Monday, 23 June 2008

Lotus 7 powered by twin motorcycle engine

Take a look at this awesome machine!

Find out how to make one in this new book, now in stock!

How to Build Motorcycle-engined Racing Cars
THE Workshop Bible

By Tony Pashley

• THE home workshop Bible
• All the information required to create a racing car from scratch
• A mine of information for the special builder
• An A to Z of amateur car construction
• Invaluable guide to starting in competitive motorsport
• No stones left unturned in this construction handbook
• Give your obsession some direction
• Take advantage of someone else’s mistakes
• This book could save you a lot of time and money, don’t embark on your special ‘journey’ without it!

Takes the reader from budget racing car concept to the car's appearance on the racetrack, in easily comprehensible steps. Although aimed at cars for hillclimbing and sprinting activities, it has wider applications too, and discusses the motorcycle engine types that may be suitable and provides an agenda for their procurement, together with advice about the associated pitfalls. There is guidance on design which will prepare the would-be car builder for the many choices available, extending to properties and selection of materials. The processes involved in the construction are described in detail, as is the equipment necessary to carry them out. With over 200 photos, plus detailed step-by-step instructions and extensive diagrams, this book is a vital addition to any would-be kitcar builder’s library.

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