Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Mazda at the British International Motorshow

A total of 16 different types of Mazda cars will be on show at BIMS which starts tomorrow and is located on the East Side of London within the Docklands area.

Highlights of Mazda's involvement include unveilings of The Mazda Furai concept (pronounced ‘foo-rye’ – Japanese for ‘sound of the wind’) which is the latest in Mazda's Nagare-based concepts. The Furai combines the striking design aesthetic of the Nagare with a more functional twist in an attempt to merge the the idea of a road car with a race car. The inclusion of 'flow lines' actually enhances the vehicle's aerodynamic performance by channelling air-flow over the body of the car.

The new Mazda RX-8 R3 four-seater sports coupe will also be on show. Enhancements to the classic sports car include a new front bumper, front grille, intake ducts, headlamps, front fender designs, LED rear lamps and a redesigned rear bumper with larger exhaust pipes.

Also, the thrilling 'Mazda Zoom-Zoom Challenge’ will be taking place at BIMS. The event was a big success at the 2006 Show, and will allow over 5,000 people to get behind the wheel of Mazda’s cars and battle against the clock, at no charge, to experience their spirited handling and entertaining drive.

For fans of the Mazda RX series...

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