Tuesday 30 September 2008


Another great testdrive vid from fresh digital online magazine iMOTOR.

For a story of the previous five generations of Golf – that helped make the car such an acknowledged market leader, check out the Veloce book VW Golf - Five Generations of Fun by Richard Copping. The combination of model history, coupled to hot hatch performance, all comprehensively illustrated through major photo shoots and detail pictures, make this the complete guide to the five Golf generations. With all models, including Golf spin-offs, assessed, enthusiast-driving opinions shared and marketing policy discussed, this book is a unique hot Golfology!

Forthcoming.. VW Golf GTI – The Essential Buyer’s Guide by Richard Copping and Kenneth Cservenka. While old MkI Golfs have by now largely rusted away, the availability of MkII models at giveaway prices is plentiful ... that is until three magic letters – GTI – appear on the car’s front grille and hatch. Find a good example of the MkI with the aid of this guide and you are in clover! The Buyer’s Guide carefully charts all the models that an enthusiast just has to own, from the iconic late model MkI with its pocket rocket 1.8-litre engine and 5-speed box, through to the exclusive, extremely powerful and much sought-after limited edition Rallye Golf.

Monday 29 September 2008


Despite being threatened by Hurricane Ike, author of The Fine Art of the Motorcycle Engine has a very successful book launch.

Daniel Peirce's fascinating new blog is definitely worth a read. This extract from his blog gives a great account of his book launch.

Ever been to a book launch? Neither have I, but I had one anyway.
In our lives on this earth there are events that will happen whether we like it or not, and we can do nothing to stop them- childbirth, the sun rising in the morning, and hurricanes.
I had a book launch yesterday. And I couldn’t have stopped it. It was going to happen whether I liked it or not.
I tend to make things up as I go along and there are no instructions on how to have a book launch. When the books were printed I was told that they would be available to me in three or four weeks. So, if I planned the book launch for a couple of weeks after that I’d be ready to go. This plan was reasonable to both the book distributor and me so I set the date for the launch as September 15, 2008. I told my daughter in Chicago to go ahead and make her flight reservations to be here on that weekend.

I mailed out 125 invitations the next week giving everyone five weeks notice. A week later I learned that the books were two weeks late shipping from the printer in India, and they wouldn’t arrive at the US distributor until the day after my book launch date. Unless something happened I’d be signing napkins during my book launch. The publicist for Motorbooks International went into action, and I put myself in her hands. “Help me magic publicist, you’re my only hope!”

The venue for the launch would be Up-N-Smoke BBQ in Keller, Texas, the establishment that lent its name to the original photo project. From the invitations and response from family, friends and co-workers I was expecting around 200 people to attend. I had no way to tell everyone about a new date or that I may not have books for folks.
The publicist and my buying contact a Motorbooks were working on it. However, the books were in a container on a freighter on the ocean somewhere between Mumbai and New York Harbor. There would be no way to even touch the books until it reached New York customs two weeks before the book launch. Under normal schedules it would then take three or four days to get through customs and then three or four days to truck to the distributor’s warehouse and then a week to ship to me. Under that schedule I’d get the books just after my book launch. And that was if customs wasn’t delayed. I started making contingency plans because this was still going to happen whether I liked it or not.

After a week of anxious waiting the shipment came through NY customs only to be held up with a disagreement between the shipping company and the trucker. In the end arrangements were made to have the freight company hold the shipment long enough to send books directly to Up-N-Smoke with three-day service. That would put the books in my hands on Friday, September 12. It would be close, but it would be done.

But other things happen whether you like it or not. On September 11, I found out that Hurricane Ike would make an appearance at the book launch on Sunday. The forecast track placed it directly over Keller, Texas. At least I’d have books. It wouldn’t be good, but the die-hards would be there.

Over the next few days the storm track was shifted more and more easterly and I began to think that it wouldn’t be that bad. It wasn’t. After bracing for the worst, our area was only brushed and Sunday turned out to be a sunny, blue-sky day with mild temperatures. The launch was on… and there was still nothing anyone could do to stop it.

The launch was as good as it could have been. Up-N-Smoke has three rooms and we set up an exhibit with wine and cheese in one and everything else in the main bar room. My daughter Cat manned the cash box and my daughter Elizabeth was running credit cards. My wife Pam was entertainer at large, and I sat at the end of a table with a pen in my hand. Strange to suddenly be playing a type of character you’ve only seen in movies. Good thing I’ve seen lots of movies.

“Stay as sweet as you are, see you next fall.” That’s all I could think of as folks filed past waiting for me to write something clever in their book. Sometimes I actually thought of something clever. Sometimes it was a default “Good Luck.” Sometimes I’m just a nerdy as I look. Still, it was a part I wanted to play all of my life.

Funny thing about something like this – I couldn’t remember anyone’s name. People I new for years, close friends, family, Peckerheads I saw every week – their names only came to me after a mental struggle. Especially embarrassing if I had to break down and actually ask them. My brain had become mush. Not surprising after spending so many years getting it that way.

In the end we ended up selling all the books we brought and we considered everything a great success. Finally I felt like an author. Maybe not a great author. Maybe not even a good author. But an author nonetheless.

At the end of the launch I made a toast. To Veloce Publishing for taking a chance on me, to Motorbooks for getting the books to me, to my family who helped and supported me, and finally to the NTNOA, to Peckerheads and to friends. It was the best book launch I’ve ever had.

Click here to visit Dan's blog page on CycleWorldNetwork and see more great posts like this. Or, click here for more info about his book.


Gemini drivers are more likely to be involved in a car accident than any other star sign, according to new research by accident management specialist, Accident Exchange

The study of over 115,000 accidents found that Gemini drivers, known for their impatience, made up nearly 9% of all claims handled by the Company.

Interestingly, the three most accident-prone star signs are from consecutive months of the year, suggesting drivers born between March and June are most at risk in their vehicles.

In contrast, quick-minded Scorpions (like me, with my immaculate clean driving license!) and curious Sagittarians were the least likely to be involved in a vehicle collision.

Celebrity drivers involved in recent motoring accidents include Courtney Cox (Gemini), Morgan Freeman (Gemini), Shia LeBeouf (Gemini), George Clooney (Taurus) and Jerry Seinfeld (Taurus). However, Top Gear presenter, Richard Hammond, who was involved in a near-fatal crash whilst filming, defies his more fortunate Sagittarian star sign.


With just over a month untill the release of Lamborghini Miura Bible by Joe Sackey, why not enjoy a visit to his great site. www.joesackey.com.
The site features some of the best lamborghini photography ever seen. Some of these pictures and many more, can be found in the forthcoming book.

Joe has been a Lamborghini and Ferrari owner and enthusiast for over twenty years, and regularly writes at club and magazine level. He organised the first-ever Miura Reunion in California in 2000, and also facilitated the sale of the first million dollar Lamborghini, the Miura Roadster, in 2006. As an archivist and historian, Joe has become closely involved with the International Lamborghini Registry, and often shares his considerable experience with others looking to locate and restore that special car. Joe lives in California with his wife, Margaret, their three children, and a few old classics.

The ONLY book on the Lamborghini Miura to be published in the past twenty six years – and enthusiasts agree it is long overdue. Written by a world-renowned authority on the subject, featuring, among other things, a never-before-published factory chassis production register, technical illustrations, studio-supplied images and exclusive interviews with the designers of the car: this is essential reading for any Lamborghini fan.
click here for more info about the book

THE 571G

Top Gear fan Rick Fusari won the race to buy THE 571G during the climax of DVLA Personalised Registrations’ three-day auction at the Haycock Hotel in Wansford, Cambridgeshire. Over a dozen people were bidding for the THE 571G registration due to its obvious link to the mystery race-ace and hugely popular figure from the Top Gear TV show. The winning bid reached £10,690 for the unique plate (more than 26 times its £400 reserve!).

Thursday 25 September 2008


We have received the most overwhelming response to our recent screen saver, desktop wallpaper and widget downloads we made available over the last month. The staggering figures have far over-stretched our expectations to the extent that we have now actually had to disable the downloads facility from our site for the sake of our bandwidth.
We are delighted with the success and invite you to check back next month when there will be a new assortment of downloads up for grabs to brighten up your computer screen.

*Alternatively, visit Macupdate, where some of the downloads are still currently available.


Chrysler Introduces Advanced Electric-Drive Vehicle Prototype

The Dodge EV development Electric Vehicle is a two-passenger rear-wheel drive sports car that marries high performance with zero exhaust emissions.
The electric-drive system consists of three primary components: a 200 kW (268 horsepower) electric motor, an advanced lithium-ion battery and an integrated power controller.
The 200 kW electric-drive motor generates 650 Nm (480 lb.ft.) of torque. The instant high torque of the electric-drive motor delivers outstanding performance, accelerating the Dodge EV to 60 mph in less than five seconds, with quarter-mile times of 13 seconds. The Dodge EV has a top speed of more than 120 mph.
Working with the latest advanced lithium-ion battery technology, the Dodge EV has a continuous driving range of 150 to 200 miles – more than triple the average daily commute of most consumers. Recharging the vehicle is a simple one-step process: plugging into a standard 110-volt household outlet for eight hours. The recharge time can be cut in half to four hours by using a typical 220-volt household appliance power outlet.
The Dodge EV offers driving enthusiasts a performance sports car that can be driven to work every day – without consuming gasoline or producing tailpipe emissions.
Forthcoming! Dodge Challenger & Plymouth Barracuda – Chrysler’s Potent Pony Cars By Peter Grist.
• Covers the development from the Valiant
• Shows design concepts and development
• Fresh new photos of original vehicles
• Covers all sub-series and models
• Follows a chronological coarse through historic events
• Shows rarely seen archive pictures and period adverts
• Written in plain unpretentious English, and easy to follow
• Extended captions with the images
An in-depth look at the very desirable pony cars from Plymouth and Dodge that managed to beat the Ford mustang to the dealerships and went on to become one of the most sought after classic cars of all time.

click here for more info about the book.

Wednesday 24 September 2008


Bentley is preparing a final series of its Arnage model for an exclusive run of 150 cars. This is the culmination of 90 years of Bentley heritage and marks the 50th anniversary of the company’s iconic V8 engine signifying the end of an era as Bentley prepares for the future. This limited edition run will be launched at the Paris Motor Show next week.
The Bentley Arnage Final Series features a unique specification, combining the performance of the 500 bhp Arnage T with the refinement of the Arnage R and design elements from the Brooklands coupe, for the ultimate expression of British luxury and effortless power in a four-door saloon.

As Bentley prepares for the next generation of its flagship model, Veloce prepares work for next years eagerly anticipated publication of the second edition of this classic Bentley book.

Bentley Continental - Corniche & Azure 51-98 By Martin Bennett.
- The fastest and most powerful coachbuilt Bentleys described in vivid detail.
- Includes technical specification, performance data and a listing of individual cars.
- Profusely illustrated.
- Martin Bennett is an internationally acknowledged Rolls-Royce and Bentley expert.
- Covers - 1951 to date - Bentley Continental R Type, S1, S2 & S3; Bentley Corniche; Bentley Continental Convertible; Bentley Continental R, S & T; Bentley Azure.

Tuesday 23 September 2008


Fantastic feature in Octane Magazine's latest issue! the largest number of genuine 007 cars ever photographed in one location! The classic and performance motoring magazine, dedicates 19 pages of its November issue (on sale September 24) to feature nine of the actual cars that have helped to define Bond over his 46 years of cinematography.
Quantum of Solace, set for release in cinemas on October 31, is the 22nd film in the 007 series and sees the return of Daniel Craig as the spy with a licence to kill in his Aston Martin DBS.

The full list of bond cars in the magazine feature are as follows:

Aston Martin DB5 from Goldfinger (1964), Thunderball (1965)
Toyota 2000GT from You Only Live twice (1967)
Aston DBS (1960s) from On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969)
Lotus Esprit S1 from The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)
Lotus Esprit Turbo from For Your Eyes Only (1981)
Citroën 2CV from For Your Eyes Only (1981)
Aston Martin V8 from The Living Daylights (1987)
Aston Martin Vanquish from Die Another Day (2002)
Aston DBS from Quantum of Solace (2008) and Casino Royale (2006)

It doesn't get much better than cool cars in the movies..

Heres what Octane said about the Veloce book Motor Movies – The Posters! By Paul Veysey.
"This book will most definitely liven up a coffee table but it will also fill a niche for those who love obscure trivia or those late night movies". Review from Octane, October 2007
ALSO! BOOK OF THE MONTH - Top Gear magazine Nov '07 ... AND No.6 Channel4's 4Car Top 10: car books for Christmas 2007

click here for more info about the book

Monday 22 September 2008


Around 200 classic motorcycles of all ages will be revved and ready to excite visitors at the new Classic Bikes hall, part of the Classic Motor Show at Birmingham’s NEC from 14th to 16th November. The Pavilion, which adjoins the Classic Motor Show halls, will be turned into a 5000 square metre space dedicated to those who worship the two wheeled classic motorcycle. These will range from British pre-war to Japanese '80s bikes with some European and American models too.

Classic motorcycle clubs across the UK have eagerly snapped up the offer of free space at the show with around 20 clubs already confirmed, and the number is growing daily. This is a great opportunity for clubs to increase their membership and raise awareness of their chosen marque so clubs are advised to contact the organisers for an application form as soon as possible. Among the clubs already confirmed to be displaying at the event are BSA Owners Club, BSA Bantam Club, Moto Guzzi Club GB and Triumph Owners Motorcycle Club.

Another exciting addition which will bring a bit of rock 'n' roll to the show will be a replica version of Ace Café. The legendary bikers haunt will be celebrating its 70th anniversary with founder Mark Wilsmore giving a talk about its history.

For more information about the event, the latest updates or to book tickets, visit www.classicbikesatclassicmotor.com

BSA Bantam fans and enthusiasts check out this new Veloce book!

New! The BSA Bantam Bible By Peter Henshaw.
Year-by-year evolution of the BSA Bantam, a simple commuter bike that thousands learnt to ride on. It became the standard GPO ‘telegram bike’ in the 1950s and was a huge success, with 100,000 built in the first four years of production. It’s a story with interesting asides, like the Hummer, Harley-Davidson’s version of the DKW that inspired the Bantam, and survived into the 1960s. But it’s a sad story too – BSA failed to follow up the Bantam’s early success by developing it, and by the mid-1960s it was looking outdated, especially next to the new breed of four-stroke Hondas. That the Bantam was allowed to fizzle out in 1971 symbolised the state of the industry that produced it, but today there’s a thriving community of Bantam owner/riders. The book ends with a guide to buying a secondhand Bantam, along with useful appendices on specifications, engine/frame numbers, and contacts among the clubs and Bantam specialists. Every Bantam owner, or would be owner, needs this book - the Bantam Bible!

click here for more info about the book

Friday 19 September 2008


Alfa Romeo Montreal - The Essential Companion™
By Bruce Taylor.
The ultimate Alfa Romeo Montreal book. Available now!

The Montreal is one of the most exotic series production cars ever manufactured by Alfa Romeo. The combination of a race-bred 200bhp V8 engine with stylish Bertone coachwork puts it in a class of its own. This is the first English-language book dedicated solely to the Alfa Romeo Montreal: a comprehensive reference about buying, maintaining and improving the car, containing a wealth of technical information and practical tips for owners and potential owners.

click here for more info about the book

Thursday 18 September 2008


Recently formed Racy Ladies wants to encourage women of all ages and skill levels to learn (or hone) the art of driving fast in a friendly, non-competitive atmosphere.

The first Racy Ladies track day will be held on Sunday 9 November 2008 at Rockingham Speedway in Northamptonshire. Association of Racing Drivers Schools (ARDS) - registered instructors will be giving in-car tuition and trackside tips throughout the day, while the lunch break will allow competitors to compare notes and experiences. Helmets and other necessary safety equipment are provided as part of the £199 (including VAT) per person cost, A professional photographer will also be in attendance to capture those moments of personal glory. The event is open to any woman holding a full UK driving licence. Family, husbands, boyfriends and other friends are all welcome to come and watch. Racy Ladies is sponsored by H&H Ltd, John Clark Motor Group, Demon Tweeks, Fiskens, Black & White Garage and Gilbart-Smith Associates. For more information on Racy Ladies, or to book a place on the 9 November track day, please go to http://www.racyladies.co.uk.

Women have a proud motorsport tradition, which is explored in Veloce's forthcoming English translation of the French book:

Fast Ladies - female racing drivers 1888 to 1970 by Jean François Bouzanquet.
It took a great deal of determination on the part of women to sweep aside male resistance from the inner circles of the motoring world. This saga, with a wealth of illustrations, spans almost a century of motor racing. Discover the statuesque Camille du Gast of the 1903 Paris-Madrid race; dancer Hellé Nice, the Bugatti queen; Violette Morris, the "Hyena" of the Gestapo; the smiling rally driver, Gilberte Thirion; the sporting Annie Soisbault; Pat Moss, the sister of Sterling; the blonde Marie-Claude Beaumont of the Le Mans 24 Hours and her impressive Chevrolet Corvettes, and many more fast ladies. Over forty unique portraits of daring, brave women who took part in speed record events, rallies and Grand Prix races.

click here for more info about the book

Wednesday 17 September 2008


Veloce Publishing co-founder Jude shows us that along with 24 years experience in the publishing world she is also a dab hand at bricklaying.

The five years she and Rod spent on their barn conversion is at the heart of the Veloce story as originally the company was based in their barn conversion home where it all started in the small Dorset village of Godmanstone.

Being 'driven up the wall' with car service, repair and maintenance issues??

Click here to browse through Veloce's selection of famous Enthusiast's Shop Manuals.

Tuesday 16 September 2008


Formula One's smallest team, Toro Rosso (formerly Minardi), picks up its first win at Italian Grand Prix.

Germany's Sebastian Vettel became Formula One's youngest ever race winner at the age of 21 on Sunday, with victory for tiny Toro Rosso at Monza. The team are co-owned by Red Bull energy drink billionaire Dietrich Mateschitz, and the Austrian F1 legend Gerhard Berger.

Fernando Alonso, who finished fourth in Monza, was quick to congratulate the Toro Rosso team on its first win. It was in the team's previous incarnation as Minardi where the Spaniard Alonso made his Grand Prix debut back in 2001.
Alonso commented: "I'm happy for him [Vettel] and also for Toro Rosso, because I raced with Minardi and I know everybody there and they deserve it. It's a perfect weekend."

The team was founded by Italian Giancarlo Minardi in 1985, and its history has been one of struggling against the odds. It became renowned for giving future successful drivers such as Alonso their first drive in F1. Jarno Trulli and Giancarlo Fisichella also started their careers there.
Before being bought by Red Bull in 2006, Minardi spent most of its time in F1 at the back of the grid and struggling for money. To get the inside story of how the little team took on the giants of F1, check out the Veloce book.

New! Forza Minardi! by Simon Vigar
- THE inside story!
- Exclusive interviews with Alonso, Ecclestone, Minardi, Stoddart, Martini, Nannini, Fisichella, Webber, and many more
- How Minardi became F1's best-loved survivor
- Why Ferrari was determined to kill Minardi
- Why Minardi failed to capitalise on success
- Minardi's skill as a talent-spotter

After 20 years of glorious 'failure', the best-loved team in Formula One is consigned to the history books, and it deserves one of its own. Minardi had a successful time in Formula Two until the tiny Italian outfit was ready to hit the big time in 1985. It somehow survived in F1's shark-infested waters as bigger teams (Lotus, Arrows, Tyrrell) were dragged under. They have a truly international fan-base and are the 'second team' of most F1 devotees. Minardi is held in such affection as everyone loves the plucky underdog – Minardi's annual budget would have lasted one month at the other Italian team up the road. Yet, from its plant in Faenza near Bologna, Minardi has produced cars that qualify, sometimes score points and often lead the way in their technology. Gian Carlo Minardi also developed a reputation as a fabulous talent-spotter – Fisichella, Trulli, Webber and the youngest ever World Champion Alonso all started their F1 careers with Minardi. For the last five years, Minardi was owned by controversial Australian tycoon Paul Stoddart. Cast as David against the Goliath of F1's governing body, Stoddart constantly hit the headlines as he tried to get a more equal share of the sport's billions. Ultimately, he failed and Red Bull has now bought the team. Despite a petition of 15,000 names the Minardi name has vanished from the F1 grid and true motorheads miss it. This is the one and only inside account, with exclusive, comprehensive interviews with bosses, drivers and engineers. 140 unique photos complete this revalationary tale.

click here for more info about the book

Monday 15 September 2008


Author of the book The Fine Art of the Motorcycle Engine launches new blog today!

Daniel Peirce has been a commercial photographer for 28 years, and shooting for the motorcycle industry since 1988. His photography has appeared in virtually every major motorcycle magazine in the US. As a writer, Daniel has been a frequent contributor to Ride Texas, Thunder Roads and Cruisin’ Times magazines. For the last twelve years he’s been producing catalogues and magazine ads as the head of photography for Tucker Rocky Distributing, a leading distributor of motorcycle parts and accessories in America. Daniel is an avid motorcycle rider and a vintage motorcycle enthusiast.
Visit CycleWorldNetwork for a fascinating Q & A with Daniel. Or click here to see his new blog.

New! The Fine Art of the Motorcycle Engine – The Story of the Up-N-Smoke Engine Project By Daniel Peirce.

By tradition, the motorcycle is a naked beast, differing from other vehicles by the fact that its mechanical structure is also part of its aesthetic appearance. In The Fine Art of the Motorcycle Engine, photographer Daniel Peirce examines the graphic nature of historic engines with stunning and dramatic photography. Since the beginning of the motorbike, engine designers knew they had to design power plants that performed well and looked good. Peirce presents 64 stunning pictures from his popular UP-N-SMOKE Engine Project. In addition to his engine photography, the book also includes the story of the project and the years it took to take it from an inspired idea to a tangible reality.

click here for more info about the book


British rally champion Guy Wilks is in a race against time to land a seat with the Subaru World Rally Team for 2009 – and he needs Britain to back him. In order to raise £2 million to meet the WRC budget Subaru requires, he is appealing to British motorsport fans, motor clubs and British businessmen to get behind him. Basically, this is a chance for everyone who shares a passion for the sport to get involved in the Wilks 500 Club investment/sponsorship scheme. Guy said: "Driving for Subaru would be the realisation of a dream for me and I think it would really give British rally fans something to cheer. It would be fantastic."
Subaru has said that Guy would receive equal machinery to Petter Solberg and Chris Atkinson if the Wilks 500 Club can raise the finance to secure a third seat in the team next year.

Benefits for investors (contributions of £2000 or more) would include the opportunity for branding on the rally car and driver/co-driver teamwear. Wilks 500 Club advertisers/sponsors (support of £500 or more) will enjoy the privilege of their name, company or chosen charity being advertised on a special Union Jack montage on http://guywilks.com, together with a web link. http://guywilks.com has had more than 20,000 page views in six weeks, and the Union Jack montage will be promoted in The Sun and other national publications. You will also get free entry into the Wilks 500 Club draw, where some of the prizes you could win include a road-going Subaru Impreza WRX STi, branding on Guy's 2009 race helmet, a WRC trip for two and a white-knuckle rally ride with Guy. You will receive two free tickets to the Wilks 500 Club Party and auction – a superb opportunity to network with the motorsport community.

These Subaru books currently available from Veloce are a great insight into the iconic turbocharged car. Click book covers for more info.


With just a week to go before the 2008 Goodwood Revival (19-21 September) it has been estimated that a staggering £85 million worth of historic racing cars will take part in what would be the most expensive line up on the grid for one particular race. The one-hour, two-driver Royal Automobile Club TT Celebration race for closed-cockpit GT cars is held in the spirit of the RAC TT races that took place at Goodwood between 1960 and 1964. On show at the event will be examples of Jaguar E-type Lightweight; Ferrari 250 GT SWB, GTO and 330 LMB; AC Cobra, Shelby American Cobra Daytonas; Aston Martin DB4GT Zagato and Project 214; plus Chevrolet Corvettes.
An exciting prospect with driving greats from past and present battling it out in hot pursuit. You can guarantee the likes of Derek Bell, Martin Brundle, Patrick Tambay, Jean-Marc Gounon, Christian Horner, Richard Attwood and Jackie Oliver will not hold be holding back on the track.

Friday 12 September 2008


It has just been announced that for the third edition of the VK-sponsored Rally Show at Chatsworth some major innovations will be introduced. However, the core of the event will remain - namely, hundreds of rally cars being driven flat-out over the Chatsworth stages.
The biggest changes will be that the two-day event will now feature four stages, - two different ones each day - and the whole event will be turned on its head with the layout reversed to place the service park and exhibition area close to Chatsworth House. The result will provide even better access and viewing for the thousands of spectators.
The 2008 event broke new ground by moving to the first weekend of June and the 2009 Rally Show will stick with that date and is being held on 6/7June. It was very successful with 15,000 people attending over the weekend and watching just over 150 rally cars performing. The menu -with actual competitions blended with stage sessions, demonstrations and displays, including historic rally cars - proved extremely popular, especially the appearance of ex-World Rally Champion, Marcus Grönholm, in a full-house Ford Focus WRC08.
No fewer than 20 former British Rally Champions attended and three of them - Ari Vatanen, David Richards and Stig Blomqvist - were also previous World Champions. The free and easy atmosphere meant that fans were able to mingle with their heroes to chat and get autographs.
The top competition is always for the fastest and most exotic rally cars; in 2008, this was graced by German visitor, Olaf Dobberkau, in his fearsome Porsche 933GT. However, the event was won for the second time in succession by Global Brands
Chairman, Steve Perez, with his Ford Focus WRC. In the background of the 2008 event were an off-road experience in trials cars for the general public, a funfair and exhibition and trade stands, all related to motor sport and motoring.
Plans for 2009 include a major increase in facilities and entertainments away from the special stages;
this has been aided by the new layout of the event. The Rally Show has always had a number of peripheral attractions, and these are set to increase to provide a wider scope for all the family to enjoy their weekend. To this end, children under the age
of 16 will be admitted free on both days in 2009. A further bonus worth noting is that any adult tickets bought before 1 January 2009 will be charged at 2008 prices.
The main sponsor of the Rally Show at Chatsworth is once again VK Vodka Kick, who will be supported by ECM Systems (Timing), S&H Recovery (Recovery and Rescue Vehicles), Haines Watts Accountants, Richard Egger Insurance and Ton Hire.com.
Another sponsor for 2009 will be Hamilton Classic Motor Sport, who have agreed to support the History of Rallying demonstration.
Announcing the 2009 event, Malcolm Neill, Managing Director of The Rally Show Ltd. said: "In the beginning, holding a major rally event like this was just a dream, but thanks to the help and support of our sponsors and the British rally fans, it is a very real success. We are hoping that we can continue to improve and innovate so that returning enthusiasts will find as much of interest as those visiting us for the first time. Above all, we want to keep it a personal experience, where the star drivers and their cars are easily approachable."
All information about the Rally Show 2009 as well as buying ticket and reserving entries for the stage sessions and events can be found on the new website at http://www.therallyshow.org, including photos and videos of last year's action.

Be sure to take a look at Veloce Publishing's Rally Giants series..

Individual Rally Giants books will focus on the cars and personalities that stand out from the crowd in the long and exciting history of rallying. The books tell the story of cars and people that have left a big impression in the record books, and the minds of rally enthusiasts the world over.

Great value for money, these books are packed with pictures, facts and feats from the annals of International rallying. Collect the whole series!


Even though the new Ford Focus RS isn't available untill early next year, Ford's UK dealer network has been inundated with orders. So far, 1000 customer orders have been placed, 40% of which are said to be making a specific request for the unique Electric Green shade that was was previewed at the British International Motor Show in London in July. Other popular requests amongst performance car enthusiasts are Frozen White and Electric Blue.
The new model marks the latest chapter in the Rallye Sport badge story, which has played such an important role in Ford's rich motorsport heritage and dates back to the iconic Ford Escort RS1600 in 1970.
Find out more about the history of RS in the Veloce book Rallye Sport Fords – The inside story by Mike Moreton. The inside story of how Rallye Sport Fords were created by Ford in the 70s and 80s, enabling works’ and private teams to be fully competitive in national and international rallies and races, to win many championships, and, for RS cars to be bought by over 100,000 enthusiast customers. With over 100 photos and illustrations, many previously unpublished this previously untold story is brought vividly to life.

click here for more info about the book

Wednesday 10 September 2008


This new design concept has a recurring central theme; the number four. With four doors, four drive wheels, four single seats and at four metres in the length. By combining versatility with style this design study is set to tempt new target groups into the world of MINI.

Look out for these two forthcoming Veloce books about Minis!

Mini – The Essential Buyer’s Guide by By Mark Paxton

Maximum Mini By Jeroen Booij

Tuesday 9 September 2008


Mazda reveals new technological developments.

Mazda has recently pledged to reduce the fuel economy of its vehicles sold globally by an average of 30 per cent by 2015 as part of its Sustainable Zoom-Zoom strategy. In order to achieve this Mazda has outlined three major developments.
- Up to 9 Percent improvement in Fuel Consumption with the Mazda Smart Idle Stop System (SISS)
- Cleaner MZR-CD 2.2-litre Turbo Diesel with more Power and Torque
- Innovative Plastic Moulding Technology
This new technology builds on Mazda’s renowned lightweight strategy.

Coming soon! New reprint of Mazda MX-5 Miata By Brian Long.

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Monday 8 September 2008


Citroën has just released details of its new convertible supermini, the C3 Pluriel - The Charleston. It will be shown for the first time at this years Paris Motor Show next month.
The new look of the C3 Pluriel Charleston certainly seems to lend itself to the design of Citroën’s iconic 2CV. This year, incidently, celebrates the 60th anniversary of Citroën’s famous car.

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Friday 5 September 2008


Exclusive news from Joe Sackey, Miura expert and author of "The Lamborghini Miura Bible" to be published in November 2008 by Veloce Publishing Ltd.

Purely as a design exercise, aimed at keeping demand for Lamborghini’s Miura on the crest of a wave, Nuccio Bertone assigned Marcello Gandini a styling project to create a Spyder version of the Miura, commencing in the second half of 1967.
The ‘Lamborghini Bertone Miura Roadster,’ as it was officially christened, was finished in a light metallic blue with an off-white leather interior with red carpeting. The dashboard and steering remained black, and the steering wheel itself was the original avant-garde unit that was also used on the Marzal. This Miura carried chassis number 3498 (which, in accordance with its one-off prototype status, is not even listed in the factory’s original production chassis number register), and P400 engine number 1642 was fitted.
For the January 1968 Salon de L’Automobile Bruxelles, Bertone pulled off another masterstroke when he unveiled this Miura Spyder to a gob-smacked Ferruccio Lamborghini, who, we are told, only saw the show car for the first time at the preview the day before. However, Bertone told Lamborghini to put any ideas of production right out of his mind: “We couldn’t make this car for production because there were untold problems with stress-tolerance issues involving the chassis and the windscreen. It’s purpose was simply that of a showcar,” Bertone confided to a GM stylist years later.
With its Bertone publicity duties completed, the Spyder was sent to Sant’Agata (where it was famously photographed by both Zagari and Coltrin, and it was fettled by the service department with the idea of making it roadworthy to sell as an expensive one-off.
In 1968, International Lead and Zinc Research Organisation (ILZRO) CEO, the late Shrade Radtke, was looking for something radical to showcase the zinc alloys, coating and plating systems the company promoted for the major manufacturers in the Detroit area. It was decided to purchase a standard production Lamborghini Miura Berlinetta and have it specially built using zinc-based components and trim wherever possible.
Onwards then to Sant’Agata, and a meeting with Paolo Stanzani. However, Stanzani was against the idea of modifying a production Miura, and came up with the convenient solution of offering the one-off Miura Roadster, at the time at Sant’Agata for fettling. The offer was accepted on the spot.
In May of 1969, the "ZN75" was completed, now adorned with much extra brightwork and painted metalic green, and Bertone arranged for a private showing at a villa in Turin, attended by the hierachy of the Italian automotive industry. It was a special day, and Bertone, was proudly pictured with the car on that occasion.
There followed a globe-trotting schedule of International Motor Shows -
August 1969 – Shown in Detroit, Michigan
October 1969 – Shown in Montreal, Canada
November 1969 – Shown in Anaheim, California
January 1970 – Shown in Detroit, Michigan
January 1970 – Shown in Montreal, Canada
February 1970 – Shown in London, England and featured on BBC TV
April 1970 – Shown in Palmerton, Pennsylvania
July 1970 – Shown in Tokyo, Japan
August 1970 – Shown in Sydney, Australia
November 1970 – Shown in Paris, France
After a final showing at the 1978 Detroit Motor Show, in February of 1981, Radtke donated the car to the Boston Museum of Transportation for an estimated $200,000 tax deduction. In the mid-1980s, it was refurbished and its interior upholstery replaced.
In 1989, it was purchased by the Portman group, and has spent its life since then shuttling from auction house to temporary owner, likely because its full history and significance is unknown by most. Auctioned off soon thereafter, it spent a number of years in Japanese collection. In 2002 it returned to the USA for a brief sojourn, before finding another home with a Ferrari collector in France.
In December 2006, the priceless Miura Roadster was finally purchased by a New York property developer who, at huge cost, has had the car returned to its original 1968 Salon de L’Automobile Bruxelles specification. The conversion, by the Bobileff Motorcar Company, was completed in late August 2008.

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