Friday, 21 December 2007

8 Reindeer Power Sledge !!!(9 if counting Rudolph)

It's christmas time!, it's an automotive blog! it's a Porsche sledge!

Found this on the Porsche site. You would be the coolest kid on your local snowy slope if you rocked up with one of these. Into Porsches? Well Veloce Publishing has a great range of books on a variety of models. Models covered: 356, 911, 914, 924, 928, 944, 993 and the Boxter. I had a proper good look at Adrian Streather 's Porsche 993 'King of Porsche' and this book is the real deal for any 993 owner or enthusiast. Imagine a book the size of the yellow pages on your favorite car. Check the detail on the page here.

The ESSENTIAL companion!
640 pages, 1,300 photos and diagrams!
How to troubleshoot and repair
How to service
How to improve performance
How to authenticate a 993
What to look for when purchasing
Engine & engine management system
Transmission, running gear, wheels & tyres
Complete explanation of electrical systems
Complete historical review of the 993 on & off the race track
It's all here!


The 993 version of the evergreen 911 is sometimes described as the “King of Porsche”. This book chronicles the development, racing history and all ownership issues of the 993 in tremendous detail. Containing a buyers/owners guide and well over one thousand photographs, this book features incredibly in-depth information about all aspects of the Porsche 993.


This book about the Porsche 993 is the third of a planned six covering a range of Porsche models. This book carries on the tradition established with the author’s first Porsche 911 book (Robert Bentley) which covered the 964 series. Contains absolutely everything a 993 owner needs to know. Every model and version is included. Engines, transmissions, suspension and how to improve the performance are covered as well as the fixes for common problems.
This book really is the essential companion for the 993 owner or would-be owner. No need to ask questions online anymore, the answers are all here.

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