Thursday 31 July 2008

Goodwood Revival

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the re-opening of the 1948 Motor Show, Goodwood has announced the recreation of this classic motoring event, as held immediately after WW2 at Earls Court.
The Goodwood Earls Court Motor Show exhibition area will take its inspiration from the celebrated London Motor Shows, with an original Art Deco look reminiscent of the glory days of exhibitions of the past. This spacious new area will give the expected 115,000 Goodwood Revival visitors an insight into how motoring of the future might look from a pre-1966 perspective, with a display of 'futuristic' 21st century cars.
Car manufacturers confirmed to be exhibiting at this show in September will include Maserati, Jaguar, BMW, Ford and Rolls-Royce.

All of the British cars of 1948 can be found in the Veloce book:

The Complete Catalogue of British Cars 1895-1975
By David Culshaw, Peter Horrobin


The most comprehensive record of British cars in a single volume. Covers nearly 700 manufacturers and some 3700 models.

The British car Bible. Revised and updated reprint of a long out of print classic - the famous "Culshaw & Horrobin". Catalogues all of the cars built in Britain from the dawn of the industry to 1975. Many of these vehicles are now prized and collectible veteran, vintage and classic cars.

The most comprehensive account of British cars ever published in one volume, this book presents a huge amount of information - historical as well as technical - in a way which will serve the needs of the dedicated enthusiast, automotive historian and the general reader.

Nearly 700 manufacturers and some 3700 individual models are covered - including technical specification for most cars. A wide selection of photographs feature all of the major marques and many of the minor ones

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Wednesday 23 July 2008

How low can you go?

VW parts gurus Just Kampers have made a leftfield style entrance into the record books this week after partnering with Turner Prize nominated artist Andy Saunders to create the World's Lowest VW Camper.

The 39.5” (1 metre) tall squashed VW camper, entitled "Vancake" is fully road legal and was created by Saunders and his team in just three days during the Bug Jam festival at the UK’s Santa Pod Raceway.

UK Subaru Team Victorious at Rally. With the power of a lawnmower!

The Liege-Brescia-Liege is a 2000-mile rally through some tough European terrain, including Italy's Stelvio and Gavia Passes.

The victorious UK foursome consisted of two Subaru 360cc microcars. The first car was driven by classic car restorer and seasoned historic rally driver James Ewing and his designer partner, Jane Puttock, from Surrey. The second Subaru 360 was driven by Managing Director Victor Sayer from Reading and Craig Lawson from Hampshire.

They scooped 1st prize in the Under 425 Class, plus Best Lady Driver for Jane. In addition, James and Jane came 6th in the Spirit 400 Class.

The Liege-Brescia-Liege commemorated 50 years of the Subaru 360. Both the cars used in the rally were from the 1967 and 1968 model years, and are powered by 2-cylinder, air-cooled 2-stroke engines mounted in the rear, producing 20PS each – which is less than some single-seater petrol lawnmowers!!



This book charts the history and development of the small economy cars which emerged after the Second World War. Finances and raw materials were in short supply and these microcars, or 'bubble cars' as they became affectionately known, provided transport for thousands of impoverished motorists during that lean period in the middle of the twentieth century. These tint economy cars now have a significant place in motoring history. This book follows the microcar’s progress right up to the present day, with original colour photographs.

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Tuesday 22 July 2008

Mazda at the British International Motorshow

A total of 16 different types of Mazda cars will be on show at BIMS which starts tomorrow and is located on the East Side of London within the Docklands area.

Highlights of Mazda's involvement include unveilings of The Mazda Furai concept (pronounced ‘foo-rye’ – Japanese for ‘sound of the wind’) which is the latest in Mazda's Nagare-based concepts. The Furai combines the striking design aesthetic of the Nagare with a more functional twist in an attempt to merge the the idea of a road car with a race car. The inclusion of 'flow lines' actually enhances the vehicle's aerodynamic performance by channelling air-flow over the body of the car.

The new Mazda RX-8 R3 four-seater sports coupe will also be on show. Enhancements to the classic sports car include a new front bumper, front grille, intake ducts, headlamps, front fender designs, LED rear lamps and a redesigned rear bumper with larger exhaust pipes.

Also, the thrilling 'Mazda Zoom-Zoom Challenge’ will be taking place at BIMS. The event was a big success at the 2006 Show, and will allow over 5,000 people to get behind the wheel of Mazda’s cars and battle against the clock, at no charge, to experience their spirited handling and entertaining drive.

For fans of the Mazda RX series...

Mazda RX-7 - Mazda's Rotary Engine Sportscar - Updated & Enlarged New Edition
By Brian Long

Enlarged new edition of the definitive international history of Mazda’s extraordinarily successful Wankel-engined coupés & roadsters right up to the end of production and the introduction of the RX-8. Advice on buying your own RX-7. The RX-7 in motorsport. Production figures. High quality artpaper production, heavily illustrated with colour throughout. CONTENTS Mazda launched its first rotary-engined car - the Cosmo - in 1966 and was the only car manufacturer to solve the major problems associated with Wankel’s radical engine design so that the unit’s potential could be exploited and enjoyed. Launched in 1978, the RX-7 provided effortless and uncannily smooth performance, attributes that endeared the model to enthusiasts through three generations of production. With each reincarnation the RX-7 became more of a Grand Tourer and less of a sportscar (a mantle handed on to the MX-5/Miata); global sales reduced as the car moved upmarket until, in the new millennium, the model was only sold in its native Japan.

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Monday 21 July 2008

La Carrera Panamericana Desktop Wallpaper

Set of 10 fantastic desktop wallpaper images from the forthcoming Veloce book - La Carrera Panamericana – “The World’s Greatest Road Race!” By John Tipler. Available to download, versiontracker or from Digital Desktop Wallpapers

Featured in under the title of 'good photos, of good cars'.

The Carrera Panamericana was first run to celebrate the inauguration of the Panamerican Highway, and traversed the length of Mexico, from Tuxtla in the south to Juárez near the Texas border. Firms like Alfa Romeo, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen and Porsche took advantage, and as class winners, Porsche even applied the event’s Carrera name to its sportier models. Since its 1987 revival, it’s been run rally-style with half-a-dozen special stages a day. Just as it did in the early-’50s, half the entry comprises brash American stock cars, today mostly Panamericana specials based on spaceframe chassis and 600bhp NASCAR V8 engines and running gear, lurking beneath period Studebaker, Hudson, Lincoln or Oldsmobile bodywork. The ’50s and ’60s European classics are no less heavily modified. Mexicans love a fiesta, and the arrival of La Carrera Panamericana at each of the provincial towns on its seven-day, 2000-mile progress through central Mexico last November provided an excuse for wild celebrations. Everywhere the entourage is mobbed by enthusiastic spectators, waving, cheering and demanding souvenirs. Crowds throng, brass bands play salsa, and the tequila overflows. Includes 350 images, maps of the modern and original 1950s routes, plus results of original events.
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*look out for more downloads coming soon including desktop wallpapers and screensavers.

Friday 18 July 2008

Britain's Worst Car

Check out this fetching brown 1970s Austin Allegro. The name may have stood for fast, cheerful and lively, but the car has been declared ‘Britain’s Worst Car’ in a poll by brand-new digital motoring magazine, 4000 people participated in the online poll which chose the Austin Allegro as the worst with 24% of the votes. This was closely followed by the Morris Ital with 23% and the Talbot Sunbeam with 11%. Other cars which received votes were the Hillman Imp (10%) and the Rover 200 (5%).
Although the Austin Allegro is notorious for poor quality and shoddy craftsmanship, the car still has quite a cult following. This poll proved that in a sense, bad publicity can often be good publicity as in an attempt to defend the car, a representative from Allegro Club International made a guest appearance on Chris Evans' BBC Radio 1 Drive Time show last night. The 1970s British Leyland model played starring roles in TV classics like The Professionals, Doctor Who, The New Avengers, The Sweeney, Open All Hours, Inspector Morse and more recently, Life on Mars and Little Britain.

Allegro in Little Britain

For those who like to reminisce about the more vintage classic car from times gone by, Veloce can take you down memory lane with the
Those Were the Days™ series. The latest title in the series which is currently forthcoming is:

The Last Real Austins - 1946-1959

This new book examines how Austin bounced back after WWII, and how, despite the severe materials shortage, it managed to develop the largest range of vehicles produced by any automaker in postwar Britain. It examines how these vehicles were received and used in these markets, and is illustrated with rare archive photography depicting the weird, wonderful and the downright imaginative.

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Thursday 17 July 2008

Mitsubishi Racing Lancer

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) has announced a new era of motor sports design and engineering with its all-new crossover “Racing Lancer”. The new car takes its design from the Lancer Sportback and will be previewed at the Paris Motor Show this autumn. Mitsubishi anticipates the Racing Lancer will be ready in time to be a major contender at the 2009 Dakar Rally, due to be held in South America.

With this car, MMC has added a new dimension to its racing vehicles, blending the Pajero with a culmination of company ethos, which includes the recently introduced “Project Global” Lancer Family of Sports Saloon, Sportback, Ralliart and Evolution X.

The end result is a crossover between on-road and off-road rallying as well as both passenger cars and SUVs. The Racing Lancer appears to be more marketable than any of its predecessors and looks set to relaunch Lancer’s racing career.

The definitive international history of one of the world’s most successful rally cars, can be found in this book:

Mitsubishi Lancer Evo
By Brian Long

The Lancer name conjures up many different images. For some, it evokes memories of the first generation cars, introduced in 1973, which fought with the best on the Safari Rally and came out the victors. Others will remember the second generation models – especially the turbocharged versions, the original Mitsubishi wolf in sheep’s clothing – and who could not be aware of the Evolution (Evo) series, launched in 1992? Forged in the fierce heat of WRC competition and honed by years of continuous development, the Lancer Evolution is not only one of the greatest rally cars of all time, it is also a desirable high-performance road car, too. Written in Japan with the full cooperation of Mitsubishi and key staff members, this is the definitive international story of all the world’s Lancers, whether they carried Mitsubishi, Dodge, Colt, Plymouth, Valiant, Eagle, Proton or Hyundai badges, with special emphasis on the Evolution models.

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Wednesday 16 July 2008

New Look Jaguar XK

"Jaguar will showcase a new look for XK in celebration of 60 years of the iconic nameplate at this year's British International Motor Show. The new XK60* will take pride of place alongside representatives from the full Jaguar model range, each with a success story for 2008.

In 1948, Jaguar created what would become one of the most famous automotive names in the world, as the all-new and highly advanced XK engine made its debut in the revered XK120 sports car. Now, to celebrate the 60th anniversary of that iconic car, Jaguar is launching a very special series of the current XK for the UK market – the uniquely equipped and aptly named XK60, a car that pays homage to the legendary performance of its predecessors.

Complementing the XK60 on the stand will be the recently introduced XKR-S, a limited edition sports coupe in Ultimate Black designed to give an even more focused, high speed performance driving experience. Capable of 0-60mph in 4.9 seconds and with a maximum speed extended to a limited 174mph (280km/h), this is the fastest Jaguar since the XJ220 supercar. With just 50 available in the UK, every XKR-S is already spoken for."


For all your 'how-to' needs for modification of a Jaguar XK engine, Veloce Publishing have the following title in the SpeedPro Series.

How To Power Tune Jaguar XK
By Des Hammill


- Learn the secrets of the experts!
- A new title in the best-selling SpeedPro series.
- The first book devoted solely to modifying the Jaguar XK engine.
- Covers all 3.4, 3.8 and 4.2 litre Jaguar XK six cylinder inline engines.
- Covers every aspect of rebuilding the XK engine for high performance applications (with a rev limit of around 6000rpm).
- Suitable for the enthusiast as well as the more experienced mechanic.
- All the information is based on practical experience.

Full details on camshafts, camshaft timing, valve springs and cylinder head options and modifications. Carburation chapters cover: 13/4 and 2 inch twin SU setups; triple 2 inch SUs; and triple Weber and Dellorto setups. A special section is included on modifying SUs for improved engine performance, along with the relevant needle specifications. Full details on ignition systems and timing, exhaust manifolds and systems and general tune-up information.
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Tuesday 15 July 2008

Weymouth-based Onus strikes deal with Chrysler group

Weymouth-based emergency services firm Onus Technologies signed a deal for a special vehicles division with Chrysler (The car giant famous for Dodge and Jeep cars).

Onus makes and distributes lighting equipment for emergency vehicles as well as siren systems, bulbs and power cables.

Onus teamed up with Tomar Electronics in Arizona to develop and test the Maxibar XB to meet demands of emergency services as well as legal requirements about light output and construction quality.

The Maxibar XB LED Lightbar is arguably Onus's most innovative product. It will be launched with the help of a new Dodge Nitro police demonstration vehicle.


Amongst other Chrysler titles available from Veloce, the book Chrysler 300 Series - Pedigree, Power and Performance since 1955 by Robert Ackerson, presents the history of one of America's greatest automobiles


1-A complete history of America's legendary letter car.
2-Complete specifications and model features of a great American
3-A fact-filled, colorful portrait of the Chrysler 300.
4-A complete history in words and photos of the Chrysler 300.
5-The most detailed history of the Chrysler 300 available.
6-Complete specifications and details of all Chrysler 300 models.
7-Contains hundreds of Chrysler 300 color photos.
8-Detailed information on all the engines that have powered the
Chrysler 300.
9-Detailed analysis of Chrysler 300 performance and and
appearance options.
10-An unequaled study of the Chrysler 300's role in high
performance history.

This book is a must for enthusiasts of outstanding high-performance automobiles. It examines in detail all the great Chrysler 300 models from 1955 to the latest versions including the 425 horsepower 2005 300C SRT-8 model and the 300's running-mate, the 2005 Dodge Magnum. With hundreds of color and black & white photos, a carefully researched text, production and sales data and a year-by-year study of each Chrysler 300, this is a high quality book celebrating the origin and return to glory of one of America's most respected high performance automobiles.

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The 300 Project-a tribute to the Chrysler letter cars DVD

An array of automotive attractions

Countless interesting and rare images we see here in production at Veloce Publishing regularly uploaded on Click image or go to Veloce's flickr photostream

Monday 14 July 2008

Monsieur Lom’s Jaguar

A 1996 Jaguar XJ Executive Saloon owned by Pink Panther film star Herbert Lom (who played French Chief Inspector Charles Dreyfus) will be offered for sale in the next ‘Classics from BCA' sale, to be held at Blackbushe on Tuesday, 22 July.

The ‘Classics from BCA' sale will also include around fifty other interesting and collectable vehicles on offer on the day. A few examples are 1982 SEAB Flipper II Microcar, 995 Aston Martin DB7, 1982 Mercedes-Benz 380 SL, a 1990 BMW 316i Automatic and a 1972 Triumph Stag.

The Blackbushe auction centre is located on the A30 between Camberley and Basingstoke. Catalogue details and illustrations are displayed at


For people thinking of buying Jaguar cars, Veloce have buyer's guides for all XJ models available now and some are forthcoming. click covers for more info.

Friday 11 July 2008

Where we're going, we don't need roads...

Well not quite flying machines but Volkswagen have used their time machine and looked into the future. The "one", "ego" and "room" are three innovative vehicle concepts that could shape the future in motoring. Their vision of the automotive world 20 years from now can be found in this ground-breaking Webspecial.
The lavishly designed website centers around a short interactive film which gives the viewer an informative and entertaining introduction to the subject. In the film, which takes place in 2028, a father tells his son about the automobile world of 20 years ago, while the present-day Internet user can select any of numerous links to take a look at the automotive future. Will vehicles be able to communicate with traffic lights? Will there be traffic jams in the future? Can driving emission-free vehicles be fun? these questions answered on vw2028!


If unusual Volkswagen vehicles are your thing, you may want to take a look at...

Volkswagens of the World
By Simon Glen


- Comprehensive worldwide guide to all the Volkswagens not built in Germany, and the unusual ones that were.
- Over 650 original photographs showing Volkswagens of the world in real world situations from African deserts to South American cities.
- Corrects the major errors previously published regarding overseas-made Volkswagens.
- A must for all VW enthusiasts.

A comprehensive guide to all the Volkswagens not built in Germany and the unusual ones that were. Covers type designations, chassis numbers, VW options and much more.

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BookRabbit news

Bookrabbit Announces Record Sales Conversion Rate In First Full Month Of Trading (rates of 5.04% in its first full month of trading in June. This compares to an industry average of 2.8%)

On BookRabbit, the new social networking site, book readers can share their love of literature with fellow book lovers.

BookRabbit attributes its success to bringing back the personal touch to book buying and selling which encourages readers to walk away with the right books for them, rather than just offering the latest best seller. Clever features on the site include the ability for customers to upload pictures of their bookcases to the site, so readers can look at the book collections of other people who have the same titles and interests as them. BookRabbit also offers free delivery on all books!

Kieron Smith, BookRabbit's managing director, said: "We launched BookRabbit to address a fundamental gap in the online book selling market. We understand that if you want to be surprised by books, if you want to experience new authors, if you have a passion for reading, then you don't turn to a machine, or the dinosaurs of the book trade to help you – you turn to other readers, and what they have experienced through the books they have read. The sales conversion figures from June show that we've clearly hit the mark with consumers and that once people come to the site they are findings books they want to buy."

source PNOnline

For more information about BookRabbit's fresh approach to online book selling visit The site is currently running a promotion to give away a free book to the first 1,000 people that sign up to the website. Sign up to this great offer at and once signed up you will be able to see Veloce Publishing bookshelves and profile. From here you can easily submit reviews of books in both written form and video.

Thursday 10 July 2008

custom car...coffin!


Automotive Events: Goodwood Festival of Speed

Next generation 911 Carrera makes its debut at the ‘Sunday Times’ Supercar Run up the prestigious Goodwood hillclimb course.

This weekend is one of the biggest on the automotive calendar. Porsche will be celebrating 45 years of the 911, with a high speed demonstration of the latest generation of the iconic 911 sports coupe, which stars alongside a charismatic collection of cars spanning the company’s illustrious history.

The 530bhp Porsche 911 GT2 – the fastest, most powerful road-going 911 currently on sale - will also star at the event.


SENSATIONAL special offer on Porsche 911 books published by Veloce!

THE history of the Porsche 911 - 1963 to 2004 - in five volumes for £99.97 inc. P+P (RRP £163.97)
The definitive 911 reference work.


First shown as the 901 prototype at the 1963 Frankfurt Show, the 911 quickly built on the Porsche legend established by the 356 models. This and the previously published four volumes looks at the history of the evergreen 911 in definitive detail, covering 40 years of progress from the earliest design studies to the water-cooled cars of today.

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Wednesday 9 July 2008

Volkswagen Past, Present and Future

W12 Coupé, The Scirocco GT24 and The up!
A trio of Volkswagen concept vehicles are set to make their UK debut at The Goodwood Festival of Speed this weekend between Friday 11th and Sunday 13th July.

Check out Veloce VW manuals, past, present and future! click covers for more info..

How to Restore Volkswagen Beetle

NEW!VW T5 Van - How to Convert to Camper

Forthcoming...How to restore Volkswagen Bus – Enthusiast's Restoration Manual

Tuesday 8 July 2008

Subaru Impreza community to pay tribute to Colin McRae

A world record 1000 Imprezas are expected to descend on Prodrive on Sunday August 31, as the Subaru community gathers to pay a fitting tribute to the late Colin McRae.

Led by McRae’s 1995 World Rally Championship-winning Impreza 555, a convoy of Subarus will leave Colin’s home town of Lanark at 10 am on Saturday 30 August. The initially small group of Subarus will head down the A74, M6, M42 and the M40 before arriving at Prodrive (home of the Subaru World Rally Team) in Banbury later the same day.


Great Subaru Impreza titles available from Veloce Publishing..

Subaru Impreza (Rally Giants Series)

Subaru Impreza 2nd edition
Voted no.7 in The 4Car Top 10: car books for Christmas 2007!

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Subaru Impreza – The Essential Buyer's Guide

Road Magazine issue 2 out now!

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This months issue includes stories about Porsche 911 Carrera, Ducati 848, Le Mans and Nürburgring and a bizarre article on completing a supermarket sweep driving in a Nissan Micra.

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Monday 7 July 2008

F1 talk

McLaren’s Lewis Hamilton recorded his first win at the British Grand Prix at Silverstone on Sunday! However, behind him in the race, drivers from another six teams scored points. This emphasizes just how competitive the 2008 season has become. As this exciting season unfolds, opinion differs about who will win the Formula 1 championship.
Veloce Publishing has now joined The Pitlane Club - a forum dedicated to discussion of Formula 1 and other motorsports by passionate fans of the sport. Aimed at but not exclusively for long term fans of the sport, The Pitlane Club is the place to help build a community of passionate and dedicated Formula 1 fans.

Currently available from Veloce Publishing:
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Friday 4 July 2008

Rallye Sport Heritage

Since 1970, the RS (Rallye Sport) badge has identified Ford's highest-performing road cars.
The Rallye Sport name has been applied to 21 models, which often proved their worth by winning in motorsport as well as in the market-place. Along with the "ST" badge, the "RS" designation has never been applied lightly, with each and every RS model and derivative offering a special blend of performance, roadholding, vehicle safety, refinement - and great value for money.

Many Rallye Sport Fords have used wind-tunnel testing to evolve innovative aerodynamic features, such as the rear aerofoils fitted to Sierra and Escort RS Cosworths. All have pushed the boundaries of technology, and have provided exceptional stability and handling.

The Ford RS brand has gained tremendous respect over the years and the new-generation Focus RS upholds the tradition of the high-performance Ford engineered for the true enthusiast.

Here is the complete list of Rallye Sport Models:

The all-new Focus RS!

New from Veloce Publishing!
Rallye Sport Fords – The inside story
By Mike Moreton


• Why Ford decided to produce high performance cars.
• Why Ford created the AVO facility to build Rallye Sport cars.
• How Ford RS cars were conceived and approved for production.
• Insight into the management processes of a multi-national corporation.
• Who was behind the creation of successful Rallye Sport Cars.
• What had to be done to be sure of making rally/race winners.
• Inside story of creation and manufacture of RS200 Rally Car.
• Inside story of creation and production of World Champion Sierra RS500.
• Why did thousands of enthusiastic customers buy Rallye Sport cars.
• What was it like having a career in the Motor Industry.

The inside story of how Rallye Sport Fords were created by Ford in the 70s and 80s, enabling works’ and private teams to be fully competitive in national and international rallies and races, to win many championships, and, for RS cars to be bought by over 100,000 enthusiast customers. With over 100 photos and illustrations, many previously unpublished this previously untold story is brought vividly to life.

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Thursday 3 July 2008

Automotive News: Bentley Motors


The new 2009 Continental Flying Spur and Continental Flying Spur Speed will make their official international motor show world debuts at London this year.

The 600bhp Continental Flying Spur Speed is the most powerful 4-door car Bentley Motors has ever produced.

Inspired by Bentley’s legendary ‘Speed’ models that first appeared in 1923, the Flying Spur Speed offers a range of headline performance figures including a 0-60mph sprint time of 4.5 seconds and a top speed of 200mph.

For more info on Bentley Continental cars check out Veloce Publishing's book:

Bentley Continental - Corniche & Azure 51-98 By Martin Bennett


- The fastest and most powerful coachbuilt Bentleys described in vivid detail.
- Includes technical specification, performance data and a listing of individual cars.
- Profusely illustrated.
- Martin Bennett is an internationally acknowledged Rolls-Royce and Bentley expert.
- Covers - 1951 to date - Bentley Continental R Type, S1, S2 & S3; Bentley Corniche; Bentley Continental Convertible; Bentley Continental R, S & T; Bentley Azure.

The definitive history of the most sought-after, powerful and elegant Bentleys

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