Monday 10 August 2020

Be the FIRST!

Our new web store has been live for around six months, and has been performing excellently. We've had plenty of very positive feedback on the new site, and some helpful constructive criticism, so, never ones to rest on our laurels, we've been fettling, fine-tuning, and maintaining various parts ever since the site went live.

To use an automotive analogy, all new sites need some aerodynamic and mechanical fine-tuning – an ongoing process, of course – as we improve it, and make it faster and more useful for our customers and fellow enthusiasts.

To use another automotive analogy; if our old store was the classic Jaguar of websites, our new store is more the Porsche Taycan, or something along those lines (feel free to insert your own favourite Classic / Modern auto reference in the comments below). As with all things Classic vs Modern, some classics have features that are just too good to ignore, so we've brought back a much loved feature from our own 'classic' store, hooked it up to our new power unit and chassis, and it's racing now, as you read this. (I promise that that's the last of the auto analogies).

Get ahead of the pack

You can now request a notification email be sent to you when a book comes into stock at Veloce. Every entry for a print book that's either out of stock or coming soon, now includes a Notify me button and an email address field. Simply pop your email address into the box, press the button, and we'll do the rest. The moment a book is put into stock at Veloce, you'll receive an email alert with a direct link to the product in our store, so you can buy your copy straight away, and get ahead of the pack.

As mentioned, improvements and enhancements to our web site are a continuing process, and we'll be making our behind-the-scenes tweaks as usual over the coming weeks and months. Some of you may notice, some you may not, so make sure to stay subscribed to our newsletter and mailouts to hear about new features. new books coming your way in 2020 and beyond, and all the latest news and views from Veloce Publishing. If you have a feature request, or if you think there's something we can add to our site (or remove, of course) to improve it, let us know via email.

In the meantime, head over to our online shop, choose your next great Veloce read, and get notified … and you can get your Veloce fix before anyone else!