Monday 30 June 2008

smart car-tortionists

The two-seater smart Fortwo was last week used at a Mercedes-Benz World event in Surrey. A total of 13 people squeezed into the popular car which is celebrating it's 10th anniversary. As car-cramming records go though, this attempt seems reasonably modest when compared to the 39 people who squeezed into an original Mini and also fell short of the 18 people who shoehorned themselves into a first-gen Smart in 2002.

With smart cars selling like hot cakes, the smart enthusiast may want to have a read a of the most up to date smart book on the market, published by Veloce Publishing. Click the book cover below for more info.
the little book of smart by Paul Jackson

photo source Mercedes-Benz World

Friday 27 June 2008

A Day At the Races for Rod!

Veloce Publishing's main man, Mr Rod Grainger enjoys a day out at Royal Ascot on ladies' day and makes the BBC news. This story was even covered in The Sun newspaper! We wish him and Sue all the very best wishes! Follow the link below to see the story in full..

sourceBBC News dorset

Veloce news branches out to was yesterday used as a source for a news post in blog. This site is also responsible for this fascinating automotive family tree diagram which traces all the automobile manufacturers and how they are related. Click the image below to be taken to the much more detailed interactive version.

Thursday 26 June 2008

smart choice made by Met Police

smart is helping the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) cut carbon emissions in London as they take part in the market trial of the fully electric, smart ed (electric drive)
The smart ed is powered solely by electricity and is charged using a standard three-pin plug and emits no CO2. It is incredibly economical and can achieve the equivalent of around 300 miles per gallon.
In very congested areas like London, the Police are confronted with different types of challenge in terms of maintaining a police presence, and they appear to be excited about the innovation that the smart ed presents.

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the little book of smart

Wednesday 25 June 2008

40 Years of Ford Escort

Ford Motor Company is a major sponsor of the Goodwood Festival of Speed which started in 1993. Ford will again be supporting this prestigious event to be held over the weekend of 11-13 July 2008.
The Festival of Speed is Europe's premier historic motor sporting event – a combination of hillclimb, rally stage, garden party, and motor show, all in the grounds of Goodwood House, in West Sussex.
Since the 1950s Ford has always been prominent in racing and rallying, often with specially-developed cars such as the Escort RS1600 and RS1800, the RS200 and the Sierra RS500 Cosworth. It was in January 1968, Ford launched the all-new Escort family saloon. 40 years on, we can look back enjoy the rise of the Escort as a victorious race and rally winner. Escorts won the European and British Touring Car Championships in the 1970s, and were twice World Rally Champions, in 1979 and 1981. Escorts won the Monte Carlo rally, the East African Safari and the London-Mexico World Cup rally, and they triumphed on the British RAC rally on eight consecutive occasions (1972 – 1979).

Fans of motorsport, Ford Escort and the history behind the car should check out this new book!
By Graham Robson
Published by Veloce Publishing

- Full detailed history of the Escort’s rally career
- Complete story of concept, design and development
- Unrivalled coverage of people and influences behind the cars
- Step-by-step account of technical evolution
- Description of cars: why, how and when evolved
- Details of principal people involved
- Packed with pictures
- Comparison with rivals
- Complete listing of important successes and ‘works’ Escorts

The Ford Escort MkII was a worthy successor to the original MkI. It became Ford’s most successful rally car and the cars are still winning historic events today. It brought new standards to the sport, inspiring many others to copy it. Contains full details of every ‘works’ Escort MkII that went rallying, plus driver and personality profiles, and detailed car evolution.

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ALSO NEW FROM VELOCE! Rallye Sport Fords – The inside story By Mike Moreton

Tuesday 24 June 2008

Confused by the numbers, letters, codes and symbols on a tyre sidewall?

Considering the tyre is arguably the most important safety component on a vehicle it's alarming that a large percentage of motorists have no idea what the symbols on a tyre sidewall denote. In an attempt to help address this problem, TyreSafe has just produced a leaflet entitled Car Tyres and Your Safety, available to download from, which contains an illustration and a simple explanation of what all the symbols, letters and numbers on a tyre's sidewall actually mean.

Monday 23 June 2008

Lotus 7 powered by twin motorcycle engine

Take a look at this awesome machine!

Find out how to make one in this new book, now in stock!

How to Build Motorcycle-engined Racing Cars
THE Workshop Bible

By Tony Pashley

• THE home workshop Bible
• All the information required to create a racing car from scratch
• A mine of information for the special builder
• An A to Z of amateur car construction
• Invaluable guide to starting in competitive motorsport
• No stones left unturned in this construction handbook
• Give your obsession some direction
• Take advantage of someone else’s mistakes
• This book could save you a lot of time and money, don’t embark on your special ‘journey’ without it!

Takes the reader from budget racing car concept to the car's appearance on the racetrack, in easily comprehensible steps. Although aimed at cars for hillclimbing and sprinting activities, it has wider applications too, and discusses the motorcycle engine types that may be suitable and provides an agenda for their procurement, together with advice about the associated pitfalls. There is guidance on design which will prepare the would-be car builder for the many choices available, extending to properties and selection of materials. The processes involved in the construction are described in detail, as is the equipment necessary to carry them out. With over 200 photos, plus detailed step-by-step instructions and extensive diagrams, this book is a vital addition to any would-be kitcar builder’s library.

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Friday 20 June 2008

Smart fortwo cdi coming to Britain.

News: Manufacturing will start early next year of right-hand drive models of the new smart diesel model. This car boasts the lowest CO2 emissions of any current production car worldwide, just 88g/km.

As well as impressive green credentials buyers will appreciate the car’s remarkable fuel economy. Fuel consumption on the combined cycle is 85.6mpg, meaning the new smart can travel 670 miles between top-ups.

If you are already, or planning to be a smart car motorist, you may be interested to know that Veloce have recently published the most up-to-date Smart book on the market.

the little book of smart By Paul Jackson

- From watchmaker to car manufacturer, Swatch launched the successful smart brand - now part of Mercedes-Benz
- Sales of over 750,000 cars in ten years
- Coverage includes the city-coupé, fortwo, crossblade, forfour & roadster coupé: all smart cars produced since 1998
- Most up-to-date publication on smart
- Covers the all-new fortwo for 2007
- Announcement of the brand's long-awaited US debut
- Contains comprehensive details of smart clubs & specialists, plus relevant websites
- 128 pages packed with 100 colour pictures & entertaining text

In the little book of smart, author and smart fanatic Paul Jackson guides us through the history of the brand, its highs and lows, its successes and failures, and on to today – with the very latest fortwo
line-up promising major sales worldwide and, of course, helping to pave the way for a future for smart in the USA. It’s a fascinating tale, told succinctly and in an entertaining style, and complemented by full colour photography throughout.

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Thursday 19 June 2008

Take a Ride in a 1934 Ford Woody

The latest book in the 'Those were the days...' series entitled British Woodies from the 1920s to the 1950s by Colin Peck published by Veloce Publishing in stock now!

here's what one happy customer had to say about this book,
'I received this book (British Woodies) today and I must tell you I am VERY pleased with it. My compliments to the author of the book, and my thanks to Veloce for making it available!'
Warm regards,
A. J,

• The first book on the subject of British Woodies
• Details of all main chassis builders
• Details of many previously little known coachbuilders
• Contains many unique and previously unpublished photos
• Explores the rise and fall of this iconic form of transport
• Examines the role Woodies played in supporting British forces in WWII
• Looks at the challenges involved in restoring Woodies

Wooden-bodied shooting brakes, station wagons and estate cars, collectively known as Woodies, were the original SUVs (sports utility vehicles). While they were initially created for a specific purpose, their versatility, adaptability and load-carrying abilities meant that they quickly found favour with British buyers from all walks of life. In their heyday, they were built on virtually every make of car and light commercial chassis, and could be seen on every road in Britain. Sadly, today they are a rarity due mostly to the fact that their wooden bodies were not built to last – and most didn’t! Thousands were built by hundreds of coachbuilders, both large and small, and with the passage of time it may never be possible to record all of their details with any accuracy. The work of hundreds of small coachbuilder firms is highlighted and illustrated with 99 rare and previously unpublished photos of these wooden wonders.

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Wednesday 18 June 2008

Honda FCX Clarity. The car that emits only water from its exhaust pipe!

This week, Honda's zero emission, hydrogen fuel cell cars have started to roll off the production line. After 19 years of development, this car marks the beginning of a new era of cleaner motoring.
The car uses a fuel cell stack - a device that uses an electrochemical reaction between hydrogen (H2) and oxygen (O2) to convert chemical energy into electrical energy to power a motor that drives the car's wheels. Honda's FC stack simultaneously generates electricity and water, emitting no CO2 or other harmful emissions.
Next year, Honda's more affordable hybrid car goes on sale in the UK. So as the technology becomes cheaper more people will be able to adopt it, consequently reducing global car emissions.

Check out Acura NSX-Honda's Supercar by Brian Long published by Veloce Publishing.

The definitive story of Honda's amazing supercar, the NSX.

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Tuesday 17 June 2008

Book of the Month in TopGear Magazine!

Forza Minardi! by Simon Vigar is making a big impact in automotive circles. It has been reviewed in this month's top gear magazine and awarded Book Of The Month! see the review below...

Forza Minardi! by Simon Vigar published by Veloce Publishing


- THE inside story!
- Exclusive interviews with Alonso, Ecclestone, Minardi, Stoddart, Martini, Nannini, Fisichella, Webber, and many more
- How Minardi became F1's best-loved survivor
- Why Ferrari was determined to kill Minardi
- Why Minardi failed to capitalise on success
- Minardi's skill as a talent-spotter


If you want to know what it's like to negotiate with Enzo Ferrari, chase Ron Dennis with a hammer, score points when everyone knows you shouldn't, and bring a Grand Prix promoter to his knees, read this book! In an increasingly grey, corporate paddock, where people were scared of their own shadows, Minardi harked back to a better time. Minardi, Stoddart, Ecclestone, Walker, Martini, Nannini, Campos, Fittipaldi, Mansell, Badoer, Fisichella, Gene, Alonso, Webber, Yoong, Wilson, Bruni and Albers are among the contributors, and that's before we get to fascinating insights from engineers and mechanics. This is the one and only inside account, with exclusive, comprehensive interviews with bosses, drivers and engineers. 145 unique photos complete this revelationary tale.

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Monday 16 June 2008

Veloce Publishing's Digital Footprint

QDOS measures your digital footprint - how active, popular and impactful you are online.

Watch that figure rise!

VW Camper Events. Forthcoming Attractions..

Vanfest 2008. Three Counties Showground, Malvern from 12-14 September.

Vanfest are inviting campervan owners to enter their vehicles into a special ‘Five Generations of Camper’ competition. The winning vehicles will be exhibited at a Volkswagen-sponsored display at the show. Around 8,000 Volkswagen campers are expected to attend Vanfest 2008.

Camperjam 2008. Weston Park, Staffordshire, from 20-22 June.

A weekend dedicated to Volkswagen van enthusiasts will feature a special appearance and raffle of The Who Magic Bus!

The unique 1965 van features The Who’s famous target logo and Union Jack roof, together with images of the original band members, including Keith Moon and John Entwistle. Tickets can be purchased from and cost £5 each.

Some titles of interest currently available published by Veloce Publishing..
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Also, coming soon!

Porshe 996 The Essential Companion receives 5 star review!

An Amazon customer gave the following rave review of Porsche 996 The Essential Companion by Adrian Streather published by Veloce Publishing.

Porsche 996 The Essential Companion by Adrian Streather

- Complete historical review of the entire 996 series
- How to identify and authenticate a 996
- What to look for when purchasing
- How to service the 996
- Describes the engine, engine management and cooling systems
- Describes transmission, running gear, traction enhancement, wheel and tyres
- Complete explanation of all installed electronic systems
- How to troubleshoot and repair the 996
- How to improve engine performance, aerodynamics and handling of the 996
- A complete review of the most successful 911 on the race track

This book on the Porsche 911 (996) series is the fourth of a planned six, and continues the tradition established with the author’s first Porsche 911 book on the 964 series. Everything a 996 owner needs to know, plus a lot more, is contained within the covers of this book, in which every known model and version is described. With 1300 photos and extensive appendices, this fact-packed book is a must for any 996 owner.

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Wednesday 11 June 2008

Fiat 500 designed and painted by Tracey Emin sells for £200,000

Last week at a fund-raising charity auction in London, a Fiat 500 designed and painted by acclaimed UK artist Tracey Emin sold for £200,000. Surely the most expensive Fiat 500 in the world! This particular work entitled 'Dark, Dark, Dark' was one of only four vehicles specially designed by Tracey Emin. The money raised from the event was a significant sum towards the ARK (Absolute Return for Kids) charity which raises money for good causes such as tackling HIV in Africa, children in care in Eastern Europe, and inner city education in the UK.

More than 1,200 guests attended the auction, including former Prime Minister Tony Blair, the actress Uma Thurman and model superstar Liz Hurley.

The first of the Tracey Emin-designed cars, called ‘I Told You Not To' went under the hammer for £42,000 last October during the Contemporary Art Auction in London.

Out now! Fiat 500 & 600 – The Essential Buyer's Guide by Malcolm Bobbitt published by Veloce Publishing



• Identifies the different Fiat 500 & 600 models
• Gives clear and succinct advice when considering a car
• Your own pocket-size marque expert
• Instills confidence when examining a potential purchase
• Explains values
• Includes all the vital statistics you need to know
• Prepares you for a 15 minute evaluation of a car
• Provides for an in-depth appraisal of a vehicle
• Unique points scoring system to score a potential purchase
• How to buy at auction
• Spend a few pounds, potentially save 1000s!

The essential guide to purchasing a baby Fiat, which allows both the novice and accustomed Fiat enthusiast to appraise a potential purchase with professional confidence, identifying what to look for in order to acquire the right car at the right price. With Malcolm Bobbitt’s concise and easy-to-follow guide, packed with sound advice and backed up by specially selected illustrations, the route through checking a car’s provenance is made so much easier. This is YOUR passport to joining the Fiat community and a must for any potential small Fiat owner.

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Tuesday 10 June 2008

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Monday 9 June 2008

Reducing The Carbon Footprint Within The Publishing Industry

The previous post gave an indication that cars could undergo a dramatic change in offsetting their impact on global warming. The publishing industry itself could also follow a similar direction. With it's central premise is to digitalise the book fair process so that there is no need to travel to and from location. In doing so, they are inviting publishers to join them in reducing the carbon footprint within the publishing industry. However, the site is currently just an empty box waiting for content. Although the site offers a £1,000 voucher for publisher's wishing to participate, very few appear to have done so at this stage.

Friday 6 June 2008

Automotive News: XP Vehicles Inflatable Electric Cars. The Future of Transport or Just Hot Air?

With petrol prices rising and pollution concerns increasing, people are starting to look at alternative and more affordable means of transport. XP Vehicles are working on a line of ecofriendly cars called The Whisper™ which are made of air. The body is made of the same sort of material used by NASA to cushion landing, so it should be very durable and protect against all terrain. XP vehicles claim that it would have up to a 300 mile range and could plunge 25ft and remain safe. The company even indicates with Backpack Car™ you can deflate and fold up some of their models for storage!

With developments at a conceptual stage it's difficult to say what impact this will have but it certainly has the potential to revolutionise modern transport. Its touted as being the safest thing on wheels as not only does it protect the driver but pedestrians would also be far less at risk. Rather than an airbag in a car, this is in effect, a car in an airbag!

Thursday 5 June 2008

The Lambretta Bible

Check out this wacky retro Lambretta advertisement. If you are crazy about scooters and in particular the Lambretta then you're prayers may have just come true as Veloce Publishing are pleased to announce The Lambretta Bible by Pete Davies is now in stock!


• Complete model history for each Italian machine
• New, previously unpublished photographs
• Frame number information
• Anecdotal information (where relevant)
• 1960s British dealer specials covered
• Coverage of specially prepared machines from Lambretta Concessionaires
• Full machine specifications and production changes
• Paint code information included
• Publicity & promotional material used where relevant
• Detailed information from dealer special staff and Lambretta Concessionaires staff

An in-depth look at one of the world’s greatest scooter marques, including detailed information on the main Italian-built models, the Lambretta Concessionaires machines and British dealer specials.

An in-depth look at the world’s finest scooter, from the Model A to the GP 200. The Lambretta story doesn’t end there though, with the focus moving onto machines prepared and built by Lambretta Concessionaires. The book ends with a look at the main British dealer specials of the 1960s.

Click here for more info

Automotive News: A Safer Future With Volvo

Volvo have always been renowned for safety and have now come up with three new advances in technology which look set to revolutionise the safety of our roads. Beginning with the new 2008 Volvo S80, V70 and XC70, Mobileye® debuts a first-ever combination of its advanced vehicle detection and lane detection technologies, all powered by the Mobileye® EyeQ™ vision system on a chip. The three advances are:

- The worlds first Volvo Driver Alert Control (DAC) system. If the car spots a pedestrian, the car can apply the brakes automatically to reduce speed by up to 15mph to lessen the chances or severity of an accident.
- Volvo’s Lane Departure Warning (LDW) system. Using cameras and radar, the system monitors the car's position on the road and oncoming traffic. When it senses the car is wandering across a lane and into the opposite one, it will automatically steer the car back on course.
- The Volvo Collision Warning with Auto Brake (CWAB) systemBy communicating with each other, cars can warn one another where they are relative to each other. They will also be able to warn nearby cars if they have come across an obstacle or hazard.

Ready to React – Even if You Are Not
Research shows that nearly 80 percent of all road accidents are due to driver inattention within three seconds prior to the accident. In severe accidents, about 85% of drivers either did not brake at all or not to the fullest possible deceleration.

Volvo are yet to disclose when these advances will make into production vehicles. It's thought at least one of them will be offered within the next 18 months.

Wednesday 4 June 2008

A post about The Post-It Note Jaguar

The Post-It Note Jaguar
The Post-It Note Jaguar,
originally uploaded by Scott Ableman.

Any Jaguar XJ-S enthusiasts don't forget to make a note of Veloce Publishing's latest Essential Buyer's Guide™

Jaguar XJ-S – The Essential Buyer's Guide
By Peter Crespin


• Like having an XJ-S expert at your side
• Full coverage of all 6 and 12-cylinder models
• In-depth analysis of strengths and weaknesses
• Includes market and value data
• Advice on choosing the right model and condition
• How to avoid buying a wreck
• Quick check guide and also a fuller inspection plan
• Discussion of desirable upgrades as well as modifications to avoid
• Where and how to buy an XJ-S
• Details of club back-up and support organisations

A practical and highly-illustrated hands-on guide, to take you step-by-step through examination and purchase of Jaguar’s longest-running production car of all – the legendary XJ-S Grand Tourer. Covering all engine and body configurations, this book shows what to look for, what to avoid, and whether the car is likely to suit your needs, plus relative values and the best places to buy. Also includes full details on back-up organisations and literature.

For more info click here

Also, why not take a look at other titles in The Essential Buyer's Guide™ series available from Veloce Publishing.

Monday 2 June 2008

Veloce Publishing Books Reviewed in The New York Times

Peking to Paris The Ultimate Driving Adventure by Philip Young and A Drive on the Wild Side by Alistair Weaver were both reviewed over the weekend in The New York Times in a feature about Automotive Adventures.

To find out more about Peking to Paris and A Drive on the Wild Side click book covers below.