Wednesday, 24 September 2008


Bentley is preparing a final series of its Arnage model for an exclusive run of 150 cars. This is the culmination of 90 years of Bentley heritage and marks the 50th anniversary of the company’s iconic V8 engine signifying the end of an era as Bentley prepares for the future. This limited edition run will be launched at the Paris Motor Show next week.
The Bentley Arnage Final Series features a unique specification, combining the performance of the 500 bhp Arnage T with the refinement of the Arnage R and design elements from the Brooklands coupe, for the ultimate expression of British luxury and effortless power in a four-door saloon.

As Bentley prepares for the next generation of its flagship model, Veloce prepares work for next years eagerly anticipated publication of the second edition of this classic Bentley book.

Bentley Continental - Corniche & Azure 51-98 By Martin Bennett.
- The fastest and most powerful coachbuilt Bentleys described in vivid detail.
- Includes technical specification, performance data and a listing of individual cars.
- Profusely illustrated.
- Martin Bennett is an internationally acknowledged Rolls-Royce and Bentley expert.
- Covers - 1951 to date - Bentley Continental R Type, S1, S2 & S3; Bentley Corniche; Bentley Continental Convertible; Bentley Continental R, S & T; Bentley Azure.