Friday 26 June 2009


Ferrari will be showcasing three exciting new models during the Sunday Times Supercar Run at this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed: the California, the Scuderia Spider 16M and the 599 GTB Fiorano with HGTE package.

The Ferrari California is the Prancing Horse’s first front-engined V8 which has been classically styled to echo one of the greatest designs from Ferrari’s history, the 250 GT California. The new California, however, is packed with the latest technology and includes Ferrari’s first dual-clutch 7-speed gearbox, a direct injection 4.3 V8 engine with 460hp, the latest F1-Trac traction control system, a new multi-link rear suspension, and, of course, an innovative retractable folding hardtop that opens or closes in only 14 seconds. The California has already received the critical acclaim of the automotive press around the world, with Top Gear claiming it is a “proper God’s honest, marrow-deep Ferrari”, and Autocar describing it as “absolutely bloody marvellous!”.

The Ferrari Scuderia Spider 16M is a very special high-performance model launched to commemorate Ferrari’s 16th F1 Constructors’ Title in 2008. Limited to an exclusive 499 examples worldwide, the Scuderia Spider 16M features the same honed-to-perfection handling of the 430 Scuderia, but with some additional livery options, interior detailing and, of course, the extreme thrills that come with open-top motoring in Ferrari’s fastest convertible car around the company’s Fiorano test track in Maranello. The Scuderia Spider 16M has already been described by EVO as “utterly, totally, mesmerisingly visceral” and by CAR as “breathtakingly gorgeous” and “simply biblical”.

The Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano with HGTE package completes Ferrari’s presence at the Goodwood Festival of Speed this year, with a car that takes the handling of the award-winning 599 GTB Fiorano to another level, with improved steering feel, brake response, throttle response, suspension and traction control settings to ensure the sharpest driving experience of any front-engined V12 GT car on sale today. The HGTE package can also be identified by additional visual cues such as revised front grille, new wheel design, exhaust tips and a bespoke interior with HGTE stitching on the seats. Like the California and the Scuderia Spider 16M, the 599 with HGTE package has received praise from the automotive press, with Performance Car declaring it “Ferrari’s most complete supercar to date” and the Daily Telegraph succumbing to the appeal of a “supercar named desire”.
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Coming soon! Ferrari 312P & 312PB by Peter Collins and Ed McDonough.
The origin and subsequent history of the 3-litre Ferrari sports cars, which the famed Italian firm designed and built to contest the various versions of the World Sports Car Championship between 1969 and 1973. This series of cars started with the V12 engine and progressed to using the Flat 12 Ferrari engine from the then current Grand Prix car. Includes the developmental and race history, with a full list of all events and individual chassis numbers.
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Thursday 25 June 2009


This Egli framed Vincent at the Classic Motor Show 2008 - one of many great photos on motorcycle journalist Alastair Walker's Flickr photostream.

The author of The Café Racer Phenomenon (Veloce) is also now on the popular website twitter! He can found be at

Coming soon! The Café Racer Phenomenon by Alastair Walker.
The Café Racer is one of the most enduring styles of motorcycle ever created, capturing the rebellious spirit of the 50s. This is a look back at the glory days of the Café Racer, from Friday night dices on the North Circular, through the street specials craze of the Seventies, to the modern day revival.
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Also, click here to see Alastair in a great interview video!

Tuesday 23 June 2009


Our first review for Fast Ladies – female racing drivers 1888 to 1970 comes our way from last Thursday's Chester Standard newspaper. Thanks to Terry Davies.

"For the female AND male racing enthusiast, this book is a must for reference as well as [the] coffee table. The pictures are just stunning."

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Car ‘train’ could allow drivers to eat and sleep at the wheel

Drivers will be able to sleep, read, eat, work or watch television behind the wheel of their cars at 70mph on the motorway, using technology being developed by scientists.

A system which will ‘lock’ cars together using sensors and wireless technology, allowing up to 10 at a time to cruise in ‘car train’ convoys could be unveiled within two years.

Sensors would synchronise each car to follow in the wake of the vehicle directly ahead, with a laser calculating the speed relative to other cars. The only steering and braking would be done by a professional driver at the front of the convoy.

The technology is being developed by Volvo, which expects cars to travel three-feet apart to stay in contact. Volvo and six other companies, including UK technology form Ricardo are working on the project.

It is hoped that a prototype could be launched in 2011 with the technology rolled out across Europe by 2018.

Drivers would pay a subscription of around 10p for every 1.6 miles travelled and would have to book ahead to secure a place in the convoy at a designated time or particular slip road.

They would then join the convoy at the back and allow the system to ‘lock’ them in the steering and braking patterns of the vehicles ahead.

At the point where the driver has booked to leave the convoy, their car would be guided by the new technology on their chosen slip road.

Although Volvo is the only vehicle manufacturer developing the scheme, drivers of other models would be able to join the convoy if the had the right technology. (Mail on Sunday: June 21).

Toyota to extend hybrid to all model ranges by 2020

Toyota is aiming to offer a hybrid-powered version of every one of its passenger cars by the end of the next decade.
Currently the brand only offers one hybrid - the upper medium Prius - but it’s expected that the lower medium Auris will be the next in 2010. The Yaris should then offer a supermini version in 2011.

The company will then look to offer a hybrid version with every all-new model. It is expected the brand’s whole range will offer the option of a petrol hybrid powertrain within 11 years. ( June 22).

Monday 22 June 2009



GM plans comeback ahead of schedule

General Motors is preparing to relaunch itself as a leaner company by mid-July, a month earlier than envisaged when the Detroit carmaker filed for bankruptcy protection on June 1.

The judge overseeing GM’s chapter 11 case has set today (June 19) as the deadline for objections to its restructuring plan for most parties.

Barring a surprise, GM and its advisers are confident that none of the roughly 500 objections submitted so far will derail the timetable.

Most of the objections raised so far relate to suppliers’ concerns about the amount and timing of payments by the ‘new’ GM under contracts taken on by the existing company.

Assets of the ‘old’ GM will remain in chapter 11 to be sold or wound down for the benefit of creditors. (Financial Times: June 19).

Fiat calls for restructuring of global motor industry

Fiat has called for a ‘serious restructuring’ of the global automotive industry if it is to be economically viable.

The manufacturer, which is restructuring itself in the wake of its takeover of Chrysler, said the move was ‘absolutely necessary’ to address production overcapacity.

Fiat has predicted that utilisation of carmaking capacity in Europe will fall 65% this year.

PricewaterhouseCoopers has estimated that the industry has near-record capacity to make 86 million units this year, compared with the 55m vehicles that carmakers will actually build. (Financial Times/The Times: June 19).

Friday 19 June 2009


Thanks to Robert Young at the Mini Cooper Register for his review of author Philip Young's How to Build a Successful Low-Cost Rally Car.

"A throughly entertaining and informative read ... highly recommended to anyone embarking on building a competition car."

Click image below to read the full review.

Wednesday 17 June 2009


A Dodge Challenger R/T was famously used in Vanishing Point - the 1971 action-road movie starring Barry Newman.

New! Dodge Challenger & Plymouth Barracuda – Chrysler's Potent Pony Cars, a brand new book by Dodge specialist Peter Grist is an in-depth look at the highly collectable and much sought after cars that captured the imagination in the 1960s and 1970s when they featured as stars of both the big screen and drag strip.
This new book follows a chronological journey through the development of pony cars from the 1960 Valiant onwards. Fascinating design concepts and evolution are incorporated, featuring all sub-series and models. The book boasts 375 mainly colour pictures, including fresh new photos of original vehicles and rarely seen archive pictures and period adverts.
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Tuesday 16 June 2009


On this day in history (1903) The Ford Motor Company was founded. Here's a selection of some Ford related books from Veloce.

Visit to see our full range of Ford publications.

Monday 15 June 2009


La Carrera Panamericana by Johnny Tipler gets another great review, this time with the honour of 'Book of the Month' from New Zealand Classic Car magazine.

"For those interested in the mighty motoring epics of a past age, this will be essential reading."

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Male and female drivers are no longer poles apart

A new breed of driver is dominating British roads. These drivers, termed ‘petrosexuals', are not identified by the cars they drive, but by their boots full of shopping and the rock anthems they singalong to.

A study into British driving habits, released today by, shows that unlike outdated preconceptions, women and male drivers are now seen to be equals at the wheel, resulting in a new era of ‘petrosexual' drivers. Women are also edging in on men in the car knowledge stakes, with 57% of women saying they know a coupe from a hatchback, compared to almost two thirds of men (65%). However, BMW drivers seem to be the most aware of what's under the bonnet, with one in five (20%) saying that they have a similar knowledge to Jeremy Clarkson himself.

Women are still more likely to name their cars, with almost one in five (17%) naming their ‘Fifi Fiesta' or ‘Andy Audi', compared to just 12% of men. Renaults are the most likely vehicle to be named, with 20% christened by their owners. ‘Tommy Toyotas' however, are few and far between, and are the least likely to be given the human touch (12%).

Whilst ‘boy racers' are easy to spot in their souped-up Subarus and slow ‘Sunday drivers' identified by their gleaming estates, ‘petrosexuals' are less concerned about the make of the car that they drive and more about what the car offers them. Music is their number one driving companion and the study shows that today's ‘petrosexuals' are most likely to belt out Queen - ‘Don't stop me now' when driving.

Top of the ‘petrosexual' pops

Source: Carmony


Fiat could still take the driving seat at GM

The deal to sell the European arm of General Motors faces the risk of collapse, thereby opening the door once again for Fiat.

Insiders have hinted at a ‘cooling’ towards GM’s preferred bidder, Canadian car parts firm, Magna International.

It means weeks of more uncertainty for 5,000 British workers at Vauxhall, which is owned by GM.

Officials in Germany, where the bulk of GM’s European operations are based, have revealed that the door remains open for Fiat, which was once thought to be in the driving seat to acquire GM Europe, and for Chinese companies.

German Economy Minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg says his officials were still talking to potential investors in Vauxhall and Opel which have not yet been made public.

He said: “We are still in contact with other investors.” It is understood that China’s fifth largest carmaker, BAIC, is in the running alongside Fiat and another unnamed Chinese investor.

UK Government officials are due to meet Magna executives in London next week. (National newspapers: June 12).

Swedish sports car group poised to buy Saab

Koenigsegg, the Swedish producer of supercars, is set to buy Saab, General Motors’ up-for-sale Swedish-based company.

GM is expected to shortly announce that it is in exclusive sales talks with the company and its allied Norwegian investors. The deal is likely to be closed by early summer.

The development would mark bankrupt GM’s third move to dispose of a car brand in less than a fortnight, part of its plan to focus on four core brands. It follows last week’s announcement of the sale of Hummer to China’s Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machinery and of Saturn to Penske Automotive Group, the dealership chain.

The decision follows talks this week between the three shortlisted bidders and GM at its European headquarters in Zurich.

Koenigsegg ‘has the best overall offer’, a person close to the deal said. Further details were not immediately available.

The privately owned company, based near Malmo, sold 18 cars last year and is said to be interested in applying its knowledge of niche models to a higher-volume carmaker.

Koenigsegg beat bids from Renco, US investor Ira Rennert’s holding company that bought and turned round the maker of Humvee, and Merbanco, a group of private investors in Wyoming. ( June 12).

Friday 12 June 2009


The Silverstone Classic’s David Leslie Trophy now celebrates touring cars from the ‘70s and ‘80s as well as the ‘90s.

Cars including RS Capris and BMW’s red, violet and blue striped ‘Batmobiles’, originally driven by legends such as Niki Lauda and Henri Pescarolo on tracks across Europe in the 1970s and 1980s, will join touring cars of the ‘90s. Spectators will see them racing side by side with Vauxhall Vectras, Ford Mondeos, Honda Accords and the famous Leslie-Aiello duo’s Nissan Primeras at Silverstone next month.

The under two-litre touring car race (U2TC) features cars from the 1960s. Director of Racing at Silverstone Ken Prichard Jones says: “We are delighted to add such variety to the touring car grid; due to demand, we now welcome contenders from four decades of touring cars, all running in their respective classes: forty years of touring car racing and technological development are faithfully represented in two thrilling races.”

The Silverstone Classic takes place from 24 to 26 July 2009, featuring the world’s iconic racing cars and marques. Grids celebrating over ninety years of racing include pre-war sports cars, Grand Prix race cars, Group C Le Mans racers, pre-’63 GT and sports cars, alongside other crowd favourites such as Mini racing, touring cars and Formula Junior. Both young and seasoned racers, as well as celebrities and racing heroes will take to the track for three days of atmospheric and thrilling on-track action. Silverstone Classic will host over 20 races, more than 80 car clubs, 4000 cars on display, 700 cars and 900 drivers, automobilia sales and Bonhams’ classic car auction, with further entertainment provided by Harley-Davidson® stunt bikes and drag racing. Alongside the racing, free live entertainment throughout the day and into the evening will add an additional soundtrack to that of historic engines. History also features in the aerobatic display and Victorian fun fair, making the Silverstone Classic both an extraordinary event for classic car and racing enthusiasts, and a unique outing for the family.

Racing at Silverstone Ltd is the licence holder until 2017 of the Silverstone Classic.


Coming soon! British Touring Car Racing – The crowd’s favourite – late 1960s to 1990 By Peter Collins.

An affectionate, mainly pictorial panorama of twenty-odd years of the British Touring Car Championship, from the anarchical 1960s and early 1970s of flared wheelarches, lifting wheels and smoking tyres, through the Group 1 years when the rule-makers tried to make the cars look standard and, as a result, slowed them down. This had the predictable effect of galvanising race car builders into trying to get round the restrictions, eventually resulting in cars that were faster, and evolved into the tarmac-melting fire-breathing, turbo-powered frontrunners of the late 1980s. The story takes us up to the point where the rule-makers attempted another clampdown as the final decade of the 20th century dawned ...
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Thursday 11 June 2009


BRITAIN’S GREATEST MACHINES with Chris Barrie is a programme on The national Geographic Channel Thursdays at 9pm.
Next Thursday (June 18th) Chris will be down our way at the Haynes Motor Museum in Somerset comparing an E-Type with a Porsche 911, a Ferrari and a Corvette.
Having an E-Type Essential Buyer's Guide (Veloce) is like having an E-Type expert by your side!

Wednesday 10 June 2009


Iconic biker destination, the Ace Cafe, hosts its annual Triumph day on Sunday 14th June. As part of the festivities the Ace Cafe has joined forces with renowned West London Triumph dealership Jack Lilley, who this year celebrate their 50th anniversary.

A selection of models from the Triumph Factory, including the brand new Triumph Thunderbird, Jack Lilley’s own 50th Anniversary Bonneville ‘special’ and Paul Young’s British Supersport race replica bike, will be on display, along with a rumoured appearance from Young himself.

A “Best Triumph” competition will be held on the day, with prizes up for grabs courtesy of Triumph, Jack Lilley, and Flip Video, plus tickets to attend the Triumph Owner’s Club Bonneville 50th celebration event at the Heritage Motor Museum in August. An overall “Best Triumph” winner will be chosen and presented with a grand prize of Triumph clothing and/or accessories to the value of £250.

The winning bike will then be invited back to attend the grand final, for "Best Triumph Of The Year", to be held at the Ace Cafe's regular monthly Triumph Night, in October.

Coming soon! Save the Triumph Bonneville! – The inside story of the Meriden Workers’ Co-op by John Roasmond. Featuring foreword by The Right Honorable Tony Benn.


• A unique account of a workforce taking over the factory to save the world's most famous motorcycle, the Triumph Bonneville
• Written by the welder who became chairman of the workers' board of directors
• The most controversial chapter in the history of Triumph and the British motorcycle industry
• The most famous of Labour's/Tony Benn's workers' co-operatives
• John Rosamond was at Meriden under BSA, Triumph, NVT and the Triumph co-op until the bitter end
• An integral part of the decision-making process, John witnessed the final negotiations to save Triumph
• John was the public face of Meriden, often featured in the contemporary press
• This part of Triumph's story has never before been written firsthand
• Previously unpublished photographs from the personal collections of the Meriden workers
• 2009 coincides with the 50th anniversary of the legendary Bonneville


Written by the ex-chairman of the workers’ board of directors of the famous Meriden co-op, this is the real story of the last bastion of British motorcycle production following the collapse of the industry. It’s also the story of a workforce’s refusal to let the Triumph Bonneville die ...

John Rosamond was, like the British motorcycle industry, born in the West Midlands. After leaving school he learnt his trade as a skilled welder, and shortly thereafter was employed by the world-famous Triumph motorcycle factory at Meriden to work on its new oil-bearing frames. A socialist and union man, John was elected spokesman on behalf of his fellow welders.
Returning to welding frames after the Meriden sit-in, in 1977 John then became the second and last chairman of the Triumph workers' board of directors, seeing through the continuing development of the acclaimed Bonneville model until the factory's closure in 1983.
After Meriden, John was employed by the new Triumph firm in Hinckley, before returning to his original trade as a welder, assessing students in the craft until his retirement in 2003.

I put a few questions to John about the book when he visited Veloce Publishing. (see video below)

Also, look out for The Cafe Racer Phenomenon (coming soon).


Five Fiat 500s, decorated by the artist Damien Hirst, were among the prizes won in a luxury charity draw at a star-studded London party last week.

The cars, donated by Fiat and finished in butterfly designs by the award-winning artist, raised £440,000 as sales of their raffle tickets proved popular among guests at the ARK dinner. Party-goers included Hollywood film star Uma Thurman, supermodel Eva Herzigova, singer Sinitta and top UK industry and hedge fund bosses.

Dubbed the most lavish party in Britain, the ARK event raises millions of pounds for children’s charities each year. For 2009 it was held in the disused Eurostar terminus at London’s Waterloo station, where the total raised on the night was a staggering £15.6 million.

“I am immensely grateful to the Fiat Group and to Damien Hirst for their unabated support and generosity to ARK,” says charity chairman Arpad Busson. “The five beautiful 500s added stunning visual drama to our event and raised £440,000 for our programmes.”

The lucky winners of the five unique 500s will take delivery of their cars at Fiat Marylebone, Fiat’s flagship store in London’s Wigmore Street.

Fiat 500 & 600 – The Essential Buyer's Guide by Malcolm Bobbitt.
The essential guide to purchasing a baby Fiat, which allows both the novice and accustomed Fiat enthusiast to appraise a potential purchase with professional confidence, identifying what to look for in order to acquire the right car at the right price. With Malcolm Bobbitt’s concise and easy-to-follow guide, packed with sound advice and backed up by specially selected illustrations, the route through checking a car’s provenance is made so much easier. This is YOUR passport to joining the Fiat community and a must for any potential small Fiat owner.
Click here for more info about the book.

Monday 8 June 2009


A new front cover picture was needed for the updated and revised, edition of Roger Williams' How to Improve Triumph TR2-4A. A request for images was put on the TR Register forum on the 3rd June. We were looking for an example of a modified TR for fast road use and the request had a great response from forum members. By the 5th June, we decided on a beautiful image supplied by member Malcolm Taylor (pictured below) that he'd taken of his own TR4.

To show our gratitude, we have sent Malcolm a £50 gift voucher and will be sending him two copies of the finished book, complete with a small acknowledgement to him inside the book.

Coming soon! How to Improve Triumph TR2-4A (Updated & revised edition!) by Roger Williams.


• Foreword by Peter Cox MD of Moss UK (founder of Cox & Buckles & experienced TR racer).
• Applies to ALL 4-cylinder TR sportscars.
• Practical and realistic advice on how to improve performance, braking, handling, reliability, appearance & comfort.
• The author is a production engineer with real hands-on experience of improving these cars.
• Step-by-step illustrated procedures, colour throughout.


Aided by top racing and high-performance TR specialists, his own experiences & those of other amateur restorers, the author explains in some detail how to increase the performance and handling of the four-cylinder TR sports cars for fast road, track days, or more serious motorsport.
Click here for more info about the book.


Unique portrait of the 2008 FIA Formula One™ World Drivers Champion commissioned for National Oil Check Week

Reigning 2008 FIA Formula One™ World Drivers’ Champion, Lewis Hamilton, became one of the most pictured British sportsmen in the world when he became the youngest driver to win the title.

But none of the portraits of the 24-year old links him so completely to his sport as this stunning portrait in oil, commissioned to kick off National Oil Check Week….Because the twist is that the oil used is Mobil 1 race oil taken directly from the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes car in which Lewis won last year’s British Grand Prix at Silverstone.

Mobil 1, technology partner to Hamilton’s Vodafone McLaren Mercedes team, charged US artist David Macaluso with the creation of the picture of Lewis in typically triumphant pose to celebrate his title success and highlight Mobil’s role in the UK-wide car maintenance initiative (, which kicks off next Monday, June 15.

A limited run of 50 prints of the painting has also been made and one of these special pieces of memorabilia can be won in a competition at in the run-up to the British GP.

The painting will have its first public outing at the ExxonMobil VIP customer event, on the eve of Hamilton’s home Grand Prix at Silverstone.
Source:Mobil 1


Residents and visitors to Chichester in West Sussex were treated today to a highly unusual scene as eleven Wacky Races vehicles invaded the city centre, under their own steam, in anticipation of their annual outing at the Goodwood Festival of Speed from 3-5 July.

These fully working life-size cars from the popular Wacky Races cartoon series have been built by Goodwood specifically for the Festival of Speed over the last decade, and form a key part of the Junior Festival of Speed; a popular attraction for younger motoring fans at the event.

Bemused and amused motorists and passers-by watched the full set of 11 Wacky Races vehicles drive from the Goodwood Motor Circuit under police motorcycle escort into the centre of Chichester, then returned ‘home’ to Goodwood for a final wash and polish before the Festival in just four week’s time.

This is the first time the Wacky Racers have been driven on public roads, and all of the vehicles performed exceptionally well. Sadly the same can not be said of some of the familiar characters driving the cars!

Penelope Pitstop took a wrong turn and got lost in her Compact Pussycat, the Slag Brothers’ stomachs got the better of them and they disappeared to a local fast-food ‘drive thru’, in their Boulder Mobile, and the cunning Dick Dastardly attempted a couple of daring passing manoeuvres in his Mean Machine, without success. Drat and double drat!

In July the complete set of the Wacky Races cars and characters will be displayed on purpose-built desert set located on the Goodwood cricket pitch at the south side of the Festival of Speed.

Friday 5 June 2009



FAST LADIES - female racing drivers 1888 to 1970, THE PERFECT GIFT FOR FATHER'S DAY (June 21)

FAST LADIES - female racing drivers 1888 to 1970, a brand new book by Jean-François Bouzanquet, a lifelong classic car collector and racing driver in historic competitions, is an enthralling addition to the automotive collection of books from Veloce Publishing.

Spanning almost a century of motor racing here are over 40 unique portraits of daring, brave women who took part in speed record events, rallies and Grand Prix races alongside their male counterparts – men who were out to prove a point!

Over 400 evocative period photographs illustrate the liberating stories of these trendsetting women – from Hellé Nice, the ‘Bugatti Queen,’ to Violette Morris, the ‘Hyena of the Gestapo,’ and from Denise McCluggage to Pat Moss, sister to Stirling.

The first publication of its kind for decades, Fast Ladies: Female Racing Drivers – 1888-1970, available mid-June, will be of interest to men and women the world over as an example of what the ‘weaker sex’ can achieve, and serves notice to men that whatever they can do, women can do just as well!

Published by Veloce at £29.99, this new book gives an exciting insight into the lives of over 40 Fast Ladies - pioneering women racing drivers, all of whom blazed a trail for female emancipation by sweeping aside male resistance in the inner circle of the motoring world.

This 176-page book is available now from bookshops or from

Veloce books make the ideal Father's Day gift. With subjects ranging from practical do-it-yourself manuals, through marque and model histories to modern and classic motorsport, at prices for every pocket, there will surely be something very special for every dad. Plus, if you subscribe to the free Veloce Newsletter 'On the Grid' at before Father's Day, June 21, you will get details on how to claim a special Father's Day discount as a registered Newsletter reader.

Thursday 4 June 2009



The Last Real Austins. Those were the days ... The perfect gift for Father's Day (June 21)

The Last Real Austins – 1946-1959, a brand new book by classic car collector, restorer and writer, Colin Peck is the latest in the Those Were the days ... series from Veloce Publishing.

Austin remains unique as the only manufacturer to build everything from small family cars to large luxury limousines; taxicabs and military vehicles; sports cars and trucks. The Last Real Austins places in context how, when and where each model was used.

Published by Veloce at £14.99, this new book examines how Austin bounced back after WWII, and how, despite the severe materials shortage, amazingly, managed to develop the largest range of vehicles produced by any automaker in postwar Britain. How these innovative vehicles were received and used in these markets is detailed, and the book is illustrated with rare archive photography depicting the weird, wonderful and the downright imaginative!

Cars featured, include the bold, if not radical A90 Atlantic, the A40 Cambridge and the wooden-bodied A70 Hampshire Countryman shooting brakes.

Did your dad have one of these great British cars?

This 96-page book is available now from bookshops or from

Veloce books make the ideal Father's Day gift. With subjects ranging from practical do-it-yourself manuals, through marque and model histories to modern and classic motorsport, at prices for every pocket, there will surely be something very special for every dad. Plus, if you subscribe to the free Veloce Newsletter 'On the Grid' at before Father's Day, June 21, you will get details on how to claim a special Father's Day discount as a registered Newsletter reader.

Wednesday 3 June 2009


Coming soon! Mini Cooper/Mini Cooper S (Rally Giants Series) by Graham Robson.
This is a comprehensive study of the career of one type of rally car – the BMC Mini-Cooper/Mini-Cooper S. In the 1960s the Mini became famous as Britain’s most successful rally car. It combined superb handling, a tiny body shell, high-performance engines and the excellence of front-wheel-drive in an irresistible package. Not only this, but the works team included famous drivers like Paddy Hopkirk, Timo Makinen and Rauno Aaltonen.
The works Minis not only won the Monte Carlo three times – 1964, 1965 and 1967 – along with the European Rally Championship in 1965, but also won events all over the world. Because Minis were British, and well-promoted, they became seen as giant-killers, and were the people’s favourite for many years. The car outpaced many of its rivals, and this book examines exactly who they were, and how they came to be defeated by the ‘mighty Mini.’

Even today, works Minis appear at every gathering of classic cars – and in 2009, Mini celebrates its 50th birthday. Packed with over 100 photographs, this book is a fitting and timely tribute to a much-loved Rally Giant.
Click here for more info about the book.


Hemmings Motor News have given a great rundown of La Carrera Panamericana by Johnny Tipler.
Click image to view full size.

Click here for more info about the book.

Tuesday 2 June 2009


GM files for bankruptcy in US

A new chapter in the 101-year history of General Motors was has started today (Monday, June 1) following the company’s decision to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in the United States.

In a statement GM said: “Pending approvals, the ‘New GM’ is expected to launch in about 60 to 90 days as a separate and independent company from the ‘current GM’ with two distinct advantages: it will be built from only GM’s best brands and operations, and it will be supported by a stronger balance sheet due to a significantly lower debt burden and operating cost structure than before.”

US President Barack Obama is due to make a statement explaining why the American government was supporting the move.

The decision to file for bankruptcy protection makes GM, until last year the world’s largest carmaker, the largest bankruptcy of an industrial business in history and the third largest corporate failure in US history.

Chapter 11 bankruptcy protects GM from its creditors, while it restructures the business.

The announcement will trigger a shutdown at GM’s 47 plants across North America and the factories will remain closed until the company is able to emerge from the Chapter 11 process.

As part of GM’s bankruptcy package, the US government is expected to offer the company a further $30 billion of new loans.

The restructuring is likely to see more than a dozen North American plans close, relations severed with around 40 per cent of GM’s current dealers and four of GM’s eight brands - Pontiac, Saturn, Hummer and Saab - sold or disappear.

If all goes to plan, the ‘new’ GM will emerge within two to three months and include four brands - Chevrolet, Cadillac, Buick and GMC - as well as operations in Latin America and Asia. The unwanted businesses - mostly plants and properties - will remain in Chapter 11 to be sold or wound down.

In the ‘new’ GM it is expected that the US Treasury and the Canadian government will together hold 72.5 per cent, the United Auto Workers union will have a 17.5 per cent stake, leaving 10 per cent for unsecured bondholders. (GM: June 1/National newspapers: June 1/May 31).

Vauxhall cars to be badged Opel?

Vauxhall cars in Britain will be rebranded under the Opel name in an effort to appeal to the Russian car market, according to the former managing director of Rover.

Professor Kevin Morley, who is now director of business studies at the University of Warwick, said the involvement of Russian companies in the deal to save Opel and Vauxhall would lead to thousands of cars being imported into Russia under the Opel brand.

“No one in Russia knows what a Vauxhall is,” he said. “I’m sure we’ll see Vauxhall the brand disappear soon after the deal. Vauxhalls in the UK will sell here as Opels.” (The Times Online: June 1).

‘New’ Chrysler could emerge within 48 hours

A ‘new’ Chrysler could emerge from bankruptcy protection on Wednesday (June 3) after a judge today (Monday, June 1) ruled in favour of the sale of the slimmed down company.

The bankruptcy court approved the sale of most of Chrysler’s assets to Fiat, the US and Canadian governments and the United Auto Workers union for a $2 billion cash payment to senior lenders.

Under the terms of the deal, Fiat will control 20 per cent of Chrysler, while 68 per cent will be owned by a union trust, and the two governments will share 12 per cent. The two governments have agreed to provide about $8bn in loans to the new Chrysler.

Bankruptcy judge Arthur Gonzalez said in his written ruling that the only alternative to the sale would have been the ‘immediate liquidation’ of Chrysler. ( Times: June 1).

Monday 1 June 2009


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