Monday, 24 May 2010


Author of Veloce books, Roy Smith, is photographed on page 53 of the June 2010 edition of Classic & Sports Car magazine.

Roy Smith is a retired company director who has a life long passion for motor sport, and, since 1968, Alpine Renault in particular. He began writing in the 1960s for club magazines, mainly interviews with the notables of the time.

The stunning display (pictured above) of Roy's model collection of Alpine cars ranges from a 4CV-based coupé to R5 Turbos, and includes his super-detailed Provence Moulage kit of the '78 Le Mans-winner.

Roy debuted with Alpine & Renault – The Development of the Revolutionary Turbo F1 Car: 1968 to 1979, followed more recently with Alpine & Renault – The Sports Prototypes – Volume 1: 1963-1969 & Alpine & Renault – The Sports Prototypes – Volume 2: 1973-1978.
He likes to provide a good read to newcomers and hardened enthusiasts alike. He has written many motor sport and Alpine-related articles since 1989 for various magazines, and is the UK historic correspondent for the French magazine Retro Passion and the Alpine Renault magazine, Mille Miles.

Roy has begun work on his next book, which will be entitled Amédée Gordini – a true racing legend scheduled for publication late 2011.