Friday, 2 December 2011


Anyone who drives on the motorways of England, Scotland and Wales will benefit from this guide to walks within 5 miles of motorway exits. All of the UK is covered, from Exeter to Perth and Swansea to Canterbury.

Use this app to get more fun for your fuel, see more of the countryside, take a healthy break, or enjoy a relaxing pub lunch.

Each page features a 30 to 45 minute walk, with a selected pub or café along the way. Activities for children are included, from bouncy castles to nature trails.

All of the walks are suitable for dogs, and those with assistance dogs will find details of accessible paths and disabled facilities – for example, RADAR, a key that is made available to registered disabled people, which enables them to access locked disabled WCs and facilities.

The listed pubs all welcome well-behaved canines.

Most of the pubs are traditional inns, serving high quality food at realistic prices. Landlords, chefs and opening times can change quickly, and phone numbers are given for you to check in advance to avoid disappointment.

In the text, ‘half-left/right’ is a walk direction convention that is used to describe a 45 degree turn in either of these directions.

Many more motorway walks, dog-friendly pubs, beaches and country walks are on our website: We hope you visit the site and share your comments and suggestions. More info.