Friday, 20 November 2009


Racing for Mercedes-Benz – A Dictionary of the 240 Fastest Drivers of the Marque By Hartmut Lehbrink.

From the vast number of drivers who have competed for Mercedes-Benz and its ancestors in the past 115 years, legends such as Hermann Lang, Karl Kling, Juan Manuel Fangio and Michael Schumacher stand out. However, history should not forget all those other works drivers and privateers whose exploits added to the fame of the company at the wheel of formula, sports racing and touring cars; drivers whose names have often unjustly faded from view. Now those drivers have also been celebrated in a comprehensive dictionary with over 300 pictures from Veloce Publishing. Famous or obscure, the 240 fastest of these drivers are presented in this volume, which has been compiled in close co-operation with Mercedes-Benz Classic. Only one thousand copies of this beautifully illustrated 250-page hardback volume have been printed in English. It is available now from bookshops or from and provides a unique, comprehensive record which is a veritable who's who of the four-wheeled sport.

• An encyclopaedia of Mercedes-Benz racing drivers.
• A veritable who’s who of the four-wheeled sport.
• Cars that have been subjected to the ultimate tests on road and track.
• Stars from every corner of the world make guest appearances.
• Features 300 photographs, old and new.
• A comprehensive and fascinating compendium of the men and women who have driven for one of the world’s oldest and most successful manufacturers.
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