Friday, 4 July 2008

Rallye Sport Heritage

Since 1970, the RS (Rallye Sport) badge has identified Ford's highest-performing road cars.
The Rallye Sport name has been applied to 21 models, which often proved their worth by winning in motorsport as well as in the market-place. Along with the "ST" badge, the "RS" designation has never been applied lightly, with each and every RS model and derivative offering a special blend of performance, roadholding, vehicle safety, refinement - and great value for money.

Many Rallye Sport Fords have used wind-tunnel testing to evolve innovative aerodynamic features, such as the rear aerofoils fitted to Sierra and Escort RS Cosworths. All have pushed the boundaries of technology, and have provided exceptional stability and handling.

The Ford RS brand has gained tremendous respect over the years and the new-generation Focus RS upholds the tradition of the high-performance Ford engineered for the true enthusiast.

Here is the complete list of Rallye Sport Models:

The all-new Focus RS!

New from Veloce Publishing!
Rallye Sport Fords – The inside story
By Mike Moreton


• Why Ford decided to produce high performance cars.
• Why Ford created the AVO facility to build Rallye Sport cars.
• How Ford RS cars were conceived and approved for production.
• Insight into the management processes of a multi-national corporation.
• Who was behind the creation of successful Rallye Sport Cars.
• What had to be done to be sure of making rally/race winners.
• Inside story of creation and manufacture of RS200 Rally Car.
• Inside story of creation and production of World Champion Sierra RS500.
• Why did thousands of enthusiastic customers buy Rallye Sport cars.
• What was it like having a career in the Motor Industry.

The inside story of how Rallye Sport Fords were created by Ford in the 70s and 80s, enabling works’ and private teams to be fully competitive in national and international rallies and races, to win many championships, and, for RS cars to be bought by over 100,000 enthusiast customers. With over 100 photos and illustrations, many previously unpublished this previously untold story is brought vividly to life.

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