Wednesday 30 June 2010


Visitors to this week’s Goodwood Festival of Speed will have some amazing machinery on which to feast their eyes but none more unusual than the exhibit which greets them on the stand of Cummins, the world’s largest independent maker of diesel engines.

The Cummins centrepiece emerged after a previous show when the company showed off its largest engine (and the largest diesel engine made in the UK). The QSK78 engine weighs in at over 11 tonnes and some wag asked if it could be fitted to his Mini.

Steve Nendick, Cummins’ Communications Director - Europe, Middle East, Africa and CIS, takes up the story: “We never like to let a challenge go by unanswered so we got to thinking maybe we could fit the QSK78 into an original Austin Mini. It proved to be a bit tricky to fit under the bonnet but our engineers came up with a more creative solution. “We’re certain that the Goodwood crowd will have difficulty believing what they are seeing”, he said.

The QSK78, which is used to power mining industry dump trucks capable of carrying 360 tonnes, is a V18 monster with a capacity of 78 litres and uses no less than 12 turbochargers to develop 3,500 bhp and getting on for 14,000 Nm of torque (the original Mini made do with just 80!).

Visitors should go to Stand 16 and be prepared to be amazed!

Source: Cummins


Pioneering Scandinavian EV maker, THINK, entered the world of motor sport at the weekend with the THINK City ‘EV Cup Edition’ taking part in the START Eco Car Trials – the world’s first electric vehicle race.

The THINK City has been converted into a race-ready model by the EV Cup team of specialists in London, who have removed nearly 70kg of weight from the vehicle, achieved by stripping out the interior to leave one single lightweight racing seat and steering wheel, and replacing all glass with heat resistant and shatterproof Perspex.

A revised suspension system to lower the centre of gravity for the already well-planted car and further improving handling complete the conversion.

These racing upgrades coupled with a software update of THINK’s patented EV drive control technology result in a very exciting performance from the race-ready EV Cup Edition.

Channel 4 TV presenter and environmentally-conscious architect Kevin McCloud, and racing enthusiast and founder of the British fashion brand, Mulberry – Roger Saul, tested the THINK City Racer for the first time at the weekend, at Kilver Court Viaduct in Somerset, previously home to the Mulberry headquarters.

The THINK City made a real impression with both eco racers. “The THINK City can overtake very competently despite its relative tiny power and that makes you feel very comfortable at the wheel,” said Kevin McCloud, “it is an excellent racing vehicle and on the short runs we were doing today it just doesn’t seem to run out of power – thanks to its linear torque – which actually makes it better than its equivalent petrol city car for short races.”

The THINK City was also a hit with Roger Saul, he said “the THINK City is the most advanced electric car in the world and is an excellent illustration of the START ethos, which is to bring sustainability to the fore in a fun way without ranting.”

Further pushing the boundaries of what is achievable in an electric car, the THINK City is also currently featuring in a new BBC documentary – Electric Ride – currently being broadcast around the world and following an intrepid BBC team as they drive their way 4,000 miles around a dozen European countries in an electric vehicle.

The team’s progress can be followed by tuning into Radio 4 on Saturdays at 1030hrs (BST / GMT +1) for four weeks from 19 June, or by logging on to BBC Online (, Facebook (, Twitter ( and the project website (

The latest generation THINK City is a purpose-built, all-electric car designed for urban environments. It can travel at highway speeds and cover 160 kilometers on a single charge (via conventional household outlet), with zero local emissions. It is the world’s first EV to be granted certification with the European CE conformity mark and EU homologation requirements (M1 certificate). To achieve these exacting standards, the THINK City has successfully completed very thorough testing and validation procedures.

European production of the THINK City is underway in Finland with manufacturing partner Valmet Automotive, which also assembles the Boxster and Cayman models for Porsche AG. Customer deliveries are taking place across Europe in selected key EV markets such as The Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Austria and Switzerland.

THINK has also announced plans to establish a U.S. production facility during 2011 in Elkhart County, Indiana, and is working with Japanese partner Itochu on developing operations in Asia.

Source: THINK

Coming soon! Electric Cars - The Future is Now!
By Arvid Linde

What if we all had to say goodbye to petrol cars tomorrow? Would you be ready?
There might be several reasons why you’re holding this book in your hand. Concern about the environment, determination to cut your fuel bill, or simply curiosity. Whatever the reason, the answer is within. This consumer guide is for housewives, petrol-heads, pedestrians, green activists, everyone – but most importantly, it’s for you. It will introduce the electric car to potential advocates and opponents, revealing all the pros and cons. Is such a vehicle really what it promises to be - the perfect answer to the fuel crisis and environmental issues? This book will help you find out. More info.

Tuesday 29 June 2010


Author of The Fate of The Sleeping Beauties, Ard op de Weegh has informed us today that the Bugatti T 57 Coach Ventoux (#57286) featured in that book, which has now been fully restored, has just been bought by the Austrian Museum Automobilmuseum Stainz.
The photos show the three authors (l-r Arnoud op de Weegh, Kay Hottendorff and Ard op de Weegh) of The Fate of The Sleeping Beauties, and Michael Dovaz with the car at a book presentation and the unrestored car as it was in 1999 in the museum of Sarlat, the third photo shows the car in a half restored state.


Two of Ferrari’s latest supercars will be making their UK public debuts at this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed: the beautifully-styled and innovative mid-engined 458 Italia and a technologically-advanced V12 flagship which carries one of the most evocative name badges in automotive history, the 599 GTO. Also appearing in the Sunday Times Supercar Run will be a very special Ferrari California with a unique “bi-colore” roof and a personalised interior, while the Scuderia Ferrari will be represented by the 2009 F1 car which will be driven by Marc Gene throughout the weekend.

The Ferrari 458 Italia represents a genuine evolution of Maranello’s mid-rear engined V8 sports cars and it has won a host of international awards, including BBC Top Gear’s “Supercar of the Year” and even more coveted “Car of the Year”, GQ Magazine’s “Supercar of the Year” and MSN Cars UK’s “Supercar of the Year”.

The Ferrari 458 Italia introduces a number of innovative technologies, such as the reduction of internal friction losses inside the engine as well as significant aerodynamics development on the exterior design, including the aeroelastic winglets at the front that generate downforce and, as speed rises, deform to reduce the section of the radiator inlets and cut drag.

The new 4,499 cc V8 engine is a veritable powerhouse, punching out 570hp, and, combined with the 7-speed F1 dual-clutch gearbox and a dry weight of just 1380 kg, the 458 Italia boasts a weight-power ratio of 2.42 kg (a power-weight ratio of 413hp per ton), and can sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in under 3.4 seconds and hit a maximum speed of over 325 km/h.

The Ferrari 599 GTO recreates the evocative “GTO” moniker which previously appeared on two of the Prancing Horse’s most iconic supercars, the race-bred 250 GTO and the 288 GTO which defined the term “supercar”. The 599 GTO is an extreme V12 berlinetta which has been designed to fulfil a specific performance-oriented brief and is the company’s fastest ever road car. It is an exclusive limited edition special which is based on the 599XX, the advanced experimental track car, and is reserved for just 599 clients who seek the maximum expression of high-performance driving. The 599 GTO benefits directly from the technological transfer from racing and set a record lap time at Fiorano in 1’24”.

The Fiorano lap time provides just one indication of the potential of this car. Just as significant are the technical specifications – 670hp in a 1495kg car represents a weight-to-power ratio of just 2.23 kg/hp, and ensures a 0-100 km/h acceleration time of just 3.35” as well as a top speed of over 335 km/h.

The Ferrari California is the Prancing Horse’s first front-engined V8 which has been classically styled to echo one of the greatest designs from Ferrari’s history, the 250 GT California. The new California, however, is packed with the latest technology and includes Ferrari’s first dual-clutch 7-speed gearbox, a direct injection 4.3 V8 engine with 460hp, the latest F1-Trac traction control system, a new multi-link rear suspension, and, of course, an innovative retractable folding hardtop that opens or closes in only 14 seconds. The California has already received the critical acclaim of the automotive press around the world, with Top Gear claiming it is a “proper God’s honest, marrow-deep Ferrari”, and Autocar describing it as “absolutely bloody marvellous!”

The particular Ferrari California on display at Goodwood features a “bi-colore” roof, with the car painted in Argento Nurburgring (metallic silver) and the roof and A-pillar in Nero (black) to echo the tradition of bi-colore berlinettas of the 1950s and 1960s. The car on display in the Supercar Paddock also features several items from the Genuine Ferrari Accessories range, such as forged 20” matt black wheels with titanium wheel bolts, as well a host of “extra-campionaro” factory-fit options from the Carrozzeria Scaglietti Personalisation Programme such as diamond-stitching on the rear seats and Cavallino stitching on headrests in Nero.

Ferrari is also represented by the Scuderia Ferrari team who will be demonstrating the 2009 F1 car, driven by Marc Gené, throughout the weekend. Additional fine examples of Ferrari’s illustrious racing heritage can also be seen in the Cathedral Paddock, with the following privately-owned cars entered in this year’s event:

Source: Ferrari

Friday 25 June 2010


World Cup Rally book competition - closes 11th July 2010!

Many thanks to Anthony Howard for this great review of The Daily Mirror World Cup Rally 40 – The World’s Toughest Rally in Retrospect by Graham Robson in the Pattaya Mail.
Click here to read the review in full.

Lasting six weeks and covering 16,000 miles from London to Mexico City via some of the most varying, tortuous and difficult terrain on three continents, the 1970 World Cup Rally was a unique high-speed event. Attracting many serious works teams such as Ford and British Leyland, it was, and remains, the toughest rally of all time.

We have a copy of this book worth £35 to give away!

Just answer this simple question relating to Anthony's review.

What was Roger Clark reportedly asked to do at 14,000 feet as part of his altitude training for the London to Mexico Rally?

Please email your answers to

Terms and conditions
• The competition will run from Friday 25th June and end at 12pm BST Sunday 11th July 2010 (The date of the Wold Cup final). A winner will be chosen at random.
• The prize itself is one copy of The Daily Mirror World Cup Rally 40 – The World’s Toughest Rally in Retrospect, worth £35 UK / $69.95 USA.
• Only one copy of The Daily Mirror World Cup Rally 40 – The World’s Toughest Rally in Retrospect will be available.
• The winner will be announced via email. You will then be required to provide us with postage details for us to send the book to you. If you fail to provide details within 7 days, the prize will be awarded to another entrant.

Thursday 24 June 2010


21st Century future for legendary Alvis model

The Alvis Car Company will be using the Goodwood Festival of Speed next month to announce details of a unique project to re-introduce a renowned1930’s Alvis model using the original technical drawings, allied to the latest CAD/CAM technology.

Red Triangle, the well-established Alvis service company, which owns the Alvis cars brand and trademarks, has evidence from the original Alvis company board minutes that 77 of the chassis that were officially sanctioned for production were never fulfilled because car production had to be suspended in 1940. The newly formed Alvis Car Company will announce details of a continuation series of these cars at Goodwood and will be displaying on their stand a brand new 4.3 Litre chassis and engine. These are the first steps towards the reintroduction of the famous Alvis 4.3 Litre model, 71 years after the last 4.3 Litre Alvis was produced.

The 4.3 Litre Alvis was the fastest non-supercharged production car of its day, and the continuation series will live up to that heritage. Manufactured from the original drawings, the 4.3 Litre Alvis in-line six cylinder engine will be faithful to the 1936 design, in maintaining all its period character and quality, yet by utilising modern technology it will be emission compliant. Moreover, by using modern materials, fuel injection and engine management, this powerplant will deliver even more horsepower.

“This is part of our overall business plan,” said Alan Stote, Red Triangle and Alvis Car Company proprietor: “to maintain service to existing Alvis owners but also to reintroduce selected authentic Alvis models in line with the vision of the Alvis Board all those years ago. Visitors to Goodwood will be able to see the first stages of that plan.”

Source: Alvis

The Complete Catalogue of British Cars 1895-1975
By David Culshaw, Peter Horrobin

The most comprehensive record of British cars in a single volume. Covers nearly 700 manufacturers and some 3700 models.

Click here for more info about the book.

Tuesday 22 June 2010


Thanks to SpeedScene for this fantastic review of Tales from the Toolbox – A collection of behind-the-scenes tales from Grand Prix mechanics.

Click here for more info about the book and check out this exclusive interview with author Michael Oliver below!

Monday 21 June 2010


In just under two weeks, the calm tranquility of the picturesque Goodwood Park will be shattered as the 2010 Festival of Speed gets underway. From 2-4 July more than 90 stars drivers and riders, and over 350 significant competition vehicles, will be in action at the world’s greatest celebration of motoring culture. A key attraction will be the contemporary Formula 1 teams and drivers, as well as a mouth-watering display of the greatest F1 cars from the past 60 years of the F1 World Championship.

Goodwood’s unique ability to attract the top works Formula 1 teams is a key strength of the Festival of Speed – nowhere else in the world can you get so close to the latest and greatest F1 cars and drivers. This year six F1 teams have confirmed their attendance at the Festival, just one week ahead of their appearance at the British Grand Prix.

Scuderia Ferrari – the incomparable Italian marque will be at the Festival once more, their blood red cars forming a central part of this year’s ‘Viva Veloce!’ celebration.
McLaren-Mercedes – the MP4-23 will be in action all weekend, with 2008 and 2009 World Champions Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button at the controls. They will also both be driving the ex-Alain Prost championship winning 1986 McLaren-TAG MP4/2C.
Mercedes GP – one the newest F1 teams in the pit lane will mark its return to full works competition after a 55-year absence with an appearance at the Festival of Speed, with Nico Rosberg in action, as well as Goodwood hillclimb speed record holder Nick Heidfeld.
Red Bull – after setting the pace through the early part of the 2010 F1 season, Red Bull are amongst the favourites this year, and their car is sure to be a Festival highlight, especially with Mark Webber at the wheel. Red Bull’s engineering genius Adrian Newey will also be appearing in the 2009 Red Bull-Renault RB5.
Lotus-Cosworth – after a long absence in F1, Lotus makes a welcome return and will be at Goodwood with drivers Jarno Trulli and Heikki Kovalainen.
Williams-Cosworth – the latest FW32, which will appear at the Festival, renews Williams’ relationship with Cosworth, with whom it won four World Titles in the 1980s.
The 60th anniversary of the Formula One World Championship will be celebrated at Goodwood with paddocks full of important Grand Prix cars from the last six decades. Cars from the 1950s will include the championship-winning Alfa Romeo Tipo 159 ‘Alfetta’, Mercedes-Benz W196, Vanwall, and BRM’s first winner, the Type 25. Highlights from the 1960s include the Cooper-Climax T53 ‘lowline’, Lotus-BRM 33, Lotus-Cosworth 49 and Matra-Cosworth MS80.

Be-winged Grand Prix cars of the 1970s include the Lotus-Cosworth 72E, due to be driven by Emerson Fittipaldi and Heikki Kovalainen and the legendary six-wheeled Tyrrell-Cosworth P34. Highlights from the ground-effect and turbo Grand Prix eras will include the Lotus-Cosworth 79, Williams-Cosworth FW08 – the last car to win the World Championship powered by a Ford-Cosworth DFV engine, and due to be driven by Karun Chandhok at Goodwood, plus the Toleman-Hart T183B in which Ayrton Senna mad his GP debut.

Post-Turbo Grand Prix car will include the Benetton-Ford B192, Bruno Senna at the wheel of his uncle Ayrton’s 1993 McLaren-Cosworth MP4/8, the 1994 Lotus-Mugen 109, 1996 Williams-Renault FW18 and Jordon-Ford EJ13.

Look out in the paddock too for familiar Formula 1 faces, including as Sir Stirling Moss, Sir Jackie Stewart, Damon Hill, Christian Horner and Murray Walker.

Source: Goodwood

Thursday 17 June 2010


The sixth edition of World Ducati Week, the massive event that unites and excites the Ducati community, has finished after four incredible days with a record-breaking attendance of 60,000 motorcyclists. Held at the Misano World Circuit on the Adriatic Riviera, the celebration - entitled the ‘Red Planet Returns’ - ran in soaring temperatures from Thursday, 10th to Sunday, 13th June to become one of the best ever in the event’s history.

While Italian Ducatisti made up 60% of the total attendance at WDW2010, the remaining passionate Ducati fans travelled from 28 nations and five continents to underline the huge international appeal of the Ducati brand. Owners from Europe, USA, Australia, Russia and India, united with those from Brazil, China, Malaysia and even Gabon and Nepal to celebrate their shared passion and loyalty to the Ducati brand.

Four sun-drenched Ducati days peaked on Saturday, 12th June when the full program of events climaxed in a spectacular knock-out drag race competition that featured Ducati MotoGP and Superbike team riders aboard asphalt-ripping Ducati Streetfighters. True to form, the eight riders – Battaini, Bayliss, Byrne, Checa, Fabrizio, Haga, Hayden and Stoner - put on a fantastic show from the moment they left the pit garages, playing to the crowds that filled Misano's paddock terraces. World Superbike Ducati Xerox Team rider, Noriyuki Haga won the photo-finish final, just fractions of a second ahead of American former MotoGP Champion and current Ducati MotoGP Team rider, Nicky Hayden, with Troy Bayliss in 3rd and Casey Stoner in 4th.

Source: Ducati

Coming soon from Veloce!
The book of the Ducati 750SS ‘Round-case’ 1974
By Ian Falloon

Although manufactured for only one year – 1974 – the Ducati 750 Super Sport was immediately touted as a future classic. It was a pioneer motorcycle – expensive and rare, and produced by Ducati’s race department to celebrate victory in the 1972 Imola 200 Formula 750 race.
Owing to its uniqueness and rarity, the 750 SS has become extremely valuable and desirable, fetching prices beyond the most expensive contemporary Ducati; for Ducatisti, it is the Holy Grail. More info.

Wednesday 16 June 2010


Veloce Publishing releases its third iPhone App

VW Golf GTI - The Essential Buyer's Guide.
Available now from the App Store.
Priced at £2.49 UK / $3.99 USA.
Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.

STOP! Do not buy a Golf GTI without the help of this App.

- Great value for money!
- Unique buyer’s guide covering VW Golf GTI's produced between 1976 and 1991 (Cabriolet 1979 to 1992).
- Many colour photographs taken especially for this guide.
- Informative text written by enthusiastic experts with the novice in mind.
- In-App videos which feature helpful voiceovers by your marque experts, Ken Cservenka and Richard Copping.
- Invaluable guide to avoiding pitfalls and getting real value for money.
- All aspects of buying a Golf GTI are covered.

A unique App dedicated to VW Golf GTI's built from 1976-1992, including Mk1 Golf GTI and Mk1 GTI Campaign, Mk1 Golf Cabriolet GLI, Mk2 Golf GTI. Mk2 Golf GTI 8-valve and 16-valve, Mk2 Rallye Golf, Mk2 Golf G60. Meticulously researched with many model-specific photographs reproduced to illustrate genuinely useful and practical advice.

Written by enthusiasts, the easily readable text is informative for the first time buyer, while still being of great value to those who have already owned a Golf GTI.

While old MkI Golfs have by now largely rusted away, the availability of MkII models at giveaway prices is plentiful ... that is until three magic letters – GTI – appear on the car’s front grille and hatch. Find a good example of the MkI with the aid of this guide and you are in clover! The Buyer’s Guide carefully charts all the models that an enthusiast just has to own, from the iconic late model MkI with its pocket rocket 1.8-litre engine and 5-speed box, through to the exclusive, extremely powerful and much sought-after limited edition Rallye Golf.

Packed with good advice – from running costs, through paperwork, vital statistics, valuation and the Golf GTI community, to will a Golf GTI fit in your garage and with your lifestyle? – the VW Golf GTI Essential Buyer's Guide is THE ESSENTIAL GUIDE to choosing, assessing and buying the Golf GTI of your dreams. Buy the right Golf GTI, at the right price!

Use "VW Golf" to find the App in the App store.


Luton –Tuesday June 22 will mark a turning point in UK automotive history when a Vauxhall Ampera E-REV (Extended-Range Electric Vehicle) undertakes the longest single journey by an electric car on British roads.

The prototype Ampera, which goes on sale in the UK in early 2012, will appropriately be driven in relay by a selection of drivers from Vauxhall’s home in Luton, Bedfordshire to its passenger car plant in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire - a journey of more than 170 miles.

Duncan Aldred, Vauxhall’s MD, who will drive the Ampera on the first leg of its journey from the company’s Heritage Centre in Luton, said: “It’s quite poignant that Luton, our home for the last 105 years, should mark the starting point of not just this historic journey, but also the future of E-REV vehicles in the UK. In the last century, Vauxhall has pioneered innovation and technology for mainstream car buyers, and this commitment will continue with the Ampera. We’re truly energising the future for British motorists.”

With a real-world range of 350 miles, the Ampera will be using under half its available power as it travels north up the M1 and M6 motorways, calling in at Vauxhall’s Brand Centre at Star City, Birmingham on the way. Electricity drives the Ampera’s wheels at all times and speeds, and for the first 40 miles of the trip power will be supplied by electricity stored in a cutting-edge, 16kWh lithium-ion battery, meaning the Ampera will emit zero tailpipe emissions. When the battery’s energy is depleted to a minimum state, a small petrol/E85-fuelled engine generator seamlessly provides electricity to power the electric drive unit, boosting range by a further 310 miles.

Once at Ellesmere Port, the Ampera, which is built on the new Astra platform, will complete its journey at the end of the new Astra’s production line, welcomed by plant director, Tony Francavilla.

Source: Vauxhall

Coming soon! Electric Cars - The Future is Now!
By Arvid Linde

Arvid has been known to take a rather sceptical stance on electric cars, but in this book he shows both their good and bad sides, ultimately encouraging people to embrace the future of green motoring.

More info.

Tuesday 15 June 2010


Forty years of Ford motorsport success will be represented when old meets new at this year's Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Leading the charge will be the victorious Ford Escort driven by Hannu Mikkola and Gunnar Palm in the 1970 London– Mexico rally. Starting from Wembley Stadium, where England won the 1966 World Cup, the race finished 16,000 gruelling miles later in Mexico City, host to the 1970 World Cup.

Now, as the England soccer team seeks to repeat 1966, Ford will be celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Escort's triumph by taking on the Festival's challenging 1.16 mile hill climb. The Escorts' success in 1970, taking 1st, 3rd, 5th, 6th and 8th places, led directly to Ford launching the highly successful and iconic Ford Escort Mexico.

Demonstrating the continued link between production vehicles and motorsport cars will be the new, limited-edition Ford Focus RS500. With a production run of just 500 examples across Europe, the high performance Focus RS500 features a 350PS upgraded engine and hand-applied matt black foil finish, and is a timely reminder of Ford's motorsport record.

In May, the Focus WRC of Jari-Matti Latvala and Miikka Anttila won Rally New Zealand providing the company with its 75th win and making Ford the most successful manufacturer in the history of FIA World Rally Championship.

Gerard Quinn, Ford's motorsport manager, said: "There is a direct customer benefit that results from motorsport development helping to advance production car engineering. This was evident from the early days of the Ford Escort and with the Focus WRC now in its final season it is appropriate that the lessons learnt have helped to create a new icon for the road in the shape of the Focus RS500."

Both the Escort and Focus RS500 will be driven by guest drivers throughout the Goodwood Festival of Speed taking place on 2 - 4 July 2010.

Source: Ford

New! The Daily Mirror World Cup Rally 40 – The World’s Toughest Rally in Retrospect
By Graham Robson.

• 40th anniversary of the World Cup Rally April/May 2010
• This was the world's toughest rally, contested by famous rally teams
• From London to Mexico competitors fought their way across three continents
• Graham Robson was deeply involved with the rally and writes with authority
• Illustrations, maps, and charts show the scope of the rally

"Robson's finest hour, worthy of the Jules Rimet Trophy." – Classic & Sports Car

"All the vital information is here, in one reference work, relayed with undeniable passion for the subject." – Classic Cars

Click here for more info about the book.


Silence on the streets of Oslo as THINK and the BBC lead a convoy of electric vehicles through the city in celebration of Norway's EV culture leadership

Traffic on the streets around Oslo’s historic national parliament echoed to the sound of silence last week as a convoy of over 60 electric vehicles (EVs) paraded through the city to celebrate EV culture in Norway.

The occasion was the arrival in Oslo of the BBC documentary team behind the Electric Ride programme – now a quarter way through their month-long, 4,000 mile pioneering odyssey around Europe – in a THINK City electric vehicle (EV).

From Norway, the BBC Electric Ride team will drive their THINK City into Sweden, Austria, Germany, Lichtenstein, Switzerland, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and others along the way before returning to London early in July.

BBC Electric Ride will be broadcast on Radio 4 on Saturdays at 1030hrs (BST / GMT +1) for four weeks from 19 June and will also be available globally on BBC i-player from the same date.

Source: THINK

New book coming soon! Electric Cars - The Future is Now!
By Arvid Linde

What if we all had to say goodbye to petrol cars tomorrow? Would you be ready?
There might be several reasons why you’re holding this book in your hand. Concern about the environment, determination to cut your fuel bill, or simply curiosity. Whatever the reason, the answer is within. This consumer guide is for housewives, petrol-heads, pedestrians, green activists, everyone – but most importantly, it’s for you. It will introduce the electric car to potential advocates and opponents, revealing all the pros and cons. Is such a vehicle really what it promises to be - the perfect answer to the fuel crisis and environmental issues? This book will help you find out. More info.


Thanks to Australian Classic Car for this review of Triumph TR2, 3, 3A, 4 & 4A - Enthusiast's Restoration Manual by Roger Williams.

"From selecting your first TR right through to what you thought of your restoration – it’s all here in this 210-page manual on restoring the four-cylinder TR sports cars. Perhaps you are buying your first early TR? This book gets right into what to look for. There are many photos of very rusty examples and as you read through you will become familiar with where those main rust spots are in the chassis and body. It also tells you what to look for in the mechanicals of the car – especially the renowned wet sleeve engine, gearbox, overdrive and suspension.

What comes first with any restoration? Preparation of course, and that includes dismantling and a plan that includes where the parts will come from and who will do the work. Now it’s time to roll your sleeves up and get dirty. First comes the bodywork and where the pitfalls are with the two differing body styles. What about chassis restoration, especially the independent rear suspension of the TR4A? It’s all there, of course. The early TR engine is interesting, being wet sleeve – never having to bore out the cylinders would have to be a plus. But just how do you insert the new sleeves? They all used basically the same gearbox. Brakes and suspensions are included in detail and it does recommend upgrading the TR2’s front drums to discs as fitted to later models.

However, it’s not all dirty-hands stuff as detail is provided on the correct trimming of all models. Interestingly, there are separate chapters on fitting hoods to both the early and later TRs. As with all publications in the ‘Enthusiast’s Restoration Manual’ series this publication is easy to read and full of highly useful colour photos."

Click here for more info about the book.


Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. (NML) has invited nearly 500 people to experience the world's first mass-production, 100% electric, zero-emission car - Nissan LEAF - at the company's Oppama test track in a world-exclusive preview from June 11-19, 2010.

Media, Nissan shareholders, government officials, analysts and some of the first customers to place reservations for Nissan LEAF will get the chance to experience the benefits of this practical, affordable and fun to drive all-electric car when they get behind the wheel of the first production test units.

Nissan LEAF is a ‘new car' in every sense of the word and redefines the driving experience, setting new standards in handling, acceleration and comfort in its class. Nissan LEAF officially goes on sale beginning in December.

Since the 100% electric, zero-emission concept vehicle was unveiled last August at the grand opening of the new Nissan Global Headquarters, the company has been continually refining Nissan LEAF for the October start of production.

Among the enhancements to the test units is the "Approaching Vehicle Sound for Pedestrians" system, which also will be used in the Nissan Fuga hybrid, slated for sale in autumn 2010.

Press release & image: Nissan

Coming soon! The Efficient Driver’s Handbook – Your guide to fuel efficient driving techniques and car choice
By Dave Moss

This book describes in a clear, friendly manner everything today’s driver needs to know about choosing and using a car in an economical and eco-efficient way.

More info.

Monday 14 June 2010


Many thanks to Rod Ward at Model Auto Review for his review of our recent book, Britains Toy Models Catalogues 1970 to 1979. We're glad you liked it!

"For any collector, this will be an indispensable reference guide." – Model Auto Review

Friday 11 June 2010


Veloce Publishing's imprint Hubble & Hattie is pleased to announce that, for every copy sold of its latest book, Waggy Tails & Wheelchairs, 50p will be donated to Dogs for the Disabled.

As Peter Gorbing, Chief Executive of Dogs for the Disabled, says in the introduction to the book: “Waggy Tails & Wheelchairs has lots of useful information that any wheelchair or scooter user who is contemplating getting a dog would do well to read. The author is realistic about the work involved in having a dog, but if the right strategies are in place, it will be a tremendously rewarding experience for both the individual and the dog.

“As an organisation involved in training assistance dogs, Dogs for the Disabled has built up many years of practical experience of working with wheelchair users. Whilst Dogs for the Disabled uses some different techniques in its training work, this book nevertheless contains a wealth of tips that will prove invaluable.

“If you are a wheelchair user thinking of getting a companion dog, this is the book for you.”

Buying a copy of this book will contribute to the continuation of this pioneering charity that does so much good work towards changing the lives of adults and children with disabilities.

Thanks also to Sky1 for helping to promote the book, and the cause, with this competition.

Tuesday 8 June 2010


Press release from Veloce author Johnny Tipler

Thanks to the generous support of owners worldwide, the Classic Team Lotus Festival at Snetterton on Sunday 20th June presents the first ever gathering of one of every Team Lotus F1 car.

For just one amazing day, The Team Lotus Pavilion will hold the greatest collection of Team Lotus racing cars ever assembled. From the 1958 type 12 through to the 1994 Type 109, there will be 33 Team Lotus F1 design types on view. These precious cars will be lined up in grid formation undercover, so that visitors can walk through the grid to experience a unique close-up encounter with famous racing machinery at the cutting edge of the evolution of F1 car design.

Clive Chapman, son of Lotus founder Colin Chapman and Managing Director of Classic Team Lotus comments: "We set about bringing the cars together for this unprecedented event when we realised that we could make a full grid of Team Lotus F1 design types. Cars are coming from all over the world – many from Europe, and the 109 is travelling from the Barber Museum in the USA. Owners from Japan and Australia are participating as well.‟

During the lunchbreak at midday the cars will be wheeled through the crowds and out onto the circuit grid, lined up in five abreast formation, for an aerial photograph recording the unique gathering. This special moment can be witnessed by the public from the pitwall, during the pit lane walkabout.

Between 2.00pm and 3.30pm, the race programme will be halted and the Team Lotus Pavilion will come alive, with most of the F1 cars being demonstrated on track. They will be fired up in the public area of the paddock, and then driven out in batches to make four lap runs.Famous guest drivers will include the current Lotus F1 Racing drivers and original Team Lotus Works drivers. As impressive as the Team Lotus grid will be, there is nothing to match the awesome cacophony of these World Championship winning F1 cars and their mechanical soundtrack. This is the real thing.

Newly reprinted! Lotus 49 - The Story of a Legend (Gold Leaf Edition) by Michael Oliver.

The definitive story of the Lotus 49 from inception to the fate of the cars today. Includes a racing record and individual chassis histories.

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Monday 7 June 2010


Check out this review of Intermeccanica - The Story of the Prancing Bull in the June 2010 edition of Octane.

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Friday 4 June 2010


We've added 12 books to the Special Offers section of the Veloce website at bargain price. The perfect gift for Father's Day!

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'Mr Big Healey' – The Official Biography of John Chatham
By Norman Burr.

John Chatham, driver, racer, repairer, rebuilder, tuner, trader and lover of Austin-Healeys, was in the words of Geoffrey Healey “uncontrollable” in his youth, and has only mildly mellowed with age. Burly and genial but formidably competitive, and not above bending the rules when he thought he could get away with it, to many he is the archetypal club racer. John is so synonymous with Austin-Healeys that the most famous racing Healey in the world, DD300, is so well-known mainly because John campaigned it for decades, notching up tens of thousands of racing miles. But his career embraces far more than one car, and until this biography no-one had attempted to fill in the gaps.
The book is not a dry description of one club race after another. It does include a list of John’s principal sporting achievements, but no complete record exists of the hundreds of events which made up his competitive career, so the writer has not attempted to compile one. Instead Norman Burr, who was himself acquainted with John in his youth, has created a more rounded and personal account, full of motoring and sporting anecdotes, but also telling the story of John’s family, his work, his business, his three wives and his lovers. John has a comprehensive photo library from which the book is generously illustrated, with cartoons added to illustrate some of the moments that a camera was not around to record. Thoroughly politically incorrect even by the standards of the 1960s, it’s an account which will strike a chord not only with admirers of Big Healeys, but also with anyone who believes that independent thinking, and the courage to apply and enjoy it, is the greatest virtue of all. With 150 photographs, many previously unpublished, this , which is available now from bookshops or, is an important and entertaining account of one of motorsport’s biggest characters.

Motorsport fans will be delighted to hear that John Chatham and author, Norman Burr, will be signing copies of this brand new biography at MG Live! 2010 on both Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th of June at Silverstone.

"This is an engaging story, well told, and decent value too." – Octane
"Like its subject, it never comes off the gas." – Classic & Sports Car

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Thursday 3 June 2010

Wednesday 2 June 2010


It was an eventful weekend for the Brits at the 2010 Indianapolis 500. With four British drivers finishing in the top seven of the final standings, including winner for the second time, Dario Franchitti.

Dario Franchitti now becomes the 17th driver to win Indy 500 more than once, with his second official win, the first coming in 2007. Dario hails from Bathgate, West Lothian Scotland but currently resides in Tennessee. Second place was taken by Dan Wheldon, followed in third by Alex Lloyd.

We're delighted to announce that Dario has written the foreword for forthcoming Veloce book The British at Indianapolis by Ian Wagstaff.

A history of the British influence on the Indianapolis 500, including not only the drivers and cars, but the many others – mechanics, designers, and officials – who have been involved. The story is set out in a series of stand-alone chapters, with a wide variety of informative sidebars, and goes back 100 years to the early days of the race, through the British-led, rear-engined revolution of the 1960s to the present day. More info.

The fantastic achievement of British drivers at this year's Indy 500 was somewhat overshadowed in the media by Mike Conway's spectacular crash. All at Veloce wish Mike a speedy recovery.


The Peterborough TOMCC Branch Meriden Co-op Forum and Save the Triumph Bonneville book signing by John Rosamond took place at The Talbot Inn - Shilton - Peterborough. Nigel Strong organised the event and Mick Barratt chaired the Forum. The pre-publicity in the magazine Nacelle ensured that many TOMCC members taking part were from other branches. The above photograph (courtesy of Mick Barratt) shows John Rosamond sat next to visiting TOMCC member Roy Shilling during the packed Forum.