Wednesday, 25 June 2008

40 Years of Ford Escort

Ford Motor Company is a major sponsor of the Goodwood Festival of Speed which started in 1993. Ford will again be supporting this prestigious event to be held over the weekend of 11-13 July 2008.
The Festival of Speed is Europe's premier historic motor sporting event – a combination of hillclimb, rally stage, garden party, and motor show, all in the grounds of Goodwood House, in West Sussex.
Since the 1950s Ford has always been prominent in racing and rallying, often with specially-developed cars such as the Escort RS1600 and RS1800, the RS200 and the Sierra RS500 Cosworth. It was in January 1968, Ford launched the all-new Escort family saloon. 40 years on, we can look back enjoy the rise of the Escort as a victorious race and rally winner. Escorts won the European and British Touring Car Championships in the 1970s, and were twice World Rally Champions, in 1979 and 1981. Escorts won the Monte Carlo rally, the East African Safari and the London-Mexico World Cup rally, and they triumphed on the British RAC rally on eight consecutive occasions (1972 – 1979).

Fans of motorsport, Ford Escort and the history behind the car should check out this new book!
By Graham Robson
Published by Veloce Publishing

- Full detailed history of the Escort’s rally career
- Complete story of concept, design and development
- Unrivalled coverage of people and influences behind the cars
- Step-by-step account of technical evolution
- Description of cars: why, how and when evolved
- Details of principal people involved
- Packed with pictures
- Comparison with rivals
- Complete listing of important successes and ‘works’ Escorts

The Ford Escort MkII was a worthy successor to the original MkI. It became Ford’s most successful rally car and the cars are still winning historic events today. It brought new standards to the sport, inspiring many others to copy it. Contains full details of every ‘works’ Escort MkII that went rallying, plus driver and personality profiles, and detailed car evolution.

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ALSO NEW FROM VELOCE! Rallye Sport Fords – The inside story By Mike Moreton

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