Monday, 15 June 2009


Male and female drivers are no longer poles apart

A new breed of driver is dominating British roads. These drivers, termed ‘petrosexuals', are not identified by the cars they drive, but by their boots full of shopping and the rock anthems they singalong to.

A study into British driving habits, released today by, shows that unlike outdated preconceptions, women and male drivers are now seen to be equals at the wheel, resulting in a new era of ‘petrosexual' drivers. Women are also edging in on men in the car knowledge stakes, with 57% of women saying they know a coupe from a hatchback, compared to almost two thirds of men (65%). However, BMW drivers seem to be the most aware of what's under the bonnet, with one in five (20%) saying that they have a similar knowledge to Jeremy Clarkson himself.

Women are still more likely to name their cars, with almost one in five (17%) naming their ‘Fifi Fiesta' or ‘Andy Audi', compared to just 12% of men. Renaults are the most likely vehicle to be named, with 20% christened by their owners. ‘Tommy Toyotas' however, are few and far between, and are the least likely to be given the human touch (12%).

Whilst ‘boy racers' are easy to spot in their souped-up Subarus and slow ‘Sunday drivers' identified by their gleaming estates, ‘petrosexuals' are less concerned about the make of the car that they drive and more about what the car offers them. Music is their number one driving companion and the study shows that today's ‘petrosexuals' are most likely to belt out Queen - ‘Don't stop me now' when driving.

Top of the ‘petrosexual' pops

Source: Carmony