Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Cool Virtual Rally Support Team Thing

It's quite difficult to describe this effect but it is pretty smart to say the least. Check it out here.

Bernd Dohrmann has plenty of other 3D panoramic worlds for you to immerse yourself in at

If you are interested in getting into motorsport you may be interested in this book by Sam Collins. Click here for more info.


* The complete guide to starting motorsport as an amateur
* Written by a beginner for beginners
* Covers all the major disciplines
* Every discipline featured was competed in by the author
* Features the history of every major discipline
* Contains Personal experiences of debut events
* Advice from experienced competitors
* No complete guide written for a decade until now
* Some stunning photos by Andy Manston
* Unique glossary of motorsport terminology


The long missing starting point for any wannabe motorsport competitor, it contains all the basic knowledge needed to get involved in modern British motorsport. This book covers all the major disciplines in club motorsport and how to start competing in them. Written for novices, all advice is based on the first hand experiences of a novice competitor.