Monday, 29 March 2010


We're very excited to learn that Ted Toleman has personally delivered a copy of The Toleman Story – Last Romantics in Formula 1 to Ayrton Senna's nephew, Hispania F1 Racing driver Bruno Senna, at this weekend’s Australian Grand Prix.

With Toleman offering the great Ayrton Senna his Formula 1 debut drive in the 1984 Monaco Grand Prix – where he finished an amazing 2nd - it was fitting that his nephew Bruno be presented a copy of this fantastic read by Toleman himself – who is present this week to run his single-make MINI Challenge series.
Bruno Senna showed much gratitude that Toleman took the time to personally deliver this piece of history to him and was delighted by the prospect of the read and perhaps discovering some new tales of his uncle in Formula 1.
The HRT F1 driver is currently at point in his career where is late Uncle was when Toleman brought him into the sport. It was clear today the presentation of the book was an emotional moment and one he will take with him through his racing career.

Source and photograph: MINI Challenge