Friday, 11 July 2008

Where we're going, we don't need roads...

Well not quite flying machines but Volkswagen have used their time machine and looked into the future. The "one", "ego" and "room" are three innovative vehicle concepts that could shape the future in motoring. Their vision of the automotive world 20 years from now can be found in this ground-breaking Webspecial.
The lavishly designed website centers around a short interactive film which gives the viewer an informative and entertaining introduction to the subject. In the film, which takes place in 2028, a father tells his son about the automobile world of 20 years ago, while the present-day Internet user can select any of numerous links to take a look at the automotive future. Will vehicles be able to communicate with traffic lights? Will there be traffic jams in the future? Can driving emission-free vehicles be fun? these questions answered on vw2028!


If unusual Volkswagen vehicles are your thing, you may want to take a look at...

Volkswagens of the World
By Simon Glen


- Comprehensive worldwide guide to all the Volkswagens not built in Germany, and the unusual ones that were.
- Over 650 original photographs showing Volkswagens of the world in real world situations from African deserts to South American cities.
- Corrects the major errors previously published regarding overseas-made Volkswagens.
- A must for all VW enthusiasts.

A comprehensive guide to all the Volkswagens not built in Germany and the unusual ones that were. Covers type designations, chassis numbers, VW options and much more.

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