Monday, 2 February 2009


Here's a great offer if ever there was one! These fantastic VW bus and camper books are now half price at £12.99 + p+p! Perfect for all VW fanatics!

VW Bus - 40 years of Splitties, Bays & Wedges By Richard Copping.

A unique volume dedicated to three generations of VW’s legendary Transporter making extensive use of the highly sought after artwork and photography of the age.

Volkswagen Camper – 40 years of freedom By Richard Copping.
Packed with original marketing images and using original promotional material – ranging from lavish photography to charming home-spun images – here is a complete record of all aspects of the VW Camper story. Includes layouts for the restorer of older models and those interested in the luxury associated with the third generation Wedge.

Volkswagen - The Air-cooled Era in Colour By Richard Copping.
All incredibly popular sixties design classics with enduring appeal, the original air-cooled Volkswagen cars and Transporters are fully explored in this fascinating book. A unique picture-led chronicle of the Volkswagen story through the fifties and sixties. This book makes extensive use of the artwork from contemporary promotional literature for a real retro feel. A must have for motoring enthusiasts and VW devotees alike.

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