Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Veloce Publishing on

New! Veloce Publishing now has a 'Publisher' account on the newest site to merge books with online social networking. The site invites its users to make connections by exploring other user's bookshelves and encourages book discussion. The site has also launched which features 'meet the author' videos.
Users can also shop with and another selling point of the site is that it offers free UK delivery on all books as standard. This, coupled with the fact that it incorporates networking, discussion and detailed reviews could give the site an advantage over giants such as Amazon. The communal feel of discussing books and sharing opinions is reminiscent of more traditional book appreciation, like that encountered in a book club, library or shop.

Creating a BookRabbit profile simply involves uploading a photo of a bookshelf and then tagging each book. Check out and find out more about Veloce books!

The site is very much in it's infancy but has informed me this, when i enquired what benefits the site could bring to a publisher account:

"The functionality that a reader and publisher has does not differ greatly at the moment to be honest, the main difference being that a publisher can generally make more detailed amendments to titles. However, the development team are currently working to develop greater functionality so watch this space!"

Natalie Pearce
Customer Service Manager