the ASA stated: “We considered that the VCA* figures in conjunction with Mercedes’ evidence was sufficient to support the claim that a smart car could do 433 miles on one tank of petrol. We concluded that the ad was not misleading.”

Coming soon! the little book of smart – New Edition! By Paul Jackson.
In the little book of smart, now featuring a brand new extra chapter, author and smart fanatic Paul Jackson guides us through the history of the brand, its highs and lows, its successes and failures, up to the present day, with the very latest fortwo line-up promising major sales worldwide and, of course, helping to pave the way for a future for smart in the USA. It’s a fascinating tale, told succinctly and in an entertaining style, and complemented by full colour photography throughout. 144 pages packed with over 100 colour pictures and entertaining text make this a great little book. Click here for more info about the book.