Monday 31 January 2011


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If all those clips airing on TV News lately from the remake of Brighton Rock, which premiered in Brighton last Wednesday night, have been bringing back memories and giving you ideas about the freedom of iconic two-wheeled motoring, this new book from Veloce could be just what you're looking for – and at £9.99 it won't break the bank, but could prevent you from making a potentially expensive mistake …

Vespa Scooters - Classic 2-stroke models 1960-2008
By Mark Paxton

Stop! Don’t let Brighton Rock tempt you into buying a classic Vespa without buying this book first! Having this book in your pocket is just like having a real marque expert by your side. Learn how to spot a bad scooter quickly and how to assess a promising one like a professional. Get the right classic Vespa at the right price!
The two stroke Vespa is rightly regarded as an iconic scooter. It’s initial purpose was to provide low cost transportation to the masses in the 1950s, but it evolved through the vibrant ’60s to became a symbol of the burgeoning youth culture, and on into the ’90s when it became firmly entrenched as an Italian icon.
The history of this phenomenon has been well documented, as has the subculture that surrounds it, but there has been no previous attempt to provide a guide to buying one of these classic scooters. This new book from Veloce Publishing, which is for sale now in all good bookshops or direct from, will help ensure that you avoid the main pitfalls and end up with your very own slice of La Dolce Vita on the driveway. Scooters look set to be the 'must have' vehicles of 2011.

Friday 28 January 2011


The British at Indianapolis by Ian Wagstaff gets Book of the Month in Octane magazine! Take a look at the review below. Click image to view full size!

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Erik Carlsson at the Monte Carlo Rally 1963

Rally legend Erik Carlsson is to support the centenary celebrations of the Monte Carlo Rally by backing a team who will compete in this week’s XIVth Monte Carlo Historique rally in an exact replica of the car that took him to victory back in 1963.

The classic Saab 96 has been created by German vintage car magazine Oldtimer Markt and will be driven by chief editor Peter Steinfurth and navigator Thorsten Loeber .They will take the start at Reims this Friday (28 January) in a car that recreates the original in every detail, right down to the 283 entry number Erik used that year. He will be on hand to wave them off.

The exploits of Erik, aka ‘On the Roof’, Carlsson helped put Saab on the automotive map in the 1960s. He is a double winner of the Monte Carlo Rally in 1962 and 1963 and also took a hat-trick of RAC Rally victories in 1960-62. Now 82 years old, Erik was born in Trollhättan, Sweden, the home town of Saab, and was a works driver for the company throughout his career. Today, he is still employed as a roving ambassador for Saab.

Erik Carlsson was married to Pat Moss (1934-2008), who was also a successful rally driver with several wins in the Monte Carlo Rally ladies class, She was the younger sister of racing driver Sir Stirling Moss.

Erik’s ‘David and Goliath’ battles against larger, more powerful cars are now legendary in the annals of international rallying. With small two-stroke engines, 748 or 841 cc, the first Saabs lacked power for competition use and to overcome this disadvantage Erik developed a special driving technique. It was necessary to keep the engine revving at all times, so he used left foot braking while keeping his right food hard on the accelerator pedal. This allowed him to make the most of his car’s light weight and manoeuvrability while cornering.
Source: Saab

Coming soon from Veloce! Harnessing Horsepower – The Pat Moss Carlsson story
By Stuart Turner
Forewords by Sir Stirling Moss and Erik Carlsson

Covers the life of one of the greatest women rally drivers of all time, Pat Moss Carlsson.
Sister to Sir Stirling Moss, Pat had a highly successful career in show-jumping before moving into motorsport, going on to become European Ladies Rally Champion no fewer than five times. More info.

Available now! Saab 96 & V4 (Rally Giants Series)
By Graham Robson

The front-wheel-drive Saab 96, later the V4, made the brand into a rally icon in the 1960s, succeeding in events as diverse as the Monte Carlo, Britain's RAC rally, special stage events in every Scandinavian country, and the rough-and-tough Spa-Sofia-Liege Marathon. More info.

Thursday 27 January 2011


A big thanks to Mark & Gail from New Zealand for sending in this brilliant picture of two new Veloce books (The fate of the Sleeping Beauties & Sleeping Beauties USA) snoozing with their beautiful cat Gemma!
We particularly like the link with pets here, as our new Hubble & Hattie imprint is the home of a range of books that cover all-things animal!

Keep sending us your pictures of Veloce books!

Tuesday 25 January 2011


This year marks the 50th anniversary of one of the most famous and desirable cars in automotive history - the Jaguar E-Type.

Jaguar will be celebrating this special anniversary year at high-profile motoring events throughout 2011.

The company will mark the anniversary at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show and go on to celebrate at Goodwood’s Revival and Festival of Speed, the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, the Nurburgring Old Timer Grand Prix and a host of Jaguar customer, dealer and lifestyle events worldwide.

When it was launched in 1961, the appeal of E-Type transcended the automotive world. Such is the inherent rightness of its proportions, stance and purity of line, that it is a permanent exhibit in New York.
Source: Jaguar

To coincide with the 50th anniversary, Veloce will be publishing Jaguar E-type – Enthusiast’s restoration Manual by Peter Crespin.
People dream of restoring an E-type, but many fail to complete their project after time or money run out. Do you REALLY need to spend £4000 trimming a two-seater, £6000 on an engine, £2000 on a soft top, or £30,000 for a new body shell? No – you can do it yourself for far less, provided your goal is a solid, presentable, and above all driveable car. If you are time rich but cash poor, this book is for you. More info.

E-type Essential Buyer's Guide's available now!

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Exchange and Mart survey reveals greener motoring tops New Year resolution list

Every New Year comes with the dreaded resolutions to find a new job, join the gym and do more for world peace. According to a new survey* from 37.5% of people made driving-related New Year's resolutions for 2011. Trading in the current car for a greener model tops this year's list of resolutions, showing that the environment is still a key issue for motorists.

"Motorists seem to find their driving resolutions easier to stick to than the usual promises of cutting out the cake or giving up smoking, with 55% keeping the motoring resolutions they made in 2010," says Michael Tang, Marketing Communications Manager at Exchange and Mart. "Most interestingly, of those vowing to make changes, 30% want to trade in their current vehicle for a greener model, and 30% are looking for a smaller model. In 2010, the same percentage of people planned to go for a greener car, but just 20% were on the lookout for a smaller model.

"Reducing mileage, last year's top of the chart with a massive 37%, has dropped to third place with 25% of people cutting down on journeys. This may suggest that motorists are looking for sustainable ways to be greener and cut costs, without the inconvenience of leaving the car at home. Trading in the gas-guzzler for a green machine is a cost effective and convenient way to save money and reduce your impact on the environment, and it looks like the trend will continue for some time to come."

Exchange and Mart Top Motoring Resolutions for 2011

= 1 - Trade in car for a greener model

= 1 - Trade in for something smaller

3 - Reduce mileage

4 - Service car more regularly

5 - Make an effort to drive within speed limits

*Survey conducted December 2010-January 2011, 104 customers were surveyed across the UK.

New book The Efficient Driver's Handbook helps you save money and help the environment too!

This book describes in a clear, friendly manner everything today’s driver needs to know about choosing and using a car in an economical and eco-efficient way. It explains what matters most to the car buyer when optimum fuel economy and lowest emissions are priorities, and why four wheel drive and automatic transmission present challenges to eco-friendly driving.
Highly detailed advice on driving for best fuel economy is supplemented by helpful information on alternative fuels, hybrid powertrains, and much more. Featuring a thorough examination of the advantages and disadvantages of the most promising fuels of the future - electricity and hydrogen – this book is essential reading for the modern driver. More info.

Monday 24 January 2011


This year’s Silverstone Classic (22-24 July) will be the world’s premier venue for the Jaguar E-Type’s 50th birthday celebrations. Launched in 1961, the legendary E-Type remains one of the most iconic, elegant and revered sports cars of all time and its golden anniversary will be honoured with a host of special races and displays at the world’s biggest classic motor racing festival.

Jaguar owners clubs in the UK have chosen the 2011 Silverstone Classic as the number one event worldwide to mark the E-Type’s half century. They are forecasting the greatest showing of Jaguar E-Types ever assembled with eager owners bringing their cherished cars from right around the world.

Adding to the festivities, the weekend’s busy on-track schedule includes two races dedicated solely to competition versions of the Jaguar E-Type. With nearly 90 cars already registered with the Historic Sports Car Club (HSCC) organisers, a record grid of more than 50 race-prepared E-Types is predicted.

“The response has been remarkable with huge interest from the UK as well as abroad,” reports Grahame White, Chief Executive of the HSCC. “As the Silverstone Classic is held on the full Grand Prix circuit we will be able to start what’s almost certain to be the biggest grid of E-Types of all time – it promises to be a magnificent site and a fabulous celebration.”

In total, more than a thousand racing and road-going E-Types are expected to join the golden anniversary celebrations at Silverstone and owners are being provided with dedicated infield parking areas and special ticket discounts, plus many other benefits. Notably the Jaguar E-Type Club has set up a unique ‘E50 Birthday Celebration’ weekend package to include a run through some of England’s most beautiful countryside, accommodation and a dinner dance in Shakespeare Country at Stratford-upon-Avon plus three day’s attendance at the 2011 Silverstone Classic.

“With so many E-Types on and off the track, it’s going to be a fantastic occasion – the world’s biggest and best celebration for one of the truly great sports cars,” says Nick Wigley, Event Director. “What’s more, the Silverstone Classic offers the perfect place and timing for the world to celebrate such an important milestone in automotive history. After all Jaguar designed and produced the E-Types just up the road at Browns Lane in Coventry and the very first UK sales commenced in July 1961. It’s going to be an absolutely amazing occasion – a party no classic car fan will want to miss.”

Highlighting the legendary Jaguar’s central role at this year’s Silverstone Classic, one of the very first Jaguar E-Types produced was featured on the event’s award winning exhibition stand earlier this month at the Autosport Show International.

The historic car on display was the 11th Jaguar E-Type car made, chassis number 850011 and will be one of the many contesting the two HSCC Jaguar E-Type Challenge races at the Silverstone Classic in July. These early pre-production cars were sold to selected customers who would race them, gaining valuable promotion. This car went to George Wicken, a successful Formula 2 driver who raced it throughout 1961 against the likes of Graham Hill, Roy Salvadori and Bruce McLaren and was one of only two E-Types entered for the 1961 TT at Goodwood. It now competes successfully in historic racing driven by owner Gary Pearson.

Highlighting the amazing mix of famous competition cars that will be racing alongside the E-Types at the 2011 Silverstone Classic, the display stand at the recent Autosport Show also featured a Maserati 250F from the Fifties, regarded by many as the finest Grand Prix car of all generations, as well as one of the famous V12 Silk Cut Jaguar XJR9s that took the famous British marque back to victory at Le Mans in 1988. Later in the year, both will be lining up on respective HGPCA pre-61 Grand Prix Cars and Group C grids at the 2011 Silverstone Classic.
Source: Silverstone Classic

Thursday 20 January 2011


We've added a new 'Shop Now' facility to our Facebook page. This means books can be ordered directly from Facebook using PayPal or Credit Card. Take a look at the page and click 'Like' to qualify for a special introductory discount offer!

Tuesday 18 January 2011


Dear friends of Veloce Publishing,
It is with great sadness that I have learned of the passing of Christopher Hilton at the end of December 2010.
Christopher needs no introduction to anyone with even the vaguest interest in motorsport, for not only was he a great and hugely respected journalist, and a gentleman, he was also an amazingly prolific author of books.
I was honoured when he chose to come to Veloce with his book on the Toleman racing team - a subject about which he was passionate. His professionalism and enthusiasm shine throughout the pages of the Toleman book, as they do in all his work.
Christoper will be sorely missed by all who knew him, and I very much regret that I cannot continue our discussion on a future book project.
Rod Grainger, Publisher

The Toleman Story – Last Romantics in Formula 1
By Christopher Hilton

Friday 14 January 2011


Barrie Down, author of Veloce book Art Deco and British Car Design - The Airline Cars of the 1930s sent us this video of a talk he gave last year at Florida International University. Here are some highlights from the presentation. Also included in this video is a comparison with American cars which was not in the book.

The Art Deco movement influenced many different industries in the 1930s, and the British motor industry was no exception. Featuring a comprehensive examination of Art Deco styling elements, and a beautifully illustrated portrayal of British streamlined production cars, this is a unique account of a radical era in automotive design.
More info.

Thursday 13 January 2011


Miki Biasion in the Lancia Delta Integrale

A delectable selection of rally cars from the 1970s to the present day are out in force at this year’s Race Retro, held at Stoneleigh Park, Coventry from 25-27 February, demonstrating rear wheel, front wheel and four wheel-drive action on the Live Rally Stage, sponsored by Hero.

The live action, which takes place on Saturday and Sunday, sees rally ace Miki Biasion behind the wheel of the Lancia Delta Integrale he drove in the 1990s, showcasing the Italian car maker that 2011’s Race Retro is also celebrating. Joining the celebrations is the Lancia Fulvia HF, an authentic recreation of a 1970s works rally car driven by Tony Graham on his return from Monte Historique.

Also on the starting line is a Vauxhall Chevette HS works rally car, hopefully with original driver Jimmy McRae at the wheel in support of his charity, built by Bill Blydenstein's famous Dealer Team Vauxhall (DTV) outfit at Shepreth in 1978 and run by works manager Gerry Johnstone. The car, in Jimmy's hands, competed in numerous Rallies in 1978, and achieved 7th in Mintex, 2nd on the Circuit of Ireland, as well as starts on the Welsh and Scottish events.

'Jumping' Jeff Williamson will debut his recently acquired ex works FIA Group A Mercedes 190 Cosworth, built for Danny Snobek to drive in the 1987 Monte Carlo Rally. This is one of only seven cars built. The rally programme was subsequently abandoned when these two wheel drive cars were deemed uncompetitive against the crop of new four wheel drive cars. They were subsequently used for the European touring car racing series run on behalf of M-B by Danny Snobeck Racing.

The Firenza V8, a recreation of the 1972 South African GM Dealer Team car used by Jan Hettema, will also make another appearance after its debut in 2010. Only 100 of these 360 bhp cars were built as 'homologation specials' to compete against South Africa Fords, V8 engined Perana (Capri). Hettema himself gave builder Mick Strafford a great deal of technical advice and help with original details during the building of this car to ensure it is a faithful representation of the original works car.

Also in action will be three of the small yet mighty Metro 6R4s, which remain as popular with rally fans as they were 25 years ago. They are joined by two Ford RS200s, a pair of Opel Manta 400s, an Audi Quattro Sport and a Peugeot 205 T16 – models representing the pinnacle of mid-‘80s rallying.

There will also be an example of its arch-rival Ford Escort Mk2, a highly-rare Nissan 240RS and a Triumph TR7 V8. A brace of Talbot Sambas revives ‘80s-style club rallying and proves they can still be on the pace. The pinnacle of ‘70s rallying might is represented by Lancia, Race Retro’s celebrated marque, with a Stratos being joined by a Fiat 131 Abarth and, from the 1980s, a Fiat Strada Abarth.

And big car rallying is represented by a 1986 Rover Vitesse, this rear-wheel drive V8 providing ample evidence that family cars can be on the face just as much as cars with a more sporting pedigree.

There will also be Historic Kart demonstrations including an appearance by racing legend Johnny Herbert at the controls on Sunday!

Adult ticket prices start from just £20 for Friday and Saturday, £15 for Sunday when booking in advance. Children’s tickets are £5 on Friday or Saturday and free on Sunday. Parking is also free throughout. The show is open from 9.30am each day and closes at 5.30pm on Friday and Saturday and 4.30pm on Sunday. To book tickets and for the latest updates, visit

From Veloce's Rally Giants series! Lancia Delta 4WD/Integrale
By Graham Robson.

The HF 4WD – a compact, five-door Lancia – dominated world-class rallying for six years, winning innumerable events, World Championships for Drivers, and World Championships for Manufacturers, and making legends out of drivers such as Markku Alan, Didier Auriol, Miki Biasion, Juha Kankkunen and Carlos Sainz. More info.

Wednesday 12 January 2011


New Veloce book Roads with a View – England’s greatest views and how to find them by road by David Corfield is reviewed in The Daily Express!

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Tuesday 11 January 2011



Nissan GT-R

Sports car fans heading for the PistonHeads Performance Car show, held within the Autosport International event, in Birmingham this month are set for a feast of Nissan horsepower.

The first treat is the opportunity to see the awesome new Nissan GT-R. Revised for 2011, it now packs a 530PS punch and produces 612Nm of torque. This is enough to power the supercar to 0-62mph in 3.0 seconds, making it one of the fastest cars in the world.

Besides more power, the enhanced GT-R is distinguishable by its new wheel design, LED daytime running lights, larger front brakes, improved air intakes, red engine cover and a revised interior. It is available only in one grade known simply as the GT-R but with two interior choices – Recaro black full leather seats with red flashes or premium with a leather and Alcantara seat trim – both available at no extra cost. The car on display at the show will have a Recaro Black interior with the new exterior colour for 2011, Daytona blue.

Sitting alongside the GT-R will be the latest versions of the 370Z Coupe and Roadster, both celebrating the 40th year of Nissan ‘Z’ cars in the UK. Producing 328PS from their 3.7-litre V6 engines, they have come a long way from the original 240Z which was first officially imported into the UK in August 1971 with a 150PS powerplant. Much of this iconic car’s character has been carried over to the latest incarnation 370Z though, including its front engine, rear wheel drive layout and its two seat driving experience. Even elements of the original styling can be seen in the bonnet and roof lines.

Show visitors going beyond Nissan’s own stand will be able to spot some even more extreme Nissans. Performance Tuners Sumo Power will be showing off their stunning FIA GT1 championship race winning GT-R which recently picked up the RAC tourist trophy. The second GT-R race car will be strutting its stuff in the ‘Fifth Gear Live Action Arena’ where spectators will be able to see, hear and smell the car in action. Drivers of both cars will be available for autographs at various times over the four days of the show.

Speed merchants still hungry for more power should seek out the most powerful car to ever wear the Nissan badge; John Bradshaw’s Z drag car puts out a whopping 2,000hp from an engine which uses the same V6 engine block as a standard 370Z. Dressed in its new livery of red and silver it can be seen at the show in hall 7 on stand number 7400.

The Nissan stand can be located within the PistonHeads performance car show in hall 19 on stand number 19810.

Source: Nissan

Essential reading for GT-R fans!
Nissan GT-R Supercar: Born to race

By Dennis Gorodji

The Nissan GT-R revolutionised modern sports car dynamics. This analysis of its development and racing history provides an original view of the GTR models, plus comparisons with other sports and racing cars. Featuring 400 colour photos, schematics and graphs, this is a must for sports car enthusiasts.
More info.

Monday 10 January 2011


The availability of a £5,000 Government grant towards the purchase of a new electric vehicle (EV) from 4 January onwards has prompted BBC Breakfast correspondent Brian Milligan to embark on a 400-mile drive in an EV from London to Edinburgh. Milligan will recharge his EV at nine different roadside EV charging stations, seven of which are innovative Elektrobays, designed, manufactured and maintained by Brighton-based Elektromotive. The company has helped Milligan to plan his route with their innovative EB Connect networking software and has issued him with the necessary wireless access keys required for his epic journey.

The anticipated increase of EVs on UK roads in 2011, resulting from an influx of new production EVs coupled with the Government grant, is expected to highlight the growing need for a comprehensive nationwide charging infrastructure.

Milligan will begin his EV challenge on Monday 10 January from London and travel to nine separate charging point locations before reaching his final destination on Friday 14 January. Throughout the week Milligan’s progress will be followed by BBC Breakfast viewers.

“It will be interesting to see how Brian grapples with the practicalities of powering an EV over such a long distance,” comments Elektromotive Managing Director, Calvey Taylor-Haw. “At present, undertaking such a trip in an EV takes quite some planning, as recharging points are still relatively low in number and are concentrated in a few major cities. We wish Brian the best of luck for his journey, and are confident that his experiences will highlight how Elektromotive is driving the fledgling EV revolution.”

To find out more about Elektromotive and the Elektrobay, please visit

Electric Cars – The Future is Now!
By Arvid Linde

What if we all had to say goodbye to petrol cars tomorrow? Would you be ready? This book will help you find out. With a concise catalogue covering the best production models and the most promising prototypes, this book is the definitive guide to the future of motoring. More info.

Friday 7 January 2011


Check out this video to see what Sir Jackie Stewart thinks of Tales from the Toolbox – A collection of behind-the-scenes tales from Grand Prix mechanics by Michael Oliver.

A unique collection of behind-the-scenes stories and anecdotes as told, in their own words, by former Grand Prix mechanics who have worked at the top level of the sport during the past 50 years.

40% of all royalties to the Grand Prix Mechanics Charitable Trust.

Click here for more info about the book.


American Woodies 1928-1953 by Norm Mort is reviewed in Octane!

Thursday 6 January 2011


Nick Swager popped into Veloce House late last year and we grabbed a few minutes with him talking about his new book Secrets of Speed - Today’s techniques for 4-stroke engine blueprinting & tuning. Here's the result!

The process of building 4-stroke engines to a professional standard, from selecting materials and planning work, right through to methods of final assembly and testing, written for the DIY engine builder in an
easy-to-understand style, and supported by approximately 200 photographs and original drawings. Containing five engine inspection and build sheets, and the contact details of approximately 45 specialist manufacturers and motorsport suppliers, the book explains build methods common to all 4-stroke engines, rather than specific makes or models. An essential purchase for all engine-building enthusiasts. More info.

Wednesday 5 January 2011


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The picture is taken from The Book of the Lamborghini Urraco by Arnstein Landsem.

• The first book about the V8 Lamborghinis in 25 years
• Amazing tales from the owners themselves
• What to look out for when buying a V8 Lamborghini
• Unique interviews with key men behind the Urraco
• Detailed history of the Urraco and its V8 relatives
• Hundreds of previously unpublished pictures
• Written by a hardcore Lamborghini V8 enthusiast

This book tells the amazing story of the Lamborghini Urraco. It describes the problems that beset this little supercar, and why it never got the chance it truly deserved. After its demise, the Urraco lived on in the form of the Silhouette and the Jalpa, and both these models are also covered in detail in the pages of this book. The unique Bravo and Athon concept cars are also described.
Featuring detailed advice for potential buyers, as well as over 300 photos and illustrations, this is a fascinating and practical account of a future supercar classic. More info.


To celebrate the centenary of Ford of Britain in 2011, the company is exploring its photo archive to reveal rarely seen images.

Ford's British roots will be illustrated each week by a specially selected picture.

This week's image features the epic 1911 trek up Ben Nevis, Britain's highest peak, in a Ford Model T.

Source: Ford