Friday, 11 July 2008

BookRabbit news

Bookrabbit Announces Record Sales Conversion Rate In First Full Month Of Trading (rates of 5.04% in its first full month of trading in June. This compares to an industry average of 2.8%)

On BookRabbit, the new social networking site, book readers can share their love of literature with fellow book lovers.

BookRabbit attributes its success to bringing back the personal touch to book buying and selling which encourages readers to walk away with the right books for them, rather than just offering the latest best seller. Clever features on the site include the ability for customers to upload pictures of their bookcases to the site, so readers can look at the book collections of other people who have the same titles and interests as them. BookRabbit also offers free delivery on all books!

Kieron Smith, BookRabbit's managing director, said: "We launched BookRabbit to address a fundamental gap in the online book selling market. We understand that if you want to be surprised by books, if you want to experience new authors, if you have a passion for reading, then you don't turn to a machine, or the dinosaurs of the book trade to help you – you turn to other readers, and what they have experienced through the books they have read. The sales conversion figures from June show that we've clearly hit the mark with consumers and that once people come to the site they are findings books they want to buy."

source PNOnline

For more information about BookRabbit's fresh approach to online book selling visit The site is currently running a promotion to give away a free book to the first 1,000 people that sign up to the website. Sign up to this great offer at and once signed up you will be able to see Veloce Publishing bookshelves and profile. From here you can easily submit reviews of books in both written form and video.