Wednesday, 22 September 2010


Open-roof, two-seater 911 recreates the spirit of the classic Porsche 356 Speedster

The Speedster name is one of the most evocative in the history of Porsche1. First used on the classic 356 model of 1953, the Speedster quickly became synonymous with low-slung, open-top, two-seater Porsche sports cars that attracted free-spirited driving enthusiasts seeking the ultimate ‘wind in the hair’ experience. Now, in celebration of the Speedster legend, Porsche is introducing a new 911 Speedster at the Paris Salon on October 2, and to commemorate its famous ‘50s forebear, the production run is limited to just 356 examples.
Source: Porsche

The Book of the Porsche 911

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  1. If I went Porsche I would go with the GT3 RS. That is the true masterpiece. But for an all in one package, this hits every nail on the head. But so does the GTR, which is cheaper. Really gives something to think about.

  2. I really like everything about this car except for the silly ricer mesh. Yes, I know they took it directly off the competition
    cars, but still looks absurd.Also, I may have overlooked it, but I don't think the price was mentioned in the article. Can anyone enlighten me?

  3. WOW Nice Car. I like to drive cars. From BMW to Mercedes. Really awesome
    keep working and posting variety of blog post.

    Smith Alan