Thursday, 26 February 2009


Here's a look at The Bentley Continental Supersports - the fastest and most powerful Bentley ever. It is the extreme Bentley, a muscular two-seater that delivers supercar performance and a highly focused driving experience.

The Supersports is also the first Bentley capable of running on both petrol (gasoline) and biofuel, pioneering the use of FlexFuel technology in the luxury sector. This represents stage one of the company’s commitment to make its complete model range compatible with renewable fuels by 2012.

Available worldwide from autumn 2009, the Continental Supersports will be FlexFuel compatible in the majority of markets from launch with North American cars offering the capability by summer 2010, following regulatory approval.

This forthcoming Veloce book covers the Continental Supersports' predecessors from 1951-2002.

Bentley Continental, Corniche & Azure 1951-2002 – Revised Edition by Martin Bennett.
The book of the Continental in the Rolls-Royce era.

Brand new Revised Edition with an exciting, updated format
The fastest and most powerful coachbuilt Bentleys described in vivid detail
Includes technical specification, performance data, and a listing of individual cars
Profusely illustrated
Martin Bennett is an internationally acknowledged Rolls-Royce and Bentley expert
Covers 1951 to 2002 models
Bentley Continental R type, S1 S2 and S3; Bentley
Corniche; Bentley Continental Convertible; Bentley Continental R, S and T; Bentley Azure

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