Thursday 30 June 2011


A striking iteration of the Jaguar E-type, which celebrates its 50th birthday this year, will be the centrepiece at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

The Jaguar E-type sculpture soars 28 metres into the air in front of the backdrop of Goodwood House. At 150 tonnes, the installation weighs the same as 122 Series 1 E-types and took 10 days to install by a firm specialising in bridge building.

This work of art was created using half a kilometer of painted steel tubes 1,200mm in diameter. Originally intended for use in gas pipelines, these are constructed from 12mm thick steel and machined to very high tolerances, as Jaguar claims.

The shape of the sculpture is the work of sculptor Gerry Judah. The design process began in January and was followed by detailed engineering calculations and planning stages that lasted four months.

“The E-type is famous for its shape but too small and delicate to hoist into the air. I thought I would like to express the form of the car itself without any embellishments. Everyone recognises the E-type, the shape speaks for itself. You can’t compete with it, you can’t digress from it,” Judah explains.

“Jaguar has always been proud of its heritage and we feel particularly honoured to have been asked to provide the Goodwood sculpture for a second time. The E-type captures the essential beauty, drama and passion of every Jaguar – engineering and design DNA that is equally apparent in the current range,” added Geoff Cousins, Managing Director, Jaguar UK.

Source: Jaguar

This video shows the creation of the sculpture.

Tuesday 28 June 2011


A first for Veloce: simultaneous publication of a book and an app!
The Peugeot 205GTI book is the 53rd in Veloce's popular Essential Buyer's Guide series covering classic and sports cars and motorbikes. However, we are particularly proud of this new app - our 6th - as it features video footage of the author taking us around a typical Peugeot 205GTI and telling us exactly where to look for problems. Here we have the best of both worlds: the book can cover some aspects of car examination in more depth, while the facility for video and sound in the app means that it can be entertaining and provide another level of information in a very understandable form. The app was made and filmed entirely in-house in Veloce's Dorchester-based workshop and studio.

In 1984 Peugeot launched the 205 1.6 GTI, which not only changed Peugeot's image forever, but also set a new benchmark for ‘hot hatches' eight years after the legendary Golf GTI had raised the bar.
Weak points, rust traps, and potential mechanical defects are all laid bare by an expert for the would be buyer.
Clear 205-specific photos illustrate problem areas and good points too, as well as model variations. The author also embraces customized and mechanically modified cars.
In the book, a unique points scoring system lets you evaluate your potential purchase like an expert and also to determine which price category it should fall into.
With both mileage and particularly condition having a marked affect on potential prices, the author gives sound advice on what is worth restoring and what, however tempting, is likely to cost a new owner an unrecoverable fortune.
In the app, author Jon Blackburn, is seen examining the exterior, interior and engine compartment, and showing us exactly where problems are to be found.

• Written by long term 205 GTI enthusiast and owner, Jon Blackburn
• Covers 205 GTI & CTI Cabriolet
• Includes the special editions such as the Miami Blue and Sorrento Green
• Covers popular modifications to look for when buying – lowered suspension, 16-valve engines and brake upgrades
• Key points you must check before you buy
• Targets would-be owners on a budget, as well as those prepared to splash out on a top car
• Defines original engine specifications (1580cc & 1905cc) and vital statistics
• Features informative videos with voice-over from marque expert Jon Blackburn

The app can be downloaded from Apple's App Store and will work on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad (iOS 4.0 or later).

Click here to see an iTunes preview of the app!
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Thursday 23 June 2011


Authentic Indy 500 bricks at Goodwood to become a permanent feature.

In little more than a week, over 40 significant and rarely-seen Indy 500 race cars will assemble at the annual Festival of Speed (30 June – 3 July), as Goodwood stages the largest centenary celebration of this great American race outside of the USA.

In anticipation of the arrival of the first shipment of Indy cars from the USA, Festival of Speed founder Lord March has laid the first of a number of genuine 1911 Indy bricks - sent over especially from Indianapolis for the Goodwood celebrations – at the iconic Festival hillclimb start line.

The famous Indianapolis bricks are significant as the Indiana track’s surface was made up of 3.2million of these bricks, ultimately leading to its nickname of ‘The Brick Yard.’ The authentic Indy 500 bricks at Goodwood will now become a permanent feature of the 1.16-mile West Sussex hillclimb.

As with the Indy 500 grid, 33 Indy cars will be lined-up on the Goodwood hillclimb to reflect the number that traditionally start the 500-mile race. A total of over 40 Indy cars will be displayed together in the Festival’s Formula One Paddock to create Goodwood’s very own ‘Gasoline Alley’.

Most of the cars will be appearing in the UK for the very first time, as will many of the famous Indianapolis drivers, all accompanied by the fanfare and pageantry that is synonymous with the world’s biggest single-day sporting event, so Festival goers can expect real razzamatazz, with music, colour and wild flag waving.

Indy 500 drivers in attendance at Goodwood will include the winners of the last five Indianapolis, plus 14 winners, victorious in 25 races, including the 2011 Indy 500 winner Dan Wheldon. He will be joined by three-time champion Helio Castroneves, Indy legends Bobby Unser and Al Unser Junior, Bobby Rahal, driving his 1986 Indy 500-winning March 86C, plus Gil de Ferran in his 2003 Indy-winning Penske and Dario Franchitti, driving the Lotus 38 that Jim Clark drove to second place in the 1966 race.

Indy car highlights include the 1911 Marmon ‘Wasp’, 1928 Miller Special, 1947 Deidt-Offenhauser ‘Blue Crown Special’, 1968 Lotus-Pratt & Whitney 56 ‘STP Special’, 1970 PJ-Ford ‘Johnny Lightening Special’, 1980 Chaparral-Cosworth 2K and 1994 Penske-Mercedes PC23. An example of the 2011 Indy 500 Pace Car – a Chevrolet Camaro convertible – will lead the pack.

Commenting on Goodwood’s Indianapolis centenary celebrations, Lord March says: “I am delighted that we are able to honour this momentous anniversary. American motor sport has always been an important element of the Festival of Speed, and there is no bigger event in the American sporting calendar than the Indianapolis 500. To be able to honour the centenary in such a major way, and now have a bit of Indianapolis permanently at Goodwood with the start line bricks is a real honour.”

Source: Goodwood

WINNER! Auto Racing Writers & Broadcasters Association’s Book of the Year The British at Indianapolis (Wagstaff).
Foreword by Dario Franchitti.
Following the format of the authors’ award-winning The British at Le Mans, this book recounts the history of the Indianapolis 500 race through the eyes and actions of those British-born or British citizens who have driven in it, or been involved in any way – be it as designer, mechanic, or official. More info.


Nicky and Rob due back this Sunday as their journey draws to a close!

On May 22nd 2011, Nicky West and Rob Stacey set off on their incredible journey to Asia Minor in a 50 year old Mini Minor.

With the aim of reaching the Great Pyramid of Giza, the couple's epic journey started at Hatfield House, Herts, on May 22nd and will end at the same venue in just 3 days time on June 26th.

Nicky and Rob are making the run to support the Willow Foundation charity which helps young people afflicted with terrible illnesses to live their dreams or to take a break from treatment to be with their loved ones. Nicky and Rob hope that their arduous journey, without a support crew, will raise £11,000 for the Willow foundation.

If you can support Nicky and Rob's lone expedition for Willow Foundation to raise essential funds for critically ill young people please do as they really need your help: or visit their website:

In 2012, Veloce will be publishing the book 'Mini Minor to Asia Minor' covering the journey in detail and packed with photos. 40% of the royalties earned by the book will go to the Willow Foundation.

Click here for more info about the book!

Monday 20 June 2011


1: How to Draw & Paint Cars (Gardiner)
2: BMW Custom Motorcycles (Cloesen)
3: Porsche 911 1997-2004 (Long)
4: Clever Dog! (O'Meara)
5: Harnessing Horsepower (Turner)
6: Toyota Celica & Supra (PB) (Long)
7: Corvette C2 EBG (Falconer)
8: How to Build a Low-Cost Rally Car (Young)
9: MG Midget & A-H Sprite EBG (Horler)
10: Racing for Mercedes-Benz (Lehbrink)

Top app! Volkswagen Bus EBG

Thursday 16 June 2011


Ian Wagstaff receives the American Auto Racing Writers & Broadcasters Association’s Book of the Year Award from president ‘Dusty’ Brandel. The presentation took place at AARWBA’s annual breakfast the morning before the Indianapolis 500, Ian having won the award for his work, ‘The British at Indianapolis’, which is published by Veloce.

A history of the British influence on the Indianapolis 500, including not only the drivers and cars, but the many others – mechanics, designers, and officials – who have been involved. The story is set out in a series of stand-alone chapters, with a wide variety of informative sidebars, and goes back 100 years to the early days of the race, through the British-led, rear-engined revolution of the 1960s to the present day.
More info.

Look out for Ian's next book for Veloce, Audi R8 (WSC Giants).
Published later this year.


Tyrell P34 at the Festival of Speed

Audi Sport Quattro A2 at the Festival of Speed

In just ten days time the annual UK National Motorsport Week (25 June-3 July) gets underway, celebrating Britain’s dominant role in global motor racing with a week of activities culminating at the 2011 Goodwood Festival of Speed (30 June-3 July) - the world’s greatest celebration of motor sport and car culture, where almost every motor sport discipline is honoured and can be seen in action.

The 2011 National Motorsport Week is an exciting partnership between the Motorsport Industry Association (MIA), the Motor Sports Association (MSA) and Goodwood, with this annual event being switched to an earlier date in high summer to incorporate the Festival of Speed.

The UK remains the world leader of motor sport on all fronts, and to help illustrate the point, Goodwood will have the last four British-born Formula One World Champions - Jenson Button, Lewis Hamilton, Damon Hill and Nigel Mansell, in action on the challenging 1.16-mile Festival hillclimb.

In addition, a who’s who of British motor sport talent, past and present, will also be at Goodwood, including Indy 500 winners Dario Franchitti and 2011 victor Dan Wheldon, F1 and Le Mans legends Derek Bell and Martin Brundle, two-wheeled competitors Guy Martin, Leon Haslam and John McGuinness, rally stars Jimmy McRae and Kris Meeke, circuit racers Anthony Reid and Steve Soper, F1 influencers Christian Horner and Adrian Newey, plus UK heroes John Surtees and Stirling Moss.

Source: Goodwood

Thursday 9 June 2011


In February 2010 we featured this picture on our Sleeping Beauties blog.

We've just been informed by Philip Leemans at Strada e Corsa that this car (SIATA CS208 Balbo) is now completely restored, and just won the famous Concorso D’Eleganza Villa D’Este in Como, Italy!

Philip tells us: "After seeing the ‘before’ picture, it was quite a challenge! We rebuilt the mechanical components (engine, transmission, suspension/brakes) while Carrozzeria Quality Cars in Italy did the body and interior. The restoration took about 4 years, so winning this prestigious prize was a great honor for us and the owner."

A truly remarkable restoration project. If you are interested in restoring classic cars or motorcycles check out Veloce's Enthusiast's Workshop Manual series!

Wednesday 8 June 2011


History will repeat itself on Saturday 2 July and Sunday 3 July at Pendine Sands, Carmarthenshire, when Don Wales, grandson of Sir Malcolm Campbell MBE, will attempt to set speed records in his car Bluebird.

In 1924, Malcolm Campbell achieved his first World Land Speed Record of 146.16mph at Pendine Sands. This begun a long history of record breaking by the Campbell family.

Don Wales, grandson of Sir Malcolm Campbell MBE and nephew of Donald Campbell CBE, started his record-breaking career in 1998 when he broke the UK Land Speed Record for an electric car.

Wales subsequently raised the electric record to 137mph at Pendine Sands in 2000 and in 2009 he broke the world speed record for a steam car at 148mph.

He now plans a world land speed record attempt for an electric car in 2013, aiming for more than 500mph. As preparation for this, Wales and his team will conduct speed trials at Pendine Sands on the weekend of 2/3 July 2011 – with the additional aim of establishing new UK electric car records. In recognition of his family heritage, Wales' speed record cars are all named Bluebird.

When Malcolm Campbell broke records at Pendine Sands, he was helped considerably by local volunteers – including with accommodation and marshalling. Indeed, the record attempts would not have been possible without such generous help and support of the local community.

Don Wales is now appealing for similar support during the weekend of 2/3 July 2011. He says: "I have a team of up to 30 people requiring accommodation and feeding and volunteers are needed to help as course marshals and fodders (people who remove debris from the sands).

Without a principal sponsor as yet, the development of the car is taking all of what limited budget we have. I hope people will revive the spirit of the 1920s and volunteer to help."

If you would like to help continue the Bluebird heritage please get in touch with Rebecca Nicholls on Tel: 01452 260063, email:

Bluebird CN7 - The inside story of Donald Campbell’s last Land Speed Record car
By Donald Stevens.
The development, construction and operation of the last wheel-driven land speed record-breaking car that the UK produced, and how the tragic demise of Donald Campbell precluded it from reaching its full potential. It is also the personal story of one of the design team, how he became involved, and his incredible experiences in doing so. With many previously unpublished photographs, drawings,
and illustrations, this is a unique account of a legendary feat of British engineering. More info.

Tuesday 7 June 2011


A first for Veloce. Preston Tucker & Others – Tales of brilliant automotive innovators & innovations by Arvid Linde is available now on the iTunes iBookstore!

Requirements: Can only be viewed using iBooks on an iPad, iPhone (3G or later) or iPod touch (2nd generation or later). Samples can only be sent to iBooks on your devices running iOS 4.3.3 or later that have Automatic Downloads enabled.

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The unusual sight of 50 Jaguar E-types greeted Londoners yesterday as a fleet of privately owned vehicles travelled in convoy through the Capital to the 2011 Motorexpo in Canary Wharf, marking 50 years of the sports car in style.

Organised by the Jaguar Drivers' Club, the convoy started its journey under police escort at Forbes House in central London, home of the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT). The route took in landmarks including Buckingham Palace and Trafalgar Square before arriving at Canary Wharf where the cars lined up on display.

Leading the convoy was a team of professional cyclists joined by ex-Formula One World Champion Nigel Mansell, supporting Motorexpo's chosen charity, UK Youth.

The Jaguar E-type was first shown at the Geneva Motor Show in March 1961. When launched its mix of daring design, advanced engineering and the ability to hit 150 mph caused a sensation. The intervening years have seen it become one of the most acclaimed and desirable sports cars of all time.

The same spirit of innovation and emphasis on design lives on in Jaguar today, with the latest XF, XK and XJ models making their UK debut at the Motorexpo. Also present will be the fastest Jaguar production car ever created, the 550 PS XKR-S.

On arriving at Canary Wharf, Graeme Carver, CEO of Motorexpo commented: 'It's been a terrific day and a fitting tribute to the E-type – we are incredibly grateful to the police and all the owners for providing their support to make it possible. We all feel honoured to have taken part in such a key celebration of what was, and remains, a landmark car.'

The Motorexpo opened yesterday and runs through to June 12. For more information visit

To coincide with the 50th anniversary, Veloce will be publishing Jaguar E-type – Enthusiast’s restoration Manual by Peter Crespin.
In stock November 2011!
People dream of restoring an E-type, but many fail to complete their project after time or money run out. Do you REALLY need to spend £4000 trimming a two-seater, £6000 on an engine, £2000 on a soft top, or £30,000 for a new body shell? No – you can do it yourself for far less, provided your goal is a solid, presentable, and above all driveable car. If you are time rich but cash poor, this book is for you. More info.

E-type Essential Buyer's Guide's available now!

Click covers for more info.

Friday 3 June 2011


Thanks to New Zealand Classic Car for this book review of Mercedes-Benz SL & SLC – 107-series 1971 to 1989 by Brian long.

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Click HERE for more info about the book!

Wednesday 1 June 2011


Jaguar XK120


In an attempt to settle an age-old argument, classic car fans are being given the chance to vote on the best British sportscar of all time. A panel of experts has prepared a shortlist of 15 iconic cars covering all the great British marques and enthusiasts can vote on-line for their own favourite via the official website of the Silverstone Classic.

As well as being firmly established as the world’s biggest classic racing festival, the annual Silverstone Classic also features one of the largest and most comprehensive collections of classic cars. This summer’s three-day event will see more than 120 UK car clubs displaying in excess of 7000 cars including large numbers of those shortlisted on-line for the coveted ‘Best British Sportscar’ title.

Centre stage this year goes to the E-type Jaguar, with the Silverstone Classic chosen by all the major Jaguar clubs as the location for the legendary model’s official 50th birthday party. The target for the event is to have 1000 E-types on display and then send them on to the Grand Prix circuit during Saturday to set a Guinness World Record for the greatest number of E-types in a parade. Cars from all over the world are already confirmed, including North America and all over Europe.

But the E-type isn’t the only car – or Jaguar – shortlisted on the website for the ‘Best British Sportscar’ crown; it is joined by its XK120 predecessor on the shortlist. Triumph, though, has the most finalists with TR3, TR6 and Spitfire models all making the last 15. Austin Healy (‘Frogeye’ Sprite and 3000), Lotus (Seven and Elan) and MG (MGA and MGB) join Jaguar with two models on the final roster, which is completed with the AC Cobra, Aston Martin DB5, Morgan and TVR Griffith.

To vote for their own favourite, enthusiasts simply log onto and click on the appropriate box under their particular choice – all entrants being restricted to one vote. The poll closes on 30 June and the result will be announced on 7 July with the overall winner being officially crowned during this year’s Silverstone Classic. 10 winning votes drawn at random will each receive a pair of weekend tickets to the event.


AC Cobra

Aston Martin DB5

Austin Healey ‘Frogeye’ Sprite

Austin Healey 3000

Jaguar XK120/150

Jaguar E-type

Lotus 7

Lotus Elan Sprint



Morgan Plus *

Triumph TR3A

Triumph TR6

Triumph Spitfire

TVR Griffith

Source: Silverstone Classic