Tuesday, 25 January 2011


Exchange and Mart survey reveals greener motoring tops New Year resolution list

Every New Year comes with the dreaded resolutions to find a new job, join the gym and do more for world peace. According to a new survey* from ExchangeandMart.co.uk 37.5% of people made driving-related New Year's resolutions for 2011. Trading in the current car for a greener model tops this year's list of resolutions, showing that the environment is still a key issue for motorists.

"Motorists seem to find their driving resolutions easier to stick to than the usual promises of cutting out the cake or giving up smoking, with 55% keeping the motoring resolutions they made in 2010," says Michael Tang, Marketing Communications Manager at Exchange and Mart. "Most interestingly, of those vowing to make changes, 30% want to trade in their current vehicle for a greener model, and 30% are looking for a smaller model. In 2010, the same percentage of people planned to go for a greener car, but just 20% were on the lookout for a smaller model.

"Reducing mileage, last year's top of the chart with a massive 37%, has dropped to third place with 25% of people cutting down on journeys. This may suggest that motorists are looking for sustainable ways to be greener and cut costs, without the inconvenience of leaving the car at home. Trading in the gas-guzzler for a green machine is a cost effective and convenient way to save money and reduce your impact on the environment, and it looks like the trend will continue for some time to come."

Exchange and Mart Top Motoring Resolutions for 2011

= 1 - Trade in car for a greener model

= 1 - Trade in for something smaller

3 - Reduce mileage

4 - Service car more regularly

5 - Make an effort to drive within speed limits

*Survey conducted December 2010-January 2011, 104 customers were surveyed across the UK.

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