Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Google translator, what a laugh!

Review for Unraced - Formula 1's lost cars, "translated" from Italian...

Translated version of "The F.1 is full of cars that of it have made the history. Models that get passionate to it to you know to memory like Lotus 79, the Ferrari 312T and many others. In the past of the Circus but there is a lot more: single-seater disowned, never seen or nearly, splendid incompiute been born and then made to disappear after little months, because the plan was aborted or because the sponsors of it did not cover more expenses. “Unraced”, new hard work of Sam Collins, wants to show just some of these blots some and to tell of the history that, just for their nature of studies and prototypes it assigns to you to establish the lines it guides of future plans, it is often dark, being very hidden for years inside of the run units. Dams Gd-01, Lola T95/30, Honda Rc100, Toyota Tf101, McLaren Mp4/18 are only some of blot some present in this volume that, beyond to storys details you of the birth of the plans and of the passage from the paper to the wind tunnel and from this to the track, it very introduces also 143 color photographs, many of the which unknown ones. A beautiful idea and a good realization, than only meet with a price (45 euro) that for sun 128 pages seem elevated little"

So, there you have it