Wednesday, 19 November 2008


The recent ‘Polo Confidence’ advertising campaign for the Volkswagen Polo – also known as ‘Singing Dog’ – has been honoured at this year’s Autocar Awards, being named Car Ad of the Year 2008. This award is voted for by the readers of Autocar on-line.

The ‘Polo Confidence’ advert features a Jack Russell dog which is shown to be nervous and timid in everyday situations, yet, while in the Polo, ‘sings’ happily and confidently along to the soundtrack of ‘I’m a man’ by the Spencer Davis Group. The advertisement has so far registered over one million hits on the internet video site YouTube, while 36 fan groups were set up on social networking site FaceBook. The soundtrack, which was not re-released, also peaked at number six on the UK Rock Top 100 on iTunes.
The controversial video is memorable and funny thanks to its star of the show 'the singing dog'. Veloce also has its own dog, Immie, who may not be a celebrity herself, but with that neckerchief on I'm sure you'll agree she looks the part!

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