Friday, 10 July 2009


A new Driving Skills Academy at the world-class Porsche Experience Centre at Silverstone, Northamptonshire aims to boost the confidence of young drivers by allowing them to take to the tracks in their own car and hone their skills behind the wheel.

Co-hosted by TV presenter and journalist Vicki Butler-Henderson and supported by Red Bull Racing F1 driver, Mark Webber, the course builds on the principles of driving safety and driving enjoyment by providing a formal, yet fun, environment for new road users to have the opportunity to understand how engine performance and chassis dynamics affects their car’s handling as well as the influence the driver’s actions have.

Priced at £165, the Driving Skills Academy courses take place on Saturdays, starting from August 22nd. The day is structured around four modules; Practical, which looks at understanding your car’s handling characteristics on the unique low friction surfaces; Theory, which studies the principles of advanced driving techniques with a leading driving expert; Human Performance, offering an opportunity to test your reaction speed and vision in the state-of the-art sports science laboratory; and Assessment, where you drive a Porsche 911 around the Handling Circuit alongside a Driving Consultant.

For a young driver taking their first tentative miles on the road, the variety of distractions and potential hazards can be bewildering. Having confidence in your own ability and that of your car is key to tackling modern traffic situations successfully. This is particularly true in bad weather, when road grip can be reduced significantly due to standing water, black ice or snow.

The Driving Academy course provides participants with a unique opportunity to gain a sound knowledge of the principles of car control around the specially designed test tracks, plus tips on how to avoid potential road hazards in advance and thus deal with them more efficiently – or better still, avoid them completely. And the fact that this experience culminates in an opportunity to drive a 911 Carrera around the Handling Circuit makes learning fun!

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