Thursday, 22 September 2011


The recent announcement of record increases in the prices of rail season tickets could explain the current boom in scooter sales. During August registrations of new scooters jumped by 29.8%, as half a million rail passengers faced the prospect of the biggest leap in ticket costs since privatisation in 1995.

Sales of scooters were already running at 20% above the previous year, but the spike in August would appear to underline concerns that cash-strapped commuters could no longer afford the "eye-wateringly expensive" rail fares, as described by Transport Secretary Philip Hammond, and were seeking alternative ways to get to work.
Richard Davies of Peugeot Scooters reports that sales in Greater London have trebled so far this year; "Over the past couple of years Peugeot have introduced several new 50cc and 125cc scooters aimed specifically at customers looking for affordable everyday transport and as a direct result our sales in general are up 75% and in the London area we're looking at a 211% increase."

Peugeot's 125cc Vivacity scooter sells for £2099, costs just £16 per year to tax and can get a commuter to work and back for a week on just one gallon of fuel (based on an average UK commuting distance of 8.5 miles).

Richard Davies adds; "It's not only the cost of public transport that's driving customers into Peugeot Scooters' showrooms, it's also the attraction of being able to ride from door-to-door without the hassle of queues, cramped conditions or cancellations."


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