Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Motor Home, Queen of the Desert

No messing about with amazing motorhome/life pod from UNICAT.
Click here or image for more amazing shots.

And in other motor home news:


Volkswagen Camper – 40 years of freedom
Richard Copping

Review from Volkswagen Camper & Commercial, November 2007

His latest bus related offering, VW Camper: Forty Years of Freedom, follows the distinctive brochure layout style of some of his previous titles whereby (wherever possible) original brochures are reproduced in the same style and layout as originally, the pictures are the same but the text has been re-written, using the same font and print layout. The new text carries all the information found in the original text plus background information and history about that conversion or model. It's a bit like having a huge brochure library of your own, except more accessible and written to be informative. Flicking through is simply a delight, as you stop and pour over period pictures and details, but the text also fully details and documents all that minutia we owners love to digest! All the key conversions are covered and, though Splits and Bays predominate, there is excellent coverage of the T3 generation and a nod in the T4 /T5 direction. Models from outside Europe are also shown. Most of us could only dream about owning an archive brochure collection like Richard's, but with this book we get a whole library to enjoy!