Monday, 29 September 2008


Gemini drivers are more likely to be involved in a car accident than any other star sign, according to new research by accident management specialist, Accident Exchange

The study of over 115,000 accidents found that Gemini drivers, known for their impatience, made up nearly 9% of all claims handled by the Company.

Interestingly, the three most accident-prone star signs are from consecutive months of the year, suggesting drivers born between March and June are most at risk in their vehicles.

In contrast, quick-minded Scorpions (like me, with my immaculate clean driving license!) and curious Sagittarians were the least likely to be involved in a vehicle collision.

Celebrity drivers involved in recent motoring accidents include Courtney Cox (Gemini), Morgan Freeman (Gemini), Shia LeBeouf (Gemini), George Clooney (Taurus) and Jerry Seinfeld (Taurus). However, Top Gear presenter, Richard Hammond, who was involved in a near-fatal crash whilst filming, defies his more fortunate Sagittarian star sign.