Wednesday, 19 August 2009


Here's what Australian Classic Car had to say about Veloce's very affordable pocket-sized Essential Buyer's Guide series.

The Essential Buyer’s Guide
Citroën DS&ID, VW Golf, Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow, Fiat 500&600 and Jaguar/Daimler XJ40

By Various Marque Experts
Published by Veloce Publishing

With words like “Don’t buy a Jaguar/Daimler XJ40 without buying this book first” printed
on the back, the Essential Buyer’s Guides from Veloce Publishing set themselves up as an invaluable resource for the classic car enthusiast. Many of us are guilty of buying with our hearts and not our heads – I know I am. Looking back, I wish I had studied a Buyer’s Guide, as it would have saved me many hours of work and valuable dollars.

Freshly published is this batch of Buyer’s Guides for such diverse vehicles as the Fiat 500 and Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow. Each guide presents its useful information in an easy-to-follow format. First, it goes into whether the car you’re interested in is right for you, costs and values, what it is like to own one, and even if it will fit in your garage. Interestingly, it breaks down the inspection into an initial 15-minute evaluation, and then, if you decide to go ahead, what you should look at more closely. Then it gets into the less than exciting (but equally important) paperwork and what the car is really worth. Are you buying to restore or drive daily?

Sensible questions are asked about the logistics of restoring a Silver Shadow or a XJ40, drawing your attention as to what’s involved in repainting, rust removal and the all important hydraulics in the Citroën. Lastly, it provides details for clubs and specialists. While the Buyer’s Guides are written for the UK market, the information covered is just as relevant for Australians. Highly recommended.

Coming soon in the Essential Buyer's Guide series! Ford Capri, Triumph Stag, Norton Commando, Honda SOHC Fours & Hinckley Triples & Fours