Friday, 6 February 2009


Classic & Sports Car magazine have polled a 20-strong panel as the jury to decide the single most beautiful classic car.

And the winner ...
The Citroën DS!

James Elliott, editor of Classic & Sports Car, said: “The Citroën is a benchmark design, but we were still astonished that it came out on top when you look at the sexiness – and values – of some of its rivals. Apart from the Mini, it’s by far the most affordable car to get any nominations at all, which probably means it’s a great investment!

Giorgetto Giugiaro - the man behind the Maserati Bora, VW Golf, Fiat Panda and Lotus Esprit, said: “The only example of a car really conceived ‘outside the box’. It is just impossible to imitate.”

Check out these fantastic Citroën DS books published by Veloce:

Citroën DS – Design Icon
by Malcolm Bobbitt.

The most radical of Citroën’s idiosyncratic offerings, the DS was sensational when it was introduced in 1955. Twenty years and 1.45 million cars later it was still technically advanced to most other cars. Revolutionary in driving characteristics and comfort, it remains one of the most innovative cars of all time. Click here for more info about the book!

Citroën DS & ID – The Essential Buyer's Guide by Rudy Heilig.

Guides collectors, restorers and enthusiasts through the various production changes and problem areas that occur between the various models, to make sure that the restoration or prospective purchase is correct, original, and legitimate. This book is an essential reference tool that can be used when buying, selling, repairing or restoring the various D-models manufactured between 1966 and 1975. One hundred colour photos, useful appendices and expert advice mean that this book could save you thousands! Click here for more info about the book!

Personal favourite, The Lamborghini Miura also made the top 10 in the poll!
1. Citroën DS
2= Jaguar XK120
2= Ferrari 275GTB
4= Cord 810/812
4= Ferrari 250GT Lusso
4= Ferrari 250GT Short-wheelbase
4= Jaguar E-type
4= Lamborghini Miura
4= Lotus Elan
4= Lotus Elite (1957)