Thursday 2 April 2020

Bigger and better pocket experts

15 years ago, we had an idea. Imagine if there was a handy pocket-sized guide that explained all you needed to look for when buying a car or bike? What if it could cover classic, vintage, and modern cars … and motorcycles? And written by someone with personal experience and expertise on the vehicle? Would people want such a thing? 

From a simple idea, to over
175,000 books sold
Fast forward to the present day, and the answer is a resounding "Yes!" We created the Essential Buyer's Guide series – or EBGs to us Velocisti – to fulfil all of the above criteria, and the resulting books have become one of our flagship series. 

Covering 106 models of car, 25 models of motorcycle, and even electric bicycles, these invaluable pocket-sized guides have been helping people buy their dream drive or ride ever since, and have now sold over 175,000 copies, with more models added constantly.

Our first ever EBG …
We know that cramming so much useful stuff into a convenient format is a tad tricky. Describing or illustrating often crowded or hard-to-discern areas of a vehicle's construction can be hard with small images.

From our first EBG for the Alfa Romeo Guilia Spider, to our newest batch, every book is crammed with information that's truly essential for a sound purchase. Because each is written by an expert on the marque or model covered, there's genuine 'insider information' within, which also makes them ideal reference books for enthusiasts and workshop tinkerers alike. 
… and our latest.

Recently, we decided to make all our new EBGs a little bigger, with 96 pages, instead of the original 64. With more pages, we have space for larger, clearer photos and illustrations. There's also a page for notes, should you be taking your guide with you on your vehicle hunt (which you should, of course), and need to scribble down a few details. 

Existing EBGs will retain their current 64 page format, although some may get an updated 'makeover' to the new format. For digital natives out there (you know who you are), we also have a selection of EBG apps for iOS and Android: check out our apps on the website, and see if we've something for your dream drive. 

We're continually adding to the series, and that's where YOU could help us. We're always on the lookout for a guide that fits a need, so if there's a particular model or marque that you'd like to see covered, or if you have the knowledge and experience to pen one for a particular vehicle, get in touch: we may be able to bring your idea to fruition … just as we did 15 years ago, with our idea for the Essential Buyer's Guides.