Wednesday, 2 May 2012


In this second part of this feature, Splonk visits Monaco!

Splonk is the mascot that joined Nicky West & Rob Stacey in their adventure to Asia in a 50 year old 850cc Mini Minor. The subject of forthcoming Veloce book Mini Minor to Asia Minor - There & Back.

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Ah, Monaco. After three days driving time for people watching... Celebrity? Moi?

Okay! You may be quick but Morris does 40mpg

Wow... sell the mini, let's get a yacht!

This F1 thing is all go go GO!

Here's my new friend Paddington, says he’s from darkest Peru...

Let's go! The ferry to Greece is boarding NOW!!!

Pictures & captions kindly supplied by Nicky West.

Forthcoming! Mini Minor to Asia Minor - There & Back
By Nicola Susanne West

This is the story of an independent trek in a 50-year-old Mini – all the way to the Great Pyramid and back – with no assistance or support crew, to provide much needed funds and publicity for the Willow Foundation.
Inspirational to others, the book includes practical advice on the car preparation and documentation required for such marathon drives, along with photographs of the Mini’s preparation and the amazing journey itself. More info.