Thursday 29 April 2021

Small packages. Good things.

Although things are looking up, and lockdowns are easing, we are still very much not yet back to normal. We’re seeing side effects still, especially those affecting our distributors and suppliers. 

Supply chains can be notoriously complicated, but even the simplest has been affected by the pandemic. Fortunately, our supply chain is fairly simple, but one side effect we are seeing, is that we are occasionally receiving very small batches of books before our distributors, and before the main bulk of stock arrives at our distributors’ warehouses.

"Great!", you cry. Well, yes, but it does complicate things a little …

Because the numbers received are so small – sometimes just a single box – we can’t send our usual IN STOCK NOW notifications to our subscribers. It’s likely the book would sell out before everyone had had a chance to even see the email.

But we don’t like withholding stock; we want to get our books into your hands as fast as possible. So, if you’ve visited our site recently, you’ll likely have noticed that a few books have appeared without the usual fanfare. Whilst we’re not announcing these books to all our subscribers via email until bulk stock arrives, you can still ensure you get the heads-up first, by using our Notify me feature. We’ve covered this on our blog before, and it’s become one of our’s, and our customers, favourite features.

So far, we’ve received three small consignments of books, all currently available. Let’s take a look …

Ford Cars
Ford UK cars 1945-1995
A Pictorial History

David Rowe brings us our latest addition to our Pictorial History series, and fills a very important gap. Packing an incredible amount of information and detail into a pocket-sized volume is no mean feat, but this book really is an encyclopaedia in your pocket.

With over 300 photos, model variations, special models, specifications, colour schemes, and more, packed into its 160 pages, this is one book Ford fans can’t afford not to own. 

A brilliant – even essential – reference book for Ford fans, marque mavens, and authenticity anoraks!

£16.99 UK • $27.50 USA • $36.50 CAN
SKU: V5642 Format: Paperback • 21x14.8cm • 160 pages • 330 pictures

Volkswagen Type 4, 411 and 412
The final rear-engined VW cars

Most people, when they hear the word "Volkswagen," think of Beetles, campers, or Golfs. But this latest book from Marc Cranswick is a deep study of Volkswagen’s first luxury model, and the last all new air-cooled car: the Type 4.

It’s also the first English language book dedicated to the Type 4, not to mention the most detailed. With full model histories of the 411 and 412 models, it covers everything from initial concept and design, to the model’s legacy today. 

You’ll find not only detailed specifications and performance tables, but a revealing account of Volkswagen’s search for a place in a changing and challenging global marketplace.

£35 UK • $60 USA • $80 CAN
SKU: V5522 Format: Hardback • 25x20.7cm • 184 pages • 223 pictures

Cool Recipes & Camping Hacks for VW Campers

This book is a first for Veloce – a recipe book! Well, not only a recipe book. From the Barefoot Chef, Dave Richards, comes this collection of al fresco dining ideas, perfect for camping with limited resources, and on a budget.

Packed with over 60 tasty camping-friendly recipes, and with dozens of camping tips, and funny tales, it’ll make even the most consummate couch potato want to be a culinary camper … and shows them how. From blinged-up basics, to al fresco fine dining, it’s a reference book one minute, and campfire read the next.

Head over to our website to see a list of the recipes.: you can even try your hand at the Barefoot Chef’s Mushroom Burger recipe. Grab a copy today, and go from camping zero to camping hero with the Barefoot Chef. 

£14.99 UK • $25 USA • $32.99 CAN
SKU: V5745 Format: Paperback • 21x14.8cm • 128 pages • 184 pictures

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