Thursday, 19 June 2008

Take a Ride in a 1934 Ford Woody

The latest book in the 'Those were the days...' series entitled British Woodies from the 1920s to the 1950s by Colin Peck published by Veloce Publishing in stock now!

here's what one happy customer had to say about this book,
'I received this book (British Woodies) today and I must tell you I am VERY pleased with it. My compliments to the author of the book, and my thanks to Veloce for making it available!'
Warm regards,
A. J,

• The first book on the subject of British Woodies
• Details of all main chassis builders
• Details of many previously little known coachbuilders
• Contains many unique and previously unpublished photos
• Explores the rise and fall of this iconic form of transport
• Examines the role Woodies played in supporting British forces in WWII
• Looks at the challenges involved in restoring Woodies

Wooden-bodied shooting brakes, station wagons and estate cars, collectively known as Woodies, were the original SUVs (sports utility vehicles). While they were initially created for a specific purpose, their versatility, adaptability and load-carrying abilities meant that they quickly found favour with British buyers from all walks of life. In their heyday, they were built on virtually every make of car and light commercial chassis, and could be seen on every road in Britain. Sadly, today they are a rarity due mostly to the fact that their wooden bodies were not built to last – and most didn’t! Thousands were built by hundreds of coachbuilders, both large and small, and with the passage of time it may never be possible to record all of their details with any accuracy. The work of hundreds of small coachbuilder firms is highlighted and illustrated with 99 rare and previously unpublished photos of these wooden wonders.

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