Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Fiat 500 designed and painted by Tracey Emin sells for £200,000

Last week at a fund-raising charity auction in London, a Fiat 500 designed and painted by acclaimed UK artist Tracey Emin sold for £200,000. Surely the most expensive Fiat 500 in the world! This particular work entitled 'Dark, Dark, Dark' was one of only four vehicles specially designed by Tracey Emin. The money raised from the event was a significant sum towards the ARK (Absolute Return for Kids) charity which raises money for good causes such as tackling HIV in Africa, children in care in Eastern Europe, and inner city education in the UK.

More than 1,200 guests attended the auction, including former Prime Minister Tony Blair, the actress Uma Thurman and model superstar Liz Hurley.

The first of the Tracey Emin-designed cars, called ‘I Told You Not To' went under the hammer for £42,000 last October during the Contemporary Art Auction in London.

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  1. Well, at least the money went to a good cause. I'm not a fan of Tracey Emin at all and I'd be most put out if she scribblied on my 500 but each to their own. The 500 is iconic amongst city cars and it will attracted artists who want to use it as a platform. Most have done so successfully but Tracey Emin just doesn't work for me.