Thursday, 2 August 2012


This month's winner of the Essential Buyer's Guide of her choice is Fiona Easterby from Southampton, UK. Fiona won a copy of VW Bus - The Essential Buyer's Guide for sending us these pictures of 'Pedro' the 1969 Baja Beetle. Please keep your entries coming in to, and you never know, it could be YOU in this space next month!

Pedro is a 1969 Baja Beetle. I bought him in San Francisco at the beginning of 2009, shipped him home to the UK and, after months of preparation, and modifications, set out to drive overland to Australia.

My journey took me across Europe to an explosive minefield visit in Kosovo. Into Turkey where the biggest hazzard was avoiding amorous men, through Iran during the volitile period following the disputed elections. I wound up in hospital in Quetta, Pakistan – a stone's throw from the Afghan border and infamous Helmand province. We outwitted corrupt police in India, struggled over the Himalayas to Everest base camp in Tibet, suffered altitude sickness, happened upon a brothel in Lhasa, and wound up drinking beer with the prostitutes, helped amputees in Laos, visited floating markets in Thailand, drove through a major earthquake in Malayasia, and limped into Singapore, topping up the oil every 20 minutes.

I kept a diary of my travels and am currently writing a book of my journey. Next year I plan to drive the same car from Alaska to Argentina on the Pan-American highway. In the meantime Pedro continues as my daily driver ferrying me to work and shopping, as well as regularly being invited to supercar events and shows where he is a common sight amongst the Ferraris and Lamborghinis.

Fiona Easterby

Fiona selected VW Bus – The Essential Buyer’s Guide by Ken Cservenka & Richard Copping as her prize!

A unique volume dedicated to three generations of VW’s legendary Transporter. Meticulously researched with many model specific photographs reproduced to illustrate a genuinely informative text.

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