Friday, 6 June 2008

Automotive News: XP Vehicles Inflatable Electric Cars. The Future of Transport or Just Hot Air?

With petrol prices rising and pollution concerns increasing, people are starting to look at alternative and more affordable means of transport. XP Vehicles are working on a line of ecofriendly cars called The Whisper™ which are made of air. The body is made of the same sort of material used by NASA to cushion landing, so it should be very durable and protect against all terrain. XP vehicles claim that it would have up to a 300 mile range and could plunge 25ft and remain safe. The company even indicates with Backpack Car™ you can deflate and fold up some of their models for storage!

With developments at a conceptual stage it's difficult to say what impact this will have but it certainly has the potential to revolutionise modern transport. Its touted as being the safest thing on wheels as not only does it protect the driver but pedestrians would also be far less at risk. Rather than an airbag in a car, this is in effect, a car in an airbag!


  1. Inflatable cars? wow!

  2. Everybody has always been invited to come to the XP Vehicles website at and read the QUESTIONS page. That should answer any concerns or comments from curious parties (or XP's competitors who post under false names on most of these blogs.)

    Mark Light