Friday 21 December 2007

8 Reindeer Power Sledge !!!(9 if counting Rudolph)

It's christmas time!, it's an automotive blog! it's a Porsche sledge!

Found this on the Porsche site. You would be the coolest kid on your local snowy slope if you rocked up with one of these. Into Porsches? Well Veloce Publishing has a great range of books on a variety of models. Models covered: 356, 911, 914, 924, 928, 944, 993 and the Boxter. I had a proper good look at Adrian Streather 's Porsche 993 'King of Porsche' and this book is the real deal for any 993 owner or enthusiast. Imagine a book the size of the yellow pages on your favorite car. Check the detail on the page here.

The ESSENTIAL companion!
640 pages, 1,300 photos and diagrams!
How to troubleshoot and repair
How to service
How to improve performance
How to authenticate a 993
What to look for when purchasing
Engine & engine management system
Transmission, running gear, wheels & tyres
Complete explanation of electrical systems
Complete historical review of the 993 on & off the race track
It's all here!


The 993 version of the evergreen 911 is sometimes described as the “King of Porsche”. This book chronicles the development, racing history and all ownership issues of the 993 in tremendous detail. Containing a buyers/owners guide and well over one thousand photographs, this book features incredibly in-depth information about all aspects of the Porsche 993.


This book about the Porsche 993 is the third of a planned six covering a range of Porsche models. This book carries on the tradition established with the author’s first Porsche 911 book (Robert Bentley) which covered the 964 series. Contains absolutely everything a 993 owner needs to know. Every model and version is included. Engines, transmissions, suspension and how to improve the performance are covered as well as the fixes for common problems.
This book really is the essential companion for the 993 owner or would-be owner. No need to ask questions online anymore, the answers are all here.

Thursday 20 December 2007

Wednesday 19 December 2007

Veloce Publishing on Facebook

I am pleased to announce that Veloce Publishing is now on Facebook pages. Swing by and become one of our fans. Click here to vist.

Little Dune Buggy, in the sand....

Into dune buggies? Well good news! I've got a game I found on for you to pass the time away and news of a new dune buggy book from Veloce Publishing.

Building a Dune Buggy - The Essential Manual

There has been a huge resurgence of interest in Dune Buggies (Beach Buggies), kit cars based on the chassis and running gear of fatally corroded VW Beetles. Here is the complete step by step practical guide to the equipment and building techniques needed to build a Buggy, as well as sound guidance on the choice of donor car and new components. With this manual in your workshop, you can build any VW-based Dune Buggy avoiding all the common pitfalls and money sapping mistakes, and ending up with a superb, roadworthy multi-purpose vehicle.

£ 19.99 + Postage

Click here for more info on the book and how to buy.

Tuesday 18 December 2007

Motor Home, Queen of the Desert

No messing about with amazing motorhome/life pod from UNICAT.
Click here or image for more amazing shots.

And in other motor home news:


Volkswagen Camper – 40 years of freedom
Richard Copping

Review from Volkswagen Camper & Commercial, November 2007

His latest bus related offering, VW Camper: Forty Years of Freedom, follows the distinctive brochure layout style of some of his previous titles whereby (wherever possible) original brochures are reproduced in the same style and layout as originally, the pictures are the same but the text has been re-written, using the same font and print layout. The new text carries all the information found in the original text plus background information and history about that conversion or model. It's a bit like having a huge brochure library of your own, except more accessible and written to be informative. Flicking through is simply a delight, as you stop and pour over period pictures and details, but the text also fully details and documents all that minutia we owners love to digest! All the key conversions are covered and, though Splits and Bays predominate, there is excellent coverage of the T3 generation and a nod in the T4 /T5 direction. Models from outside Europe are also shown. Most of us could only dream about owning an archive brochure collection like Richard's, but with this book we get a whole library to enjoy!

Monday 17 December 2007

Car Park @ VW Facilty Rocks

Check this car park facility at VW in Wolfsburg Germany click here.

Into VW T5 camper vans? Well it's your luck day. Check out Veloces new book release by Lindsay Porter here.
1. Step-by-step manual to converting a Transporter
Van to a Camper.
2. Incredibly detailed, step-by-step instructions and over 500 colour illustrations.
3. Choosing the best van for your needs and preparing it.
4. Guide to planning the layout and choosing fittings.
5. Hot to fit a high-top, step-by-step.
6. How to fit an elevating roof, step-by-step.
7. How to cut panels and fit side windows.
8. Building and fitting-out the interior furniture.
9. Planning and fitting gas, water and electric components - with Safety notes.
10. Produced with conversion kit manufacturers and VW-approved converters.

John Cooper Clarke- Hire Car

Here is a poem by the great John Cooper Clarke about hire cars.

HIRE CAR By John Cooper Clarke

double park - don't lock the door
push the pedals through the floor
give it loads and then some more
it's a hire-car baby

with the stick - grind the gears
watch that distance disappear
never yours in a thousand years
it's a hire-car baby

hire-car, hire-car
why would anybody buy a car?
bang it, prang it, say ta ta
it's a hire-car baby

by the way, you're on the streets
save yourself a couple of sheets
collision rate will keep it sweet
it's a hire-car baby

show this motor no respect
bump it, dump it, call collect
what else do the firm expect
it's a hire-car baby

drive the motherfucker anywhere
just like you don't care
put it down to wear and tear
it's a hire-car baby

pray the person who hired it last
didn't drive it quite so fast
this dakarum dodgem doesn't last
it's a hire-car baby

try not to kill yourself
or injure anybody else
don't forget to fasten your belts
rent it, dent it, bang it, prang it
bump it, dump it, scorch it, torch it
crash 'n' burn it, don't return it
lost deposit, let 'em earn it
who cares, it's on the firm's a hire-car baby

Friday 14 December 2007

Veloce's Download Page

Check out Veloce's Download page for cool widgets and wall papers.

Veloce Publishing on

I am pleased to say Veloce Publishing is now on Shelfari.

Check us out at

Flame On! Ron Patrick's Street-Legal Jet Powered VW Beetle.

Are you into Modded Beetles? Well check this corker by Ron Patrick and also James Hale's great book How To Modify Volkswagen Beetle Chassis.

Thursday 13 December 2007

Bodywork Tips Fromm Hacker Zen

Remove Car Dent With Airduster - video powered by Metacafe

Found this cool tip at Hacker Zen. If your into bodywork restoration check out Martin Thaddeus's book Classic Car Bodywork - Enthusiasts Restoration Manual published by Veloce Publishing too.

Wednesday 12 December 2007


The World’s Finest Police Cars

Came across this in my travels at

Check it out here

Alfa Romeo Montreal cover competition

Alfa Romeo Montreal cover competition

It's competition time, with a chance for you to win a copy of this
fantastic book!

We have three potential covers for this book and we want you to decide
which is the best!

To enter, all you have to do is email with your favourite – A, B or C. Don't forget to
include your name and contact details!

Go here for more info.

Tuesday 11 December 2007

New Edition of Veloce's ON THE GRID Newsletter

Click here

Monday 10 December 2007

RX7 Vector Tutorial

With the release of the new How to Draw & Paint Cars By Tony Gardiner book in Febuary in mind. Here is a great tutorial by Donbenni about toon based vector drawing using a RX7 as source material.Check out article here.

Draw & Paint Cars By Tony Gardiner

Cool stuff with Opel

Friday 7 December 2007

Thursday 6 December 2007

Red Red Wine....

Car Battery Charged With... - video powered by Metacafe

Pretty cool eh?! Don't blame me if your car gets drunk.

40% Discount off Veloce Books

Don’t forget our Amazon-busting
40% discount on Veloce's great range of automotive books and our gift vouchers.

Phone or order online quoting discount code "WP133". Hurry!

Offer ends at 11.59:59pm on December 20th 2007
Offer applies only to Veloce-published (non-leather bound) books and cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount or special offer).

Wednesday 5 December 2007

Tuesday 4 December 2007

Veloce Publishing- Available Titles

SMART Car Races above its Weight..............and Wins!

In preperation for the Veloce Release of The Little Book of Smart by Paul Jackson later this month, I thought you might like this to wet the appetite.

Click here for more infomation