Tuesday 31 January 2012


How To Power Tune MGB 4-Cylinder Engines For Road & Track (Speedpro) by Peter Burgess
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Edward Turner – the man behind the motorcycles by Nick Walker
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The Efficient Driver's Handbook by Dave Moss
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Friday 27 January 2012


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Thursday 26 January 2012


Jamiroquai front man and self-confessed petrolhead Jay Kay is bringing his Porsche 914-6 to this year’s Race Retro for a reunion with one of its original drivers, rally legend Bjorn Waldegard. Bjorn will be seeing if the car stands the test of time on the high octane Live Rally Stage on Saturday 25th and Sunday 25th February, before Jay Kay himself gets behind the wheel.

Bjorn drove the 914-6 in the Monte Carlo Rally, an event in which the Porsche was expected to excel. Three works-prepared cars were entered, driven by Bjorn, Ake Andersson and Gerard Larrousse, all highly skilled drivers who knew the Monte course like the backs of their hands. But the weather was to deal the Porsche team a cruel blow.

The 1971 Monte Carlo Rally was the snowiest on record. Andersson and Larrousse were forced to retire with gearbox problems, but Bjorn soldiered on to finish a worthy third overall. Sadly this marked the end of Porsche's support for the 914-6 in competition despite the fact that a 914-6 GT had won its class at Le Mans in 1970.

The 914-6 is just one of the amazing vehicles in singer Jay Kay’s collection of over 37 rare classics and luxurious supercars. Jay is a keen competitor when it comes to cars, having topped the leaderboard on Top Gear’s Star in a Reasonably Priced Car challenge so he’s bound to push the car to the limits on the specially designed course at Stoneleigh Park.

Adult tickets for Race Retro, sponsored by Peter James Insurance, start at £20 in advance with children’s tickets at £5 for Friday and Saturday and free on Sunday. Car parking is free and has been moved to a hard surface area nearer to the halls. The show is open from 9.30am each day and closes at 5.30pm on Friday and Saturday and 4.30pm on Sunday. To book tickets and for the latest updates, visit www.raceretro.com.

Now available in eBook format! Porsche 914 & 914-6 – The definitive history of the road & competition cars By Brian Long.
Perceived as a reasonably priced entry level model for Porsche, the 914's early history was blighted by political problems with VW’s new management. However, by the end of production, almost 119,000 examples had been sold. This book records the full international story of the mid-engined 914, from concept through to the final production car, illustrated throughout with contemporary material. Today the 914 is an affordable and practical classic. iBookstore, Kindle, Waterstones.

Wednesday 25 January 2012


Over three quarters of motorists (78 per cent)* would consider retro-fitting their car in some way to improve economy and save money.

With many motorists finding it a challenge to maintain their current car, let alone replace it with a new, more efficient model, tinkering under the hood could be one way that drivers could cut their fuel consumption. Measures such as retro-fitting a hybrid or EV system, engine chipping or a conversion to allow a vehicle to run on a different fuel type such as biofuel or LPG, are just some of the measures drivers may be considering. Of course, modifications to improve fuel economy can be much milder than this and can include things such as removing factory-fitted roof racks, adding a belly pan or covering the wheels with smooth covers.

With average petrol prices now at 133p a litre (according to PetrolPrices.com as of 19/01/2012) it is easy to see why motorists are increasingly looking for methods to conserve fuel. Of course, the old advice about eco-driving and good car maintenance still remain some of the easiest as well as the cheapest ways to improve your economy.

But if you are considering retro-fitting your car, TheGreenCarWebsite.co.uk has some advice for drivers:

1. Considering converting to LPG? Make sure you use an UKLPG Approved Autogas Installer and ensure you contact your insurer as well as your vehicle manufacturer if you still have a manufacturer warranty in place. According to the UKLPG Association, you could save 40 per cent of your current fuel costs compared with petrol car and over 20 per cent compared to the equivalent diesel (see drivelpg.co.uk for more information).
2. Engine chipping or remapping as it is also known, is the process of reprogramming the car’s ECU, usually to improve performance, although it can also improve economy. Again you need to check with your insurance company and be aware that fuel chipping may affect your manufacturer warranty. It can cost a couple of hundred pounds but it can in some circumstances reduce your fuel consumption by around 20 per cent.
3. Retro-fitting a hybrid of EV system to your current vehicle may be cheaper than buying a new hybrid, but it is something should carefully consider beforehand. With ever more hybrids and electrics becoming available, it is getting more affordable all the time. For example, Toyota is planning to launch what it says will be ‘Europe’s most affordable hybrid’ in the form of a hybrid Yaris, due out before the end of the year. No exact details of price just yet but it could be a very popular model when it arrives.
4. Making your own biofuel by collecting waste oil is messy and time-consuming, although there are people out there that are willing to do it to save money. An easier way is to use a high biofuel content blend such as B30, just be careful that it’s suitable for your car. If in doubt check with your manufacturer.

Source: TheGreenCarWebsite.co.uk

Tuesday 24 January 2012


Norm Mort, author of Anglo-American cars, American ‘Independent’ Automakers, American Station Wagons, American Woodies, Micro Trucks, Triumph Stag EBG & American Trucks sent us these pics of his burns night celebrations as he finishes work on his next book Dogs on wheels – Travelling with your canine companion.

Norm Mort, centre

Norm Mort with Austin, cover star of new book!

Coming soon!
Dogs on Wheels – travelling with your canine companion takes a look at you, your family, your vehicle, and most importantly your dog, and tells you how to get the most out of travelling with your four-legged friend – whether for five minutes or five hours.
Helpful advice, insights into your dog’s world, and guidance on choosing the right vehicle are only a part of this comprehensive look at travelling with your dog.
Packed with original colour photographs, and containing invaluable information and opinion from veterinarians and an animal behaviourist. More info.

Monday 23 January 2012


Former Chairman of the Meriden Workers' Co-op John Rosamond commented today that in these times of political enthusiasm for "responsible capitalism" individuals considering participation in such ventures would gain an in depth insight from reading his book Save the Triumph Bonneville! The Inside Story of the Meriden Workers' Co-op. A detailed "warts and all" case study of the most famous of Tony Benn's worker co-operatives that, against all the odds, survived from 1975 to 1983: a period when the UK economy was similar to that of 2012 causing mass unemployment heading towards 3 million.

Based upon his Meriden experience Rosamond advises that co-ops should not been seen as a soft option to "normal" enterprise as they have to co-exist in the real world with exactly the same business disciplines, rules and regulations. However, the major advantage co-operatives do have is that employee participation in ownership guarantees total commitment and a share in the business' financial success. Perhaps if this approach is pursued more widely in the UK, the more equal and happy society politicians are looking for will result.

Save the Triumph Bonneville! The Inside Story of the Meriden Workers' Co-op is available from Veloce Publishing, good bookshops and online retailers. MP's can borrow a copy from The House of Commons library.

Extract from Tony Benn's foreword to Save the Triumph Bonneville -

"This book, which tells the story of the Meriden Motorcycle Co-operative, is one of the most important and relevant histories of British industry that I have ever read, and the reason is that it was written by somebody who was involved on the picket lines with workers determined to keep the plant open to the end, over ten years later.
"Visiting the plant and experiencing the excitement and innovation there was a real inspiration that can only come from industrial democracy, and offers us lessons for today.
"That is why this is such an important book, and I strongly recommend anyone interested in the future of Britain to read it carefully."

Tony Benn with a copy of the book. (Photo courtesy Erum Waheed).

Written by the ex-Chairman of the workers’ board of directors of the famous Meriden co-op, this is the real story of the last bastion of British motorcycle production following the collapse of the industry. It’s also the story of a workforce’s refusal to let the Triumph Bonneville die ...

"THE reference book about the Meriden Co-op and one which will be referred to by future historians." – Nacelle

"Any devotee of the British industry must read this book published by Veloce, which is a landmark publication that will no doubt be studied by scholars and students for many years to come." – inter-bike.co.uk

Friday 20 January 2012


1: Tales from the Toolbox (Oliver)
2: Walking the Dog (RAC) (Rees)
3: The Story of Sprite Caravans (Jenkinson)
4: Which Oil? (Michell)
5: Fate of the Sleeping Beauties (op de Weegh/Hottendorff/op de Weegh)
6: Race & Trackday Driving Tech (SpeedPro) (Hornsey)
7: You and Your Cockapoo (Alderton)
8: Volkswagen Bus EBG (App) (Copping/Cservenka)
9: Cobra Replicas EBG (Ayre)
10: How to Build Motorcycle-engined Racing Cars (Pashley)

Thursday 19 January 2012


This year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed (28 June - 1 July 2012), will mark two key anniversaries, with the peak of sports car racing 40 years ago, and the launch of the exciting Group C era 30 years back.

Forty years ago, the 1972 season was a pivotal year in sports car racing. In America, Can-Am was at its peak, with a fascinating battle for supremacy between McLaren, Porsche, Shadow and Lola, while in Europe a change in regulations prompted an intriguing fight between Ferrari, Matra and Alfa Romeo. Although ostensibly similar in appearance, these cars were very different in design philosophy, highlighting fundamental differences between European and American racing – technical sophistication versus raw power. A special class at the 2012 Festival of Speed will bring these cars together, providing a unique opportunity to witness the most exciting sports racing prototypes of all time in no-holds-barred action.

A decade later, the Group C era began in 1982, and went on to become one of the most competitive in sports car racing history, with an unprecedented number of factory teams. This summer’s Festival of Speed will celebrate 30 years since the launch of Group C, with a dedicated class including cars from Porsche, Jaguar, Mercedes, Toyota, Nissan, Aston Martin, Lancia and Peugeot. As well as a stunning sight in the Festival paddock, these cars are sure to be amongst the fastest up the famous Goodwood Hill, with many in the running for fastest time of the weekend.

Coming soon!
Le Mans Panoramic
By Gavin Ireland
The Le Mans 24 Hours is the ultimate endurance race, and a classic feature of the motorsport calendar. This book captures the sheer scale and drama of this legendary race as never before, using specialist panoramic photography to give an unprecedented wide angle view of how the race is entered, watched, won, and lost. It is a timeless tribute to the Le Mans 24 Hours. More info.

Thursday 12 January 2012


"We were impressed with the book version of Motorway Walks for Dogs, but this app is even more useful" - Auto Express, Jan 2012

Anyone who drives on the motorways of England, Scotland and Wales will benefit from this guide to walks within 5 miles of motorway exits. All of the UK is covered, from Exeter to Perth and Swansea to Canterbury.

Use this app to get more fun for your fuel, see more of the countryside, take a healthy break, or enjoy a relaxing pub lunch.

Each page features a 30 to 45 minute walk, with a selected pub or café along the way. Activities for children are included, from bouncy castles to nature trails.

All of the walks are suitable for dogs, and those with assistance dogs will find details of accessible paths and disabled facilities – for example, RADAR, a key that is made available to registered disabled people, which enables them to access locked disabled WCs and facilities.

The listed pubs all welcome well-behaved canines.

Most of the pubs are traditional inns, serving high quality food at realistic prices. Landlords, chefs and opening times can change quickly, and phone numbers are given for you to check in advance to avoid disappointment.

In the text, ‘half-left/right’ is a walk direction convention that is used to describe a 45 degree turn in either of these directions.

Many more motorway walks, dog-friendly pubs, beaches and country walks are on our website: www.drivingwithdogs.co.uk. We hope you visit the site and share your comments and suggestions.

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The new Porsche Boxster arrives in the UK this spring offering open-top driving enthusiasts a new generation of the benchmark roadster. The Boxster has an all-new lightweight body, new flat-six engines with direct petrol injection, a completely revised chassis and evolutionary styling.

Considerably lower weight, a longer wheelbase, widened track and larger wheels significantly enhance the driving dynamics of the mid-engined sports car. These attributes, combined with many other new features including electro-mechanical power steering, result in the new Boxster not only offering superior performance but also up to 15 per cent greater fuel efficiency.

Distinctive roadster styling

The styling of the new Boxster clearly signals the unique driving experience on offer; with shorter front and rear overhangs, significantly forward-shifted windscreen, a flatter silhouette and expressive edges. Inside, the passengers are enclosed by a new fully electric hood, which now dispenses with a compartment lid for the convertible top when stowed. The interior design offers the driver and passenger more space and reflects the new Porsche outline, while the distinctive centre console – originating in the Carrera GT – further improves ergonomics.

Charismatic flat-six ‘boxer’ engines

The new generation Porsche roadster makes its debut in the classic Porsche pairing of Boxster and Boxster S. Both derivatives are powered by charismatic flat-six engines with direct petrol injection, the efficiency of which is further enhanced by electrical system recuperation, thermal management and start/stop function.

The new power unit fitted in the Boxster delivers 265 hp (195 kW) from a 2.7 litre displacement – 10 hp more than its larger capacity predecessor. Technically, it is now based on the 3.4-litre engine of the Boxster S. The 3.4-litre now delivers 315 hp (232 kW), 5 hp more than before. Both models feature a manual six-speed gearbox as standard, with the seven-speed dual-clutch Porsche Doppelkupplungsgetriebe (PDK) available as an option.

Porsche Intelligent Performance

Both models achieve their best fuel consumption and acceleration performance with the PDK.

Fuel consumption for the Porsche Boxster with PDK is 36.7mpg, and 35.3mpg for the Boxster S. With gear changes achieved without interruption to the flow of power, the Boxster sprints from

0- 62mph in 5.7 sec, the Boxster S in just 5.0 sec.

To enhance the driving dynamics further, the Sport Chrono Package option is offered on the Boxster, featuring Dynamic Transmission Mounts for the first time. Also new in the Boxster is the option of Porsche Torque Vectoring (PTV) with a mechanical rear limited slip differential.

The new Porsche Boxster in the UK

Built in Zuffenhausen, Stuttgart, the new Porsche Boxster will go on sale in the UK from April 28. The Boxster is priced from £37,589, and from £45,384 for the Boxster S.

The Boxster features an Alcantara interior, 18” alloy wheels, Auto stop/start and Sports mode, remote control hood operation, audio CD with 7-inch colour touch-screen control, a universal audio interface offering MP3 connectivity and a three year warranty.

The Boxster S adds 19-inch alloy wheels, partial leather interior and Bi-Xenon headlights in addition to the power advantage of the larger 3.4-litre engine.

All new Boxster customers can also explore the potential of their car by participating in a complimentary course at the Porsche Experience Centre, Silverstone.
Source: Porsche

Coming soon! Porsche 986 Boxster - The Essential Buyer's Guide
Your marque expert: Adrian Streather

Having this book in your pocket is just like having a real marque expert by your side. Benefit from the author’s years of real ownership experience, learn how to spot a bad car quickly, and how to assess a promising one like a professional. Get the right car at the right price!

More info.


There is a fantastic review of The Book of the Lamborghini Urraco by Arnstein Landsem on Automobiliac.com. Nice to receive some praise too! Here is a snippet of the review:

"Veloce has gone from strength to strength lately, and at this point I would consider them the foremost publisher of affordable automotive books in the world. Veloce consistently delivers books that are comprehensive without being pedantic, profusely illustrated, well produced in terms of printing and layout, and accessibly priced. And the new Urraco book is no exception."

Click here to read the full review!

This book tells the amazing story of the Lamborghini Urraco. It describes the problems that beset this little supercar, and why it never got the chance it truly deserved. After its demise, the Urraco lived on in the form of the Silhouette and the Jalpa, and both these models are also covered in detail in the pages of this book. The unique Bravo and Athon concept cars are also described.
Featuring detailed advice for potential buyers, as well as over 300 photos and illustrations, this is a fascinating and practical account of a future supercar classic. More info.

Wednesday 4 January 2012


This summer’s 2012 Silverstone Classic powered by the AA will be one of just three official showpiece events celebrating the 50th anniversary of the MGB, widely hailed as one of Britain’s most cherished sportscars.

The world’s biggest classic motor racing festival has teamed up with the MG Car Club and the MGB50 committee to establish a special trilogy of birthday parties to mark what’s a very special golden anniversary for the enduring and endearing MGB.

The celebrations for the world famous ‘B’ open with MGLive! in June and conclude with a static showcase gathering at Blenheim Palace in September. In between comes this year’s all-action, three-day Silverstone Classic, staged at the home of the British Formula 1 Grand Prix from 20-22 July. All MGB owners attending these three special trilogy events will be presented with a unique commemorative rally plaque exclusive to the individual festivity.

As well as featuring the very best of historic racing plus live music from classic rock bands, the Silverstone Classic is renowned for its huge car club displays often highlighting significant milestones in the history of iconic marques. Last year’s Classic marked the 50th anniversary of another truly great British sportscar when more than 1000 E-type Jaguars helped to establish a new Guinness World Record. Now the focus will switch to the much-loved MGB, first launched to the public at the Earls Court Motor Show in 1962.

“We are very proud to welcome the MGB50 celebration to the Silverstone Classic,” said event director Nick Wigley. “The ‘B’ is at the heart of the classic car movement in the UK and, as part of this trilogy of special events, we look forward to giving owners a great rocking and racing experience. This is a fantastic era for celebrating golden milestones in the British sportscar industry – last year the Silverstone Classic honoured the 50th birthday of the E-type with a Guinness World Record; this year we will be paying homage to 50 years of the remarkable MGB.”

In total more than half a million MGBs were built between 1962 and 1980 in Abingdon – home of the illustrious MG factory situated just down the road from Silverstone to the south of Oxford. From the original Mark I roadster, through to the elegant MGB GT and the fearsome GT V8, the evergreen MGB has endeared itself as one of the most affordable and adored models whether as a first sportscar, desirable convertible, potent coupé or restoration project. The ‘B’ also enjoyed some notable racing and rallying successes during the Sixties with victories, either outright or in class, in a number of major endurance sportscar events (Brands Hatch, Nurburgring, Sebring, Targa Florio, Spa-Francorchamps) as well as the Monte Carlo Rally.

With its rich mix of on-track competition and off-track entertainment, the Silverstone Classic will provide the perfect backdrop for the MGB50 with more than 800 historic race cars in race action and 7,000 classic cars on display across the weekend. Adding to the non-stop party atmosphere there will be flat out family fun for everyone with live music from Mike & The Mechanics and Adam Ant in the evenings plus a free fun fair, retail village, air displays, demos and the new AA World feature with its own wealth of attractions. So, whether coming for the day or taking advantage of the many camping options to enjoy the full three-day festival, MGB owners will have a truly memorable 50th birthday celebration.

“It’s shaping up to be a tremendous year for the B,” confirmed MG Car Club General Manager Julian White. “Each of the three events offers MGB owners something different and I know many enthusiasts will be keen to attend all three celebrations. The MG Car Club is based in Abingdon, the spiritual home of the marque, so we know first-hand how much the MGB means to people. So it’s only natural we have big plans for the MGB50 anniversary.”

MGB50 Chairman John Watson added: “The two main MG Clubs are working together to enjoy 12 months of MGB celebrations to mark the 50 years of ‘The Great British Sports Car’.”

Full details of the 2012 Silverstone Classic powered by the AA – including information on ‘Early Bird’ ticket offers and a comprehensive selection of on-site camping facilities – are available via the event’s official www.silverstoneclassic.com website.

Source: Silverstone

Forthcoming in 2012! Memories from MG’s Abingdon Design Office - including the birth of the MGB by Don Haytor.
The story of MG Design & Development department, by MG’s Chief Engineer, Don Hayter, this book covers models and prototypes from 1956 to the close of the factory in 1980. Featuring behind the scenes anecdotes and personal accounts MG in its heyday.

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We've put together a slideshow on our website to show some of the awesome images from Le Mans Panormaic by Gavin David Ireland.

Click image to view slideshow

Coming soon from Veloce!

Le Mans Panoramic
By Gavin Ireland.
The Le Mans 24 Hours is the ultimate endurance race, and a classic feature of the motorsport calendar. This book captures the sheer scale and drama of this legendary race as never before, using specialist panoramic photography to give an unprecedented wide angle view of how the race is entered, watched, won, and lost. It is a timeless tribute to the Le Mans 24 Hours.

More info.


Visitors to Race Retro are to be given the chance to drive a rally car, thanks to HERO, The Historic Endurance Rallying organisation. For just £20, visitors to the event, which takes place at Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire, from Friday 24th to Sunday 26th February, will be given the chance ‘arrive and drive’ one of HERO’s rally prepared cars, put it through its paces and get a feel for rally driving on a purpose built course adjacent to the Live Rally Stage.

Hero’s ‘arrive and drive’ fleet consists of classic vehicles that have undergone extensive restoration and are maintained daily by a team of in house mechanics. Each car is prepared to meet the requirements of endurance rallying as they can be hired for use at events all over the world. Visitors can either book on the day or contact enquiries@heroevents.eu to reserve a time slot that fits in with the rest of their time at the show.

In the halls, Hero will not only have the extremely rare low-drag lightweight 1964 Jaguar E-Type Lindner Nocker on display, but will also reveal the Hero Village featuring key partners such as CES and Autosessive, Classic Motor Cars Limited, Bob Watson Engineering, bodywork specialist C&N Customs and Puzzle Ltd. These companies will be offering exclusive show offers throughout the weekend.

There will be the usual selection of competition cars and clubs – the backbone of the sport – making Race Retro the place to be for anything to do with classic motor sport. Looking to invest in a piece of racing history? Visit Silverstone Auctions where you will find cars, bikes and memorabilia on offer.

As well as an array or cars and motorcycles, scour the autojumble for that elusive part or spare or visit the hundreds of traders offering everything from helmets and racewear to stunning artwork, rare books and signed motorsport memorabilia.

Adult ticket prices are £20 when booking in advance, £25 on the gate. Children’s tickets are £5 on Friday or Saturday and free on Sunday. Parking is also free throughout and for 2012, the parking areas have been moved to hard surface areas within close proximity to the halls. The show is open from 9.30am each day and closes at 5.30pm on Friday and Saturday and 4.30pm on Sunday. To book tickets and for the latest updates, visit www.raceretro.com.

Tuesday 3 January 2012


Mazda MX-5 Miata app is featured in the February 2012 edition of Automobile magazine!

Were you lucky enough to receive an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch this Christmas? Well, if you're into your motoring, too, here's some apps that may be right up your street.