Tuesday, 8 June 2010


Press release from Veloce author Johnny Tipler

Thanks to the generous support of owners worldwide, the Classic Team Lotus Festival at Snetterton on Sunday 20th June presents the first ever gathering of one of every Team Lotus F1 car.

For just one amazing day, The Team Lotus Pavilion will hold the greatest collection of Team Lotus racing cars ever assembled. From the 1958 type 12 through to the 1994 Type 109, there will be 33 Team Lotus F1 design types on view. These precious cars will be lined up in grid formation undercover, so that visitors can walk through the grid to experience a unique close-up encounter with famous racing machinery at the cutting edge of the evolution of F1 car design.

Clive Chapman, son of Lotus founder Colin Chapman and Managing Director of Classic Team Lotus comments: "We set about bringing the cars together for this unprecedented event when we realised that we could make a full grid of Team Lotus F1 design types. Cars are coming from all over the world – many from Europe, and the 109 is travelling from the Barber Museum in the USA. Owners from Japan and Australia are participating as well.‟

During the lunchbreak at midday the cars will be wheeled through the crowds and out onto the circuit grid, lined up in five abreast formation, for an aerial photograph recording the unique gathering. This special moment can be witnessed by the public from the pitwall, during the pit lane walkabout.

Between 2.00pm and 3.30pm, the race programme will be halted and the Team Lotus Pavilion will come alive, with most of the F1 cars being demonstrated on track. They will be fired up in the public area of the paddock, and then driven out in batches to make four lap runs.Famous guest drivers will include the current Lotus F1 Racing drivers and original Team Lotus Works drivers. As impressive as the Team Lotus grid will be, there is nothing to match the awesome cacophony of these World Championship winning F1 cars and their mechanical soundtrack. This is the real thing.

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